Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 694

Devin was at a loss for words. He did not have any courage to explain further and could only pull her out of the ward by force.

Nevertheless, Sabrina struggled frantically till she shrugged him off. After that, she dashed toward Sebastian, who was still seated beside the window.

After wiping her tears away, she crouched next to him. “Sebastian, look at me! I’m your sister! Look at me closely! It’s me, your sister. Do you remember that you are my younger brother?” She forced a smile and kept reminding him that she was his sister, and he was her brother.

It suddenly struck her that they had never really been on good terms for almost three decades.
Right that instant, Sabrina felt bitter as indecipherable mixed emotions crept into her heart.

Oblivious to her words, Sebastian continued to fix his gaze on the book indifferently.

Sabrina was speechless and glanced at his book instinctively.

Pharmaceutical magazine? This is unbelievable, he is actually reading this type of magazine! Isn’t that the most common type of magazine available at any corner of the hospital? I can’t believe he has an interest in that now! Since when did his reading preference change? He used to read only books related to finance and general knowledge, didn’t he?

Sabrina could barely breathe, and her heart ached as she saw him engaging himself in the magazine.
“It’s about time. Let’s go before he becomes annoyed.” Devin urged her when he sensed that it was almost time.

Tears flowed down Sabrina’s cheek like streams. She left with Devin reluctantly after giving Sebastian a glance with her teary eyes.

Sebastian, don’t worry. I will surely come to your rescue again, No matter what, I won’t let them torture you!

After stepping out of the hospital, Sabrina did not talk to Devin along the way.

Devin asked her hesitantly, “Do you need me to send you back to Avenport?”

“No need!” As expected, she refused him right away.

Devin pursed his lips without uttering any words. After the car pulled to a stop at the front steps of the hotel, he opened the door to get out.

“Can I ask you a question?” Sabrina asked him all of a sudden.
“Just go ahead,” Devin replied placidly.

“What is his condition at the moment? How serious is that? Why can’t he recognize me? What are the Jadesons planning to do to him after this?” Sabrina choked up gradually as she voiced her doubts.

Devin decided not to keep mum from her and straight away told her everything.

“He could not take it after Sasha passed away and drifted into unconsciousness for three months. When he came to himself again, he was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. You were actually talking to his secondary personality just now. He was also the one who committed the brutal act at Jade Court.”

“What do you mean? Multiple personality disorder?” Sabrina was stupefied; blood drained from her face instantly.

Devin nodded and explained, “Yeah, that was why he could not recognize you just now. The doctor explained that this secondary personality only remembers the command given by the primary personality. Other than that, he could scarcely remember anything else.”

As another wave of complex emotions surged from within Sabrina, her mind turned into mush.

This is indeed what the Hayes fear the most for almost thirty years! Poor Sebastian is suffering from multiple personality disorder!

“W-What is the command from his primary personality?” Sabrina stammered when she finally mustered up her courage to ask.
As she was getting closer to the truth, her heart sank in despair and her blood ran cold.

Devin furrowed his brows and replied, “His primary personality instructed him to seek revenge! Thus, his main target now is to kill my uncle, Charles Jadeson. He went to Jade Court because of that too.” “Anything else?” Sabrina asked again anxiously.

“In order to avenge his mother and Sasha’s death, I fear that all the Jadesons will become his target,” Devin commented sorrowfully, aghast at the possibility.

Pin-drop silence ensued in the car.

If the only target for Sebastian’s current personality was to wipe off the Jadesons, Jonathan surely would not let that happen. He instructed his men to keep Sebastian alive till now because of his identity as Shin’s son. Even so, he would not think twice to give Sebastian up when it came to the safety of all the Jadesons.

Therefore, there were only two possibilities for Sebastian. He would either have his multiple personality disorder completely cured or finished off! That was why he was held captive by them at the moment!

By the time an emotionally shaken Sabrina wobbled out from the airport of Avenport, she slumped onto the floor the moment she saw Karl.

“Ms, Sabrina! Ms. Sabrina!” Karl darted toward her and held her up apprehensively,

It was already two hours later when Sabrina was back in Hayes Residence.

After cooling her head off, she was about to discuss with Karl how to rescue Sebastian from Jadeborough.
“Ms. Sabrina, Mr. Solomon is here,” one of the housemaids notified Sabrina.

“Why is he here? Is he that free, hun?” Sabrina grimaced impatiently when she heard about his name. She assigned the housemaid to chase him away at once.

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