Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 697

“Mr. Akiyama, although you managed to rush to her rescue in the nick of time, she had been sent flying from quite a distance away. In other words, there was no way she could make it out unscathed. She might not pull it through had it not been for me.”

Standing next to the heavily injured patient on the bed, Haruto couldn’t resist the urge to claim the credits he thought he deserved.

Solomon remained quiet throughout their conversation since he was aware the woman was on the verge of death over the past three months.

There was no way she could pull herself without the aid of the Jetroinian next to him.

It took him a few minutes to gather his thoughts. Seconds after he returned to his senses, he asked, “If that’s the case, when will she regain consciousness?”

“I need another three months to ensure everything’s fine. It took me three months to work on her system. I need another three months to do something about her fractured bones. If worse comes to worst, I’ll have to resort to extreme countermeasures.”

Salomon went dead silent when he caught a glimpse of Haruto staring at the dislocated limbs of the patient on the bed.

Unable to withstand the prickling sensation he felt behind his eyes, he had to look elsewhere to stop himself from letting loose of his emotions.

“Alright, just leave us alone for a few minutes. I wish to spend some time with her.” Shortly after he asked the foreigner to leave him alone, Solomon got himself a chair and took a seat next to the patient.

Has she ever regretted any of her decisions? He’s the reason she’s currently unconscious! In fact, he’s the reason she has gone through all sorts of ups and downs in life! When will she ever learn her lessons?

Holding her hands, he continued staring at the lifeless woman on the bed, muttering to himself, “What’s so great about him? Why have you put your life at stake more than once for him? Does it have something to do with your guilt?”

He knew it was impossible for her to answer his question when she was merely alive if not for the equipment next to her.
In the end, he stared at her in silence as if he couldn’t bear to leave her alone in the ward.

A few minutes later, holding her hands, he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead to express the sort of affection he had for her.

Truth be told, it was the first time he had the chance to do that.

She had always been the one and only woman he had in mind ever since he was young. To be precise, he thought of resorting to extreme countermeasures just to get her into a relationship with him.

Nonetheless, he had never once put his thoughts into action, making him different from the man she was head over heels in love with.

Throughout the years, he had been a secret admirer of hers. On the contrary, the man she was head over heels in love had forced her into submission against her will for more than once.

Closing his eyes, he assured the unconscious woman, “Alright, as long as you regain consciousness, I’ll stop getting in your way and allow you to meet him in person! I’ll leave you to rot if you ever put your life at stake because of him again!”

He started trembling against his will due to the heart-wrenching sensation he felt. Sitting next to the unconscious woman, torrents of grief streamed down his cheeks as he knew it was time for him to move on in life.

Once again, three months passed by in the blink of an eye.
The Jadesons had been spending the past three months in fear because of the uncertainties in store for them.

They were afraid that Sebastian would lose his mind and sneak his way out of the hospital to take them out, just like the time he murdered those in Jade Court.

Therefore, it had been three exhausting months for all of them.

Three months later, the doctor thought it wouldn’t be necessary to keep Sebastian confined anymore.

“The patient’s condition has drastically improved. It’s time for him to return home. Otherwise, it’s going to take a toll on him if he continues staying here. If you’re willing to guide him along the way, I’m sure he’s going to be fine in no time.”

The director of the hospital, Grayson, asked Jonathan to consult him in person prior to deciding the next best course of action for the patient.

The patient with a hospital gown in the ward started sketching something under the tree outside of the ward and kept himself occupied.

It was already mid-summer in Jadeborough, but the patient did a great job focusing on sketching as if he couldn’t be bothered by the scorching sun out there.

Upon a simple glimpse, Jonathan thought the patient could no longer pose any threat to him and his family.

Thus, he nodded and beckoned Grayson to set Sebastian free. After spending the past three months in isolation, Sebastian was finally discharged from the hospital.

Devin, who had figured out his grandfather’s decision, rushed to the hospital and asked, “Grandpa, where are you taking him with you?”

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