Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 686

Her last name is Jadeson? Why Jadeson? Could it be Devin? No, definitely not. Devin may not like me, but he surely wouldn’t have done that on account of Sebastian. So who exactly is this woman from the Jadeson family?

Despite racking her brains, Sabrina was still puzzled.

Nonetheless, she had no more time to ponder, for her consciousness was slowly slipping away with every punch that landed on her.

Devin finally managed to obtain the commander’s approval to release the firearms smuggler temporarily.
At the same time, pictures of Sabrina being beaten to a pulp were sent to his cellphone.

“That bunch of b*stards!”

He trembled with rage upon seeing the pictures.

Stephen had also caught wind of the situation. He was initially averse to the idea, for any minor mishap would result in his own son receiving grave admonitions.

However, the pictures instantly rendered him speechless.
Jasmine was the only one thrown into a frenzy after learning that her husband was in favor of their son’s plans.

“Stephen! How could you? That woman is not related to our son. Why should he risk his own life just to save her? What if tragedy befalls him?”

“Nothing will happen! You got to have faith in him.” Stephen put a stop to his wife’s objection with a firm statement before he headed upstairs.

Jasmine could only stare daggers at the back of her husband’s silhouette while anxious thoughts filled her mind.

Oh, right! I can make my way to Heron Hill and inform Dad. Since that woman’s original intention was to look for Frieda’s son, then I can inform him of this crisis and let them handle it. That way, my son won’t have to take the risk.

With a resolute plan in mind, Jasmine set off with several men.

Concurrently, Devin was on his way to bring the criminal along with him to contact the “kidnapper”. They were instructed to

follow the “kidnapper’s” instructions and show up at a predetermined destination.
Never did it ever cross Devin’s mind that this mess was actually caused by a Jadeson.

Even though he was well aware that the other bloodlines of the Jadesons disparaged him, he assumed that nothing of this degree would ever happen considering their blood relations.

Or at least, that was what he thought before the meeting.

“Major, do we bring the offender down with us? If we do, the situation will be even more unsafe.”

As their destination neared, Xavier worriedly pointed out.

Devin’s brows furrowed.

He definitely knew of the dangers involved. But if the abductors fail to see their target, they may not release Sabrina.

Shortly after, Devin looked straight into his eyes and commanded, “He’ll come with me. Also, we’ll place a small bomb on his body.”

His response shocked Xavier to the core.

Is the major insane? It’s reasonable enough for the criminal to stick to him, but depositing a bomb on him? If any problems were to occur and he explodes into pieces, we’ll be doomed! How are we going to explain ourselves? Has he lost his marbles?

The atmosphere was frighteningly tense as they approached their destination.
“Where is she?”

Xavier guided the criminal along and scanned the area. All of a sudden, he realized that there were neither vehicles nor any human beings in that abandoned factory.

Devin’s expression darkened perceptibly.
Just then, a bullet shot at full speed from afar.

Devin reflexively took cover and hunkered down while yanking the criminal along with him. The bullet barely missed them and landed on their car window, shattering it into pieces.

‘It’s a trap!” Xavier yelled as he fished out his gun.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Following the sniper’s unforeseen appearance, the ground beneath them began to shake.
Bang! A loud boom reverberated through the room.

Aside from Devin, who was rapidly hauled out of the warehouse by Xavier, almost everyone else flew from the sudden impact. In an instant, a mass of bleeding flesh scattered the ground.

Devin’s eyes were bloodshot.

With his fist tightly clenched, he surveyed the surroundings with a visible scowl on his face. As someone who hardly threw his temper, the murderous aura he emitted at that moment was intense.

At Heron Hill, Jadeborough.

Jasmine finally made it to the top of the hill. At this place, she dared not exhibit a hint of insolence. She carefully treaded to the courtyard of the premises.

“Dad, it’s me. I’m here to visit you.” Upon her arrival, she swiftly made her presence known. Then, she dutifully stood outside and awaited a response.

That was the way the Jadesons interacted with each other. No matter how pompous they acted in public, they all became docile and meek in the face of their patriarch. Without his consent, they would not even have the audacity to keep their heads up high.

Jasmine waited outside for a long time.
“What is it?”

Finally, a cold and authoritative voice sounded from the inside.

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