Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 695

Even so, Solomon had already stepped into the residence.
With a hint of the usual indifference on his face, he pulled a chair casually and seated facing both of them.
“Where did you go all this while?” Soloman asked Sabrina right away.

“Where did I go?” Sabrina raised her brows and glared at him. “How ridiculous? Who are you to take control of me? Do you expect me to report to you wherever I go, huh?”

It was obvious that she turned a blind eye to him as usual.

Saloman, who was toying the cup on the table, stiffened. Boiling with anger, he almost lashed out at her.

I’m taking control of her?

No, he never had the intention to do that. He used to teach anyone who had provoked his ego a lesson by finishing them off without a second thought. Out of sight, out of mind. However, he could not do that at the moment.

“I heard that something happened at the Jadeson Residence in Jadeborough three days ago. Devin Jadeson went to save a hostage from the abductors with his men but in vain. Apart from that, all his men were dead. Do you have any idea about this?” Salomon looked intently at Sabrina with an intimidating grimness on his face.

Both Sabrina and Karl were flabbergasted. Sabrina glared at him and snarled, “Solomon George, how dare yau stalk on mel”

“Do I need to do that? Sabrina Hayes, if not because Sebastian requested me to protect you by all means, and you also have the same… I won’t waste time keeping an eye on you!” He lashed out at her and smashed the cup on the floor to vent his anger.

He almost blurted out the sentence and spilled the beans. Damn it! What a foolish woman! Sabrina froze on the spot.

It never crossed her mind that the man in front of her would lose his temper and bellow at her. All this while, he was bottling up his emotions and never revealed his true colors in front of her. Regardless of how she used to humiliate and chide at him, he was cool and expressionless all the time.

Hmph! So he has a temper too!

Sabrina’s face turned crimson at once when she rebuked, “Do you have a sense of sname? How dare you still mention my brother? If not because of you and your mom, he won’t end up in such a pathetic state right now! Do you know how the Jadesons are torturing him at the moment? You are the culprit who landed him in deep water!”

The man who was still rebuking moments ago was stunned and held his tongue.

Is Sebastian still alive? I’m sure that he is! If I’m not mistaken, he was still unconscious at Jonathan’s place previously, wasn’t he? So he has regained consciousness and is in a pathetic state at the moment?

Within a few seconds, countless questions started to crash into his mind like a series of never-ending waves.
“What happened to him?” he asked hastily.
Sabrina felt a prickle of fury again and mocked, “Don’t worry, he’s not dead yet. He’s fine!”

On the other hand, Karl contemplated for a while and made up his mind to tell him the truth. To him, Solomon might be a trustworthy person who could rescue Sebastian at the moment.

“He’s already regained consciousness by the time Ms. Sabrina reached Jadeborough. Even so, he has fallen ill and is out of his mind at the moment. He has been held captive by Jonathan Jadeson ever since he killed Charles Jadeson’s daughter and Connor Jadeson’s son.”

“What?” Karl’s words sent a chill down Salomon’s spines!

He knew that Sebastian had been troubled by some kind of iliness all this while. That was why he schemed to trigger his emotion in Empire State Tower so everyone would get to know about his mental illness. He intended to tarnish his reputation and have him ruined by the deadly whammy.

Even though his ploy did not succeed, it never occurred to him that Sebastian would have an emotional breakdown in Jadeborough.

“What was the reason?” he asked further.

“Mr. Solomon, do you mean the reason which triggered Mr. Hayes’ illness?” It struck Karl at once, and he replied sorrowfully.

“Mr. Solomon, don’t you understand? Do you think there’s any other reason apart from Mrs. Hayes’ death? He saw that with his own eyes at that very moment. In order to keep him alive, Mrs. Hayes had let go of his hand and sacrificed herself.
He’s alive, but she was gone forever. Since then, his world had turned upside down. The urge to avenge her death is the only thing that keeps him going for the time being.”

In a split second, the residence was shrouded by an inexplicable gloominess, resulting in utter melancholy in the air. None of them felt like breaking the silence in great sorrow. Deep down, their hearts wrenched, nibbled by the indescribable grief.
It was as though they could feel the tingle in their chests whenever they took their breaths.

Instead of feeling thrilled, Solomon could not explain the inexplicit feelings in his heart. He could barely breathe as the feelings grew gradually, suffocating him.

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