Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 691

“Hold on, Dad! There’s something wrong with him!” At the crucial moment, Stephen rushed over and stopped Jonathan. He told Jonathan to observe the young man’s expression and eyes.

Jonathan was shocked.
“You’d better kill me now. If not, I am going to kill Charles and you!”

There was blood all over his hands, and sure enough, he did not seem to have any emotion. Instead, he spoke in an almost mechanical way. After which, his gaze fell on a gun not far away from him.

At the sight of the gun, his cold eyes lit up, and there was a murderous look in his eyes.

At that moment, he resembled a ferocious wolf who had laid eyes on his prey or a drug addict who got his coveted poison.
Excitement and the thirst for blood burst out of his eyes at the sight of the gun.

Jonathan was startled.

He also noticed that there were wounds on the young man’s body. Furthermore, blood was seeping out from his feet.

However, the young man was not affected.

He stood there and stared at everyone around him with enmity. As far as he was concerned, he felt no pain at all.


Jonathan closed his eyes. After a while, he put down his gun and said, “Find a way to knock him out.”

Stephen nodded. “All right. Where shall we send him to?”

Jonathan paused before instructing, “Send him to the General Hospital first. Get Grayson to take a look at him.” With that, he left.
Grayson was the director of the General Hospital.

In the end, Sebastian was carried out and taken away to the hospital.

Two hours later, Sabrina, who had been imprisoned in Building 13 of the Seaview Apartment, was rescued by Devin who had been reinstated.


Sabrina, who had been severely beaten, burst out in tears uncontrollably when she saw Devin.

He consoled her and then sent her to the hospital as well.

Three days later, Jonathan went to the General Hospital.

The moment he got there, he could see Grayson and a few other highly qualified neurology professors waiting for him.
“Old Mr. Jadeson, the result is out. I’m afraid it’s not good news.”

Grayson knew Jonathan did not like to beat around the bush, so he got straight to the point.

There was no change in Jonathan’s expression.

However, his grip on his crutch tightened.

“What’s the bad news?”

“According to our initial examinations, we suspect that your grandson has a rare genetic disorder, which causes mental disorders, also known as mental illnesses.”

Grayson revealed the results cautiously.
Mental illnesses were not something glorified. Moreover, Jonathan was from a powerful military family.

“What did you say? Mental illness? Do you mean he has mental illness?” True enough, Jonathan became agitated when he heard the diagnosis.

Grayson gestured for him to calm down.

“Old Mr. Jadeson, please don’t panic. This is a recessive illness. In another word, he functions like a normal human being as long as he isn’t being triggered. Such illness is actually pretty common, and lots of people have it.”


“Of course. It’s just that he has already been triggered. If my guess is correct, he suffers from multiple personality disorder.” Grayson solemnly delivered the final diagnosis.

There was a deadly silence in the entire office.

Multiple personality disorder?

Multiple personality disorder?

Jonathan could not believe what he was hearing.

However, when he recalled the first time he met Sebastian at the edge of the cliff along the highway and compared it to the behavior of Sebastian he saw three days ago at Jade Court, his expression changed.

‘l-I don’t understand. What disorder? He’s perfectly fine. How does it happen? How is it possible that he can become another person once he has been triggered?”

“Yes, it’s possible. When a person suffers from multiple personality disorder, he will have several identities within him. Most sufferers only experience confusion and hallucinations of various forms. By the time the person has multiple identities, his condition is considered pretty serious. In most cases, the person would have experienced some kind of immense trauma in the past. That’s why he turns out this way.”

Jonathan was rendered speechless.
Deep down, he knew that it was true that Sebastian had experienced past trauma.
“So, will he behave differently from before?”

“Yes. Everything that the current personality can remember is what the core personality wants him to remember. Basically, he acts like a duplicate of a machine. He only remembers what is necessary and deletes the rest.”

“For example?”

“Like when you first sent him here, he mentioned something about killing someone. That must be a command from the core personality. All that remains in his mind are the people and memories related to that command. He cannot remember anything else.”

Worried that Jonathan could not understand, Grayson took extra care in explaining the symptoms and causes of the illness.

In the end, Jonathan looked even more depressed.

So what is the command in his mind right now?

To kill Charles? Or to kill me? Or all of the Jadesons? Jonathan was furious beyond wards.

However, all he could say was, “Find a way to cure him!” Then, he left.

What if he cannot be cured?

Do we destroy him?

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