Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 689

Despite Sebastian’s non-response, Tiffany continued screaming and hurling threats at him which irked him further. Once again, his gun was pointed at her.

‘lll ask you again. Where is Charles?” “I dare you to kill me! I’m…”


He pulled the trigger instantly.

This time around, Sebastian aimed for her other shoulder. Due to the close proximity, the bullet bore a hole right through her flesh and created a depression on the soil behind her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Her agonizing shrieks filled the air once more.

That zero-hesitation shot he made was plenty sufficient for Tiffany to know that this man was serious. He could kill her right now if he wanted to. She felt fear coursing through her veins, so strong that she was trembling amidst her pain.

Who is this psycho acting out here? I’m Tiffany Jadeson for god’s sake! “W-Who are you?” It took every ounce of courage left within her to ask.

“Sebastian Hayes.” His choice to reply was already a benevolent act considering it came from him. Deep down, he was trying his best to surpass his irritation.

Hearing his answer, Tiffany froze.

He’s Sebastian? Shin’s son? The man even Dad and Eric could not get rid oft

Now that she unmasked his identity, everything about him from head to toe screamed terror. She hugged herself into a ball, trying to make herself less conspicuous.

But the fear Tiffany felt for her life was sa overwhelming, she misunderstood Sebastian’s purpose for coming here and accidentally blurted out, “Y-You’re here to rescue Sabrina, aren’t you? I’ll tell you her whereabouts! She’s at Building 13, Seaview Apartment, Room 601. She’s stiil ative!”

Sebastian tilted his head slightly. This was obviously his sister they were talking about, yet he remained unfazed. For the first time, Tiffany noticed how his pair of alluring eyes were hollow and cold, devoid of any emotions. If eyes could kill, this would have been it.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Where is he?”

There was a few seconds of silence.


That mere second of hesitation cost Tiffany one of her legs.

“Ahhhhhl” At this point, after receiving three gunshots, she was bawling her eyes out from the intense pain. “I’ll tell you! P-Please don’t shoot me anymore!”

That third gunshot was the last straw before she caved in. She was mere child’s play in front of a lunatic like Sebastian.

“My dad’s at…” Her sentence was interrupted by clueless Tyler, who entered the scene boisterously. “Tiffany! We did it! We finally did it!” His appearance was like a god-sent for her as she started screaming desperately, “Tyler! Kill this lunatic!”

Her only shred of hope was for this cousin of hers to be able to put up a fight against Sebastian. But, all it took was a few seconds before her dreams came crashing down as she saw Sebastian point the gun at Tyler in one swift motion. There was no time for the victim to even grapple with the situation.

Bang! The bullet hit right between his brows.
Poor Tyler was dead without even knowing why.

“Arghhhhhhhhhhh!” It was just screaming after that as his motionless body broke Tiffany’s spirit completely.

By the time Jonathan and his men arrived, the entire Jade Court was dyed with red like the aftermath of a massacre. Many of the housemaids, bodyguards, Tiffany, and Tyler were either heavily injured or dead.

The situation would have been far worse if not for Devin’s father, Stephen, who had rushed over first to subdue Sebastian.

“Sebastian, what the hell are you doing? De you really want to die that much?” Jonathan was trembling with rage. He strode towards Sebastian, who was still under Stephen’s grasp and helped him up.

Stephen knew what was on his father’s mind. Since the latter could not kill Sebastian in the past, he would not do so now either. Hence, he made sure to only immobilize Sebastian and not hurt him, allowing his father to decide for himself how to discipline this guy.

Yet, Jonathan did nothing of that sort, surprising everyone.

Sebastian replied, “You’re wrong. They’re the ones that are dead. Not me.”

“What’d you just say?” the old man’s anger was reaching a new peak as his face took on a hue of dark red.

“You imbecile! I dare you to repeat that. I’ll have you know, I can get rid of you right here and now!” His murderous intent was clear as day as he took a gun from his adjutant.

On the other hand, Sebastian remained unfazed at his threat. There was even a confident smug plastered on his still good-looking blood-splattered face. “Would you just stop it with those empty words? I know you won’t kill me. You’re not done redeeming your sins yet.”

“You!” Jonathan was rendered speechless.

Seeing how the situation was taking a bad turn, Stephen hurriedly stepped in. “Dad, calm down for a moment! Sebastian probably has his reasons for going on a rampage! I heard Sabrina’s kidnapping incident was planned by Tyler and Tiffany!”

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