Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 692

Three days later, Sabrina finally recovered and was discharged.
She arrived at the General Hospital and was allowed to visit Sebastian.

“Ms. Hayes, please try to talk him around. Things have gotten to this extent. It will be better if he behaves himself. Otherwise, it will only hurt him,” advised Stephen.

When Sabrina heard that, she clenched her fists.

She had heard from Devin with regard to what happened at Jade Cour. In order to rescue her, Sebastian had shot Tiffany and also hurt several others in the process.

But, I don’t understand why he said Sebastian is misbehaving.

Sabrina was annoyed.

However, she did not get into an argument with Stephen. Instead, she gave him a perfunctory response and went into the General Hospital.


The moment she stepped into the hospital, she was taken to the wards. When she saw her brother, she wanted to rush in immediately.

Unexpectedly, someone stopped her before she could push the door open.

“Ms. Hayes, we need to perform a body search before we can let you in.” It was obvious they knew who she was.
“Body search?”

Sabrina’s eyes widened in astonishment.

What body search?

What gives them the right to search me? I’m just here to visit my brother. He’s not a criminal.

Sabrina glared at the two men sporting dark glasses and questioned them angrily, “What is going on? I’m only here to visit my brother, Why do I need to be searched? He’s here as a patient, not as a prisoner. Why are you doing this?”

“Please cooperate with us!”

There was no room for discussion.

One of the men walked over to her and started searching.

Sabrina exploded, “What are you doing? Don’t touch me! I’m warning you!”

She was hopping mad and took a few steps back.

This is too much. Now that Sebastian is part of the Jadesons, I actually need permission before I can see him. But, why da they have men standing guard outside his room? They even wanted to do a body search on me.

What’s going on?

Sabrina had a bad feeling about the situation.

Just then, Devin arrived as well. When he saw what was going on, his face darkened,

“What the hell are you guys doing? Old Mr. Jadeson has allowed her to go in. Stop whatever you are daing right now!” “Yes, Mr. Jadeson.”

It was only then the two men stopped searching Sabrina.

Sabrina was still furious about what had happened. But, she walked straight into the room.

To her surprise, the ward was very luxurious and spacious. It was also well equipped and did not look like a hospital ward.

Rather, it looked more like a hotel room.


After Sabrina finished looking around, she started looking for him.
Finally, she saw her brother after three months. My dear brother.

“Sebastian, it’s me, Sabrina.” For a moment, she could not control her emotions, and her eyes started to tear up as she hurried over to him.

This was the first time she got so emotional after seeing him.
Despite that, there was no reaction from Sebastian.

He was dressed in a blue and white striped hospital gown and sitting casually at a table next to the window. There was a book in his hands, and when the sunlight fell on him, the entire scene looked surreal.

Why is he ignoring me? Did he not hear me? She looked at him and walked closer. “Sebastian, what are you doing? Can you hear me?”

Sabrina was speaking as softly as possible.

In truth, she hardly behaved like that in front of him. Growing up, the two of them never saw eye-to-eye and had always been bickering and fighting. To make matters worse, Sebastian was their father’s favorite.

Hence, all along, they had never been closed.

After what had happened in the past few years, things between them became worse.

Yet now, here she was, speaking to him in such a gentle manner.

Unfortunately, there was no response from him at all. His attention was still on the book, and he did not seem to notice her standing in frant of him at all.

Sabrina was stumped.

Unable to take it anymore, she snatched the book from him and threw it on the table.
“What are you doing?”

It was only when his book was taken away that Sebastian reacted.

He looked up unhappily at the person who had just barged into his world.

“You asked me what I am doing? I am standing right in front of you and have been calling you, but there is no response from you at all. What? Now that you are part of the Jadesons, you don’t wish to talk to me anymore?”

Her words did not sound as nice as before.

The Jadesons?

The moment he heard the two words, his handsome face turned gloomy.
“Do you still know them?”


Sabrina was taken aback by the deadly look in his eyes, and she felt a chill down her spine.

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