Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 690

“Wait. What?” Taken aback by this newfound information, Jonathan turned to face his son.

Stephen nodded hastily. “I’m not making this up! One of the maids overheard Sebastian and Tiffany’s conversation and confessed to me. She even revealed Sabrina’s kidnapped location.”

More so than anyone, Stephen would not lie about this. This wonderful piece of news could potentially clear his son, Devin, of his accusations.

“Tiffany Jadeson! Is what Stephen said the truth? Has your family gone nuts to have done such a thing!” Jonathan bore his eyes on that half-dead woman lying on the ground.

Tiffany, who had barely recovered some of her senses was back to ground zero. Jonathan’s confrontation drained off all the blood from her face.

“N-No! Grandpa, please listen to my explanation…”

“Explanation? Do you dare say you’re not involved in this? You sly brat, what I hate most is family members selling out one another, and you did just that! I can’t even phantom your future for you have displayed such viciousnesses at this age. The world will be much better off without you.”

His words were no different from a death sentence. With her life at stake, her injuries would have to take a backseat. She gritted through the pain and crawled pitifully towards the head of the Jadeson family.

“Grandpa, I know my mistakes! P-Please forgive me just this once! I beg you!” She kneeled in front of him while slamming her head repeatedly against the ground.

Tiffany’s mother too, kneeled down and begged for his forgiveness. “Uncle Jonathan, please forgive her just this once! Eric’s gone and Charles is still locked up. My foolish daughter was just trying to get revenge for her brother and father that she committed such a huge mistake.” She was hoping this approach would appeal to the old man’s emotions and weaken his resolve to kill Tiffany.

Stephen on the other hand was infuriated. “What’d you say? Revenge? What revenge would involve Devin? My son’s all in this miserable plight because of your daughter!”


He continued, “Besides, with Tyler dead now, you still dare beg for your daughter’s forgiveness? You should be more worried about what his dad will do to the both of you when he finds out.”

His words were literally sending the mother-daughter pair to the grave.

During that time, Jonathan had come to a decision. He ordered his men over. “Drag her to the military. We’ll let them decide her punishment.”

That decision made no difference except prolonging her death.

Once in the military, she would have no choice but to admit to planning everything, including the deaths of a few soldiers.
Under military law, her crimes were punishable by death. In the end, it made no difference even if she were to be shot by Jonathan on the head now.

Tiffany started wailing uncontrollably. “Please, no! I don’t want to be sent to the military! I don’t want to be executed!”

But she was clearly not in any position to choose. Jonathan’s men came in as soon as he instructed and dragged her out of the Jade Court. Her horrific screams lingered even after some time.

Meanwhile, Tiffany’s mother had collapsed from shock. None of her staff dared to go near her.

And finally, with the screaming gone, peace prevailed the Jade Court. Jonathan turned his attention back to Sebastian, staring at him viciously. “Are you happy now?”

Besides the same deadpan expression, Jonathan received no answer from Sebastian. It was as if whatever just happened had nothing to do with him.

After a few moments of silence, he started, “Why would I be satisfied? Where’s Charles? I haven’t seen him yet.” Even in this situation, he was still asking for his target.
Jonathan erupted, “Why’re are you looking for him? Are you not done yet?”

“Obviously. I’m not done until Charles is dead. Tell me his whereabouts, or I can’t guarantee something like today won’t happen again.” Sebastian made no effort to conceal his bloodlust towards Charles. To make matters worse, he had just calmly announced to everyone that he would continue his killing spree until his target was dead.

Jonathan was seething with rage while everyone else was stupefied beyond words by Sebastian’s declaration.
What the hell? Is he crazy?

At this point, everyone was questioning his sanity. No one in their right mind would kill so many others just to get rid of a single man,

To be more precise, he was a killing machine. Nothing about his emotionless and cold eyes was normal.

Suddenly, Stephen sensed that something was amiss. At the same time, Jonathan had readied his gun.

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