Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 702

“It turns out you’re aware of the things that are going on, huh? I guess you’re not that foolish after all! At least you’re faster than I have anticipated!”


Jonathan couldn’t even finish his sentence as he could barely catch his breath. He sprinted in the direction of the young man and pointed the gun to his head.

‘lll take you out immediately!” The young man wasn’t intimidated at all. Instead, he challenged Jonathan with a scowl and urged, “Go ahead and give it a try!”

lronically, the confrontation occurred on a great day perfect for a family day out.

Jonathan’s eyes widened in disbelief. He pulled the trigger without a second thought but hesitated when he caught a glimpse of Sebastian’s face.

Out of nowhere, another familiar image showed up in his mind. In the end, he couldn’t differentiate if he had been seeing things again.

“Dad, if you think I’m the one at fault, why don’t you kill me? Go ahead and fire a shot to take me out!”

The man in his mind mentioned something similar and told him to take him out without any hesitation.

As a result, Jonathan’s hand started trembling against his will.

Jonathan had always been proud of Shin because he had always been exceptional ever since he was young. Most importantly, Shin had inherited the great qualities of Jonathan as an army.

Therefore, Jonathan had high hopes for Shin and thought his son would be the successor of the family in the future.

Shin did a great job living up to his father’s expectations. He was enlisted at the age of eighteen. Two years later, he was assigned to lead a platoon to go on a mission. His exceptional son was highly regarded by authorities from all around the globe. As a matter of fact, Shin was a recipient of a few highly accorded awards and recognition.

However, a woman from Avenport had turned the life of the pride of the nation upside down back in the day.
He was head over heels in love with Frederick’s sister-in-law after making his way back from Avenport.

Shin, who had never defied his father’s instructions, rebelled against him for the first time in life—he smuggled the household register and got married with the woman in Avenport.

Truth be told, Jonathan could no longer recall the things he had in mind when he found out Shin had rebelled against him for the first time.

He couldn’t even recall the sort of decisions he made to take Shin into custody. How he was tied up like a beast and presented in front of the man.

It was then Shin glared at Jonathan and yelled, “If you think I’m the one at fault, why don’t you kill me? Go ahead and give me a shot to take me out!”

Jonathan’s hands trembled against his will. In the end, he just couldn’t bring himself to fire the shot.

Trying his best to keep his emotions to himself, Jonathan gasped out his question, “What else do you want after taking out so many people over the past few weeks? Are you going to take out all of the Jadesons?”

Sebastian turned around and stared at his so-called grandfather in the eyes, asking sarcastically, “What do you think? After taking out the members of the Hayes, you don’t think they get to deny their responsibilities, do you?”

“You have freaking killed Eric and Tyler!”

“What about it? Is that enough to compensate for my loss and my parents’ demise? What about Sasha, Shawn, Karl and the men I brought with me?” “Am I supposed to turn a blind eye when most of my close acquaintances are dead? You don’t think two of the Jadesons’ lives are enough to atone for their sins, do you?” “What makes you think it’s fair? Is it because they’re born superior to the rest? Is it because they’re members of the Jadesons? Answer me!” Sebastian finally let loose of his emotions and yelled at Jonathan without holding back.

Glaring at the man in front of him, he enunciated his every word sarcastically, indicating he had no intention to let them off the hook just yet.
Standing in front of the injured young man, Jonathan was startled because he was at a loss for words to defend himself.

He thought it was very shameless and selfish of him to stop Sebastian when he had lost more than half of the people he cared about the most in life.

An eye for an eye had always been the mantra of most people. However, in an attempt to defend his family member, he merely threw Charles into an isolation cell after his nephew murdered countless innocent people.

Jonathan couldn’t think of anything to prove Sebastian wrong because the thought of ensuring justice was served to the innocent ones had never crossed his mind.

Upon another peek at Jonathan, Sebastian burst out laughing and asked, “What’s wrong? Are you at a loss for words because I’m spot on again? Have you finally figured out you’re just a selfish man?”

“Sebastian Hayes!”

Jonathan was on the verge of going berserk again. He yelled, “I wan’t deny I have neglected others’ aspects, but do you really think you’re better than me? Apart from taking out Charles to avenge the Hayes, you have escalated the issue to a national level! Are you aware of the consequences of your actions? Are yau trying to drag others to hell to keep the deceased members of the Hayes company?”

Sebastian’s goal had always been stirring things up between the White House and the Jadesons. In short, Charles’ demise was merely a trivial aspect of his ambitious plan.

It would soon turn into a showdown between a supreme ruler and a family asserting influences over the army of the nation.
Thus, it would be tough to foresee the outcome of the showdown. Nonetheless, things would be chaotic for sure. Countless innocent people would be sacrificed as a result of the showdown.

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