Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 699

By the time Jonathan woke up, Sebastian was on the verge of passing out due to the exhaustive training regimes he had to endure.

Although he had his fair share of combat training back in the day, those were nothing as compared to the intensive training the militants had to go through on a daily basis.

As a corporate player, he spent most of his time in his office, perusing countless types of documents to ensure the running of the company.

In other words, there was no way he could get used to the training regimes of the militants in such a short span of time.
Sebastian was completely drenched in sweat after the hectic session. He lay on the ground and insisted on taking a break.

The platoon leader rushed to his side and ordered, “Hurry up and bring yourself up! We still have ten laps to go!”

Sebastian got himself ready for the worst and asked, “Why don’t you just take me out?”

The platoon leader was rendered speechless by his reply. It was then Jonathan showed up and asked, “How many laps have it been?”

“Twenty!” “What about the rest of the training regimes?”

“A total of fifty push-ups, thirty minutes of plank, and fifteen sets of burpee!” the platoon leader reported on Sebastian’s progress when he heard Jonathan’s question.

Truth be told, it was considered an impressive feat for an ordinary man. The platoon leader thought the frail-looking young man might not make it through half of the training regime he had devised.
However, Sebastian had accomplished most of the training regimes apart from the thirty laps of run around the field.

Jonathan beckoned the platoon leader to bring the rest of the platoon away with him and leave them alone. He wasn’t particularly irked since he was of the same idea as the platoon leader.

He marched in the direction of Sebastian and remarked, “Can’t you even keep up with an ordinary training regime? What the heck is wrong with Frederick? Has he not taught you the proper way to work out?”

Sebastian brought himself up and yelled, “You are in no position to pick on him!”

Glaring at the man in front of him, he started emanating an intimidating presence, indicating he had been holding a strong grudge against the man.

Jonathan couldn’t stand a youngster asserting dominance over him. In spite of being on the verge of losing his cool, he suppressed the urge to go berserk.

“Since you’re done, just go ahead and finish your breakfast. I have another mission for you once you finish your breakfast.”

Jonathan marched his way through the woods early in the morning. Sebastian thought he had been seeing things and thought the man resembled an honorable figure.

I’m pretty sure it’s my mind messing with me again! There’s no way a murderer is regarded as an honorable man!

The news of Sebastian having a rough morning and being tortured by Jonathan made it to the rest of the Jadesons within a few hours.

The vicious bunch couldn’t help but gloat over Sebastian’s misfortune when they found out he almost passed out as a result of the harsh training regimes.

Heaving a long sigh of relief, Colton, Charles’ brother, asked with his chest held high, “If that’s the case, is it safe to assume we don’t have to be afraid anymore?”

As the youngest amongst his peers, he thought of taking it easy since there wasn’t anything serious going on at the moment.

The moment he finished his question, someone shrieked and queried, “Are you serious? Aren’t you aware that the maniac has taken those at Jade Court out in one night? How are we supposed to let our guards down against him?”

A woman started weeping shortly after she finished her questions. She was none other than Jocelyn, Tiffany’s mother, the mistress of Jade Court.

The Jadesons were equally outrageous when they recalled how Connor’s son had passed because of Sebastian.

Connor’s wife added, “There’s no way we’re letting him off the hook when he’s a shame of the family! We need to take him out as soon as possible for the sake of the family!”

“She’s right! We need to kill him for the sake of the family!” “I’m of the same idea since we can’t be sure if he’s going to go berserk and take things out on us! It’s better to be safe than sorry! We need to take him out!”

It was the first time in forever the Jadesons were of the same idea instead of picking on one another for their respective hidden agenda.

They thought it was time to take Sebastian out once and for all for the sake of the family.

Connor, who had remained silent throughout the session, responded with a smirk since he was the only ane in charge when Charles wasn’t around to lead them.

He knew the rest of his siblings were more of followers and not much of leaders. Thus, it was evident they would listen to him and the plan he had in mind.

“Alright, since everyone is of the same idea, shall we discuss our next best course of action?”

“Sure! Since Charles isn’t around, you’re the only one we can count on! As of now, we’re not even sure if your niece can make it back to join us or not!”

Charles’s wife, Jocelyn, made herself clear she was of the same idea since she was in desperate need of others’ aid to do her a favor.

Thus, the rest of the members in the room indicated they weren’t against the idea.

Connor shared the vicious plan he had in mind with the rest. “We’ll carry out the plan on the sixteenth since Uncle Jonathan will be making his way to the White House.”

“You’re right! He will be away on the sixteenth!”

The rest in the room were thrilled when they heard the seemingly brilliant plan.

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