Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 700

After much considerations, Colton brought up something that made him the odd one out. “Are you sure your plan is going to work? If he’s not around, I’m sure he’s going to send someone to keep an eye on him!”

Jocelyn interrupted her brother-in-law and reprimanded, “Isn’t it obvious? I’m sure your brother has taken that into consideration as well!”

They wrapped up the conversation and thought it was about time to dismiss. The vicious bunch couldn’t wait until the sixteenth to execute the plan to kill Sebastian.

Connor had long thought of the way to sneak up the hill as long as Jonathan wasn’t around. At the end of the day, he was a member of the Jadesons—it wasn’t much of a trouble for him to send a few of his trusted aides to carry out the task.

An accident took them by surprise on the sixteenth, forcing them to put their plan on hold for the time being.

“What the hell? Come again? Who the hell has passed on?”

A young soldier showed up at Jade Court early in the morning. As soon as he saw Jocelyn, he announced, “I’m so sorry for your loss, but you need to calm down! I have made my way here as soon as I heard the bad news from my comrades! They said he had passed on due to health complications!”

Jocelyn was on the verge of losing her mind because of the bad news of her husband’s demise.

She yelled hysterically, expressing her disbelief, “What do you mean by out of the blue? Charles has been fine all this while! He’s not even fifty years old! There’s no way he’s dead due to some sort of health complications!”

Indeed, it seemed too much to be a mere accident when Charles was in his prime.

Unfortunately, the fact remained he had passed on due to unverified causes.
When he was about to be set free on the sixteenth, he passed on in the isolation cell just a few hours prior to regaining freedom.

Jocelyn passed out due to the bad news that came out of nowhere. Similarly, Connor couldn’t care less about taking Sebastian out anymore.

He made his way to the military base as soon as he heard the bad news of his brother’s demise. Immediately after he reached the base, he saw his brother’s stiffened corpse.

Those affiliated with the army expressed their condolences when they saw Connor, “Our utmost condolence, Captain! We have tried out best to bring him back to life, but things had long gotten to the point of no return the moment we found him!”

What could possibly go wrong when he was isolated from others in his cell? I’m afraid this is not a mere accident! There’s no way he has passed on due to myocardial infarction!

Unable to gather his thoughts, Connor’s legs turned to jelly at the presence of his brother’s stiffened corpse.
“N-No! I’m sure my father has been murdered by that maniac! There’s no way he would die a natural death!”

All of a sudden, Tiffany, who had been granted to pay respect to her late father, started wailing hysterically when she saw her father’s corpse.

The ones escorting her to the morgue had to stop her from going berserk and making a scene there.

“Tiffany, you better behave yourself, and don’t forget you have been sentenced to death!”

“N-No! Get someone to carry out an autopsy on him! I’m sure he hasn’t died a natural death! He’s not even sick! There’s no way he has passed on due to health complications!”

The woman goat down on her knees in front of the duo escorting her to the morgue just to figure out the reason for her father’s death.

The duo was rendered speechless, but Connor was of the same idea when he heard his niece. He added, “Can we carry out an autopsy to find out his actual cause of death? As ridiculous as it might be, we need to know the truth!”

Those in charge escalated the issues to their higher-ups since the next of kin of the deceased had made a request to carry out an autopsy.

In the end, they acquired the permission to carry on and found out colors had long drained from Charles’ heart.
It seemed as if someone had strangled him to death, undergoing a serious lack of oxygen at the last moment of his life.

The coroner in charge was utterly dumbfounded as he couldn’t determine the actual cause of death, but he was certain the deceased hadn’t died a natural death.

On the other hand, Tiffany started yelling again, “See! My father has been murdered! I’m pretty sure it’s Sebastian again! There’s no way I’m letting you off the hook, you bast*rd!”

It was already late in the evening by the time Jonathan, who had made his way to White House, heard the bad news.
Most of his peers in the army had heard of the accident and started engaging themselves in a heated discussion.

“I heard the young Jadesons has killed his uncle!”

“I have heard the rumors as well! It’s unbelievable! Isn’t Lieutenant Colonel Jadeson still in isolation? How has the young man found him?”

“To be honest, I’m equally confused!”

“Maybe he has sneaked his way to the military base! I mean, ] have heard of him taking out Eric and Tyler! Speaking of which, he was the one who has thrown Tiffany behind bars!”

“Are you serious?”

Sebastian had made a name out of himself amongst those within the ranks in ten minutes as they were utterly horrified by his capabilities.

Similarly, the incident had put the Jadesons to shame. There seemed to be no end to the ongoing internal conflicts of the family.

Jonathan was irritated when he returned to the military base. Things were chaotic as Charles’ corpse was still left unattended merely because of the confusion.

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