Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 696

Salomon left the Hayes residence and got into the car.
“Mr. George, what are we supposed to do now? Are you going to rescue him?” the assistant who was driving asked warily.
Soloman’s eyes were shut in weariness.

Should I go and rescue him? How can I save him? Even Sebastian himself was unable to fight against such a prominent family in Jadeborough with Hayes Corporation before this. How can I take the risk to save him with it?

After quite a while, an ashen-faced Solomon shook his head and instructed, “Get me a flight ticket to Jetroina. I will go over and have a look first.”

“Noted, Mr. George,” the assistant replied respectfully and sped off.

Salomon took the flight to Jetroina the night itself. After that, he headed straight to his Jetroinian bar in Terrandya of Jetroina.

He had actually managed Hayes Corporation for a certain period. After Yancy fell sick and passed away in prison, it was back in possession of Yamada family again.

Since he had operated his business for quite some time in Jetroina, he had managed to own quite a number of properties there. When he reached his Jetroinian bar, the waitress who received the news of his arrival earlier stepped out to welcome him at once.

“Mr. Akiyama, you are back,” she greeted him respectfully with a pair of new clogs.

Solomon took off his suit and handed it to her. Next, he changed into the pair of clogs and asked, “Is Mr. Haruto here?” “He is on the way here and will reach here any time,” she replied gently and served him a pot of warm sake.

After a few minutes, a Jetroinian man in glasses appeared with a faint smell of antiseptic. “Akiko, is Mr. Akiyama back?” he yelled out hastily.

“Yeah, he’s back.” the waitress who welcomed Solomon a while ago emerged and greeted him with a smile.

She tumed out to be Akiko Sato, who just got back in her hometown.

Hearing that, Haruto entered the room hurriedly. “Mr. Akiyama, you are finally here! I have waited for you for such a long time!” he greeted Solomon excitedly. Unexpectedly, there was even a glint from the tears welling up in his eyes.

Salomon smiled and lifted the wine pot to pour him some sake. “Mr. Haruto, you seem to be looking forward to my arrival. Do you have any great news for me?”

“Great news? There won’t be any great news if I’m the one waiting for you!” Haruto gulped down the sake in one mouthful and grumbled.

In a split second, Soloman, who was seated opposite him, clenched his fingers tightly till his knuckles turned blue. “Mr. Haruto, what do you mean? You are deemed the best surgeon in Jetroina, aren’t you? I have traveled all the way here and even waited patiently for you. You shouldn’t just throw a wet blanket with devastating news!”

Upon hearing his icy-cold tone, Haruto almost choked on his sake. Sensing that he had infuriated the man, he explained sheepishly, “Mr. Akiyama, please don’t get me wrong. I actually mean that I’m unable to fulfill your previous request by enabling her to regain consciousness as soon as possible. Other than that, she’s doing fine. Her fractured bones are recovering at a satisfactory pace. Besides, her internal organs are also recuperating gradually.”

“Why is she still unconscious?” Solomon asked in bafflement.

“Mr. Akiyama, don’t you know how severely injured the patient was when I first met her? How is it possible for me to work my magic on her immediately? Do you know that I have carried out operations for her almost twenty times just to heal her internal organs? No joke about that! Imagine that, her organs were pierced through by fractured bones! Even if your computer is infected by a virus, you will certainly need time to fix and reformat it, isn’t it? What’s more, this is a fragile human body!”

My goodness! This Jetroinian is really naggy. I have anly asked him a simple question, yet he starts grumbling non-stop.
See how he’s salivating as he grumbles! It’s really repulsive! Even so, he has a point undeniably. Even the reformatting and reassembling of a computer is tedious and time-consuming, not to mention, to treat a person who has comminuted fracture all over her body and sustained severe injuries on all her internal organs!

In the end, Sotornen decided to drop the subject and remain silent. After having some sake, he bought Haruto a meal before heading to the General Hospital with the highest medical standards with him.

A woman was lying quietly in the intensive care unit with tubes connected to her entire body, and she was under intubation.
Other than that, her face was covered in bandages. Nobody would be able to make out that she was a woman if not for her thick and curly eyelashes.

“Overall, she is considered as recovering well. At least, she will still be alive even if we take off her ventilator now,” Haruto explained to Solomon tactfully, fearing that Solomon would misunderstand him for deceiving him. He could see that Soloman did not take his eyes off the woman ever since they stepped into the intensive care unit.

Soloman gulped at his words and was about to open his mouth. Even so, he continued to remain silent as he shifted his gaze from her face to her hand placed nicely aside.

It should be her only body part that did not sustain any injuries. As requested by that person to save her life, by all means, it was the best he could do for her!

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