Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 704

“Stop saving him!” The woman paid no heed to the man’s instruction and continued checking on the heavily injured man’s condition.

She turned around and gasped out her suggestion in a hoarse voice, “Dr. Wallen, we need to rush him to the hospital as soon as possible!”

Jonathan stopped Grayson from rushing to Sebastian’s side. He asked, “What do you think you’re doing? Have I not made myself clear?”

Irked, Grayson glared at Jonathan in the eyes and asked in a callous tone, “Jonathan! Are you sure you’re not going to regret your decision? Aren’t you aware he’s the sole successor of your beloved son? If he’s dead, it’s over for Shin!”

Jonathan gaped at his comrade’s question because he was also against the idea of killing Sebastian. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have confronted Sebastian and tried to force him into submission.

Nonetheless, he thought it was over for his heartless grandson. Instead of keeping him safe, he thought of taking him out for the sake of his family.

“Jonathan, did I not make it clear that he’s no longer the same? The things he has done don’t represent his current self anymore! In other words, I hope you won’t regret your decision of killing him in the future!”

Grayson’s statement had gotten the better of Jonathan again.

Jonathan clenched his fists and stopped getting in Grayson’s way after a few seconds.

Grayson catapulted in the direction of the duo and rushed the heavily injured man to the hospital.

Jonathan joined them and went to the hospital. To his surprise, the assistant of Grayson seemed to be holding a grudge against him.

“Dr. West, can you get Dr. Wallen another few packs of blood?” “Alright, I’ll get going immediately!”

The assistant made her way to the blood bank to retrieve another few packs of blood for Grayson, neglecting Jonathan, who was seated in the corridor.

Since when has Grayson hired such an arrogant assistant?

Jonathan was irked by the response of Grayson’s assistance. He started sizing her up and noticed something odd about her.

She seemed to be just another skinny woman, but she couldn’t even walk properly. It seemed as if something was wrong with her legs.

On top of that, he couldn’t get used to her hair since it seemed way too neat to be real. He even thought the assistant had put on a wig.

Where is this woman from?

Shortly after Devin heard the news, he rushed to the hospital.

Two hours later, Grayson finally marched out of the operating theater.

Devin sprang up from his seat and asked the moment he saw Sebastian on the gurney, “Doctor, is Sebastian fine?”

Grayson removed his mask and assured the young man, “Thankfully, the bullets weren’t fired at his vital organs. We have removed the bullets from his limbs.”

Halfway through his orated speech, Grayson glanced at Jonathan and announced, “He’ll be fine in no time as long as he has adequate rest.”

When Jonathan figured out the things his comrade had in mind, he turned around and looked elsewhere to avoid embarrassing himself.

“Are you serious? I’m just glad he’s fine! Thank you so much!” Devin, who wasn’t aware of the reason Sebastian was heavily injured, expressed his gratitude.

He then brought Sebastian to his ward with the nurse and Grayson’s assistant.

Unable to keep his curiosity in check, Jonathan stopped Grayson from making his way back to his office and asked, “Since when have you gotten yourself another assistant? Where is this assistant of yours from?”

Grayson brought himself to a halt and answered, “Are you talking about Macy? This apprentice of mine took some time off to further her study in the field of TCM for quite a long time before this.”

After pausing for a few seconds, he started pulling his friend’s and asked, “Are you interested in her? Speaking of which, since she’s an exceptional TCM practitioner, I have thought of assigning her to take care of Sebastian.”

When he brought up the suggestion of placing Sebastian in the care of his assistant, Jonathan asked with his face puckered, “Are you sure that rookie over there is capable of taking care of him?”

Grayson announced with his chest held high, “You need to stop underestimating her because she’s quite a capable one. In fact, she ran into Trevor during her studies. I’m sure you’ve heard of Trevor Rocke, haven’t you?”

As Jonathan remained silent, Grayson explained, “He’s the renowned psychologist of the nation and the owner of an influential pharmaceutical company abroad. As one of his mentees, I’m sure you can definitely entrust your grandson with Macy.”

In order to persuade Jonathan, Grayson had to introduce the background and the famous mentor his assistant was affiliated with.

Who the heck is Trevor Rocke? I have no idea if he’s an impressive figure, but I guess I’ll give it a try since he insists she’s the best!

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