Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 705

“Alright, I’ll just give it a try and get someone else to take over if she’s not cut for the job!” “No problem!” Grayson agreed with a bright grin and showed Jonathan the way to his office for a cup of coffee.

On the other end of the hospital, shortly after they settled down in the ward, Devin found out he had never seen the assistant of Grayson.

Thus, he ended up staring at the mysterious woman with short hair and a face mask in front of him. He asked, “May I know who this lady is over here?”

“Mr. Jadeson, this is Dr. West; Macy West, the director’s assistant!” the nurse introduced them to one another when she heard Devin’s question,

Macy? She has such an adorable name!

Devin greeted the mysterious assistant with a nod, “Hello, Dr. West! My name is Devin! Are you the one in charge of taking care of my cousin over here?”

Instead of striking up a conversation, the assistant continued installing the solution for the patient’s intravenous therapy and nodded in return.

Afraid of getting in her way, Devin stood aside in silence and saw the woman with long eyelashes. Intrigued by the gorgeous feature of hers, he couldn’t help but wonder if she had an equally gorgeous look behind the face mask.

As soon as the nurse had the fluid installed, the occupied nurse asked, “Dr. West, is there anything else you need?”

Macy raised her head and looked in the direction of the questioning nurse. Nonetheless, Devin couldn’t get a glimpse of her look due to the mask.

With that being said, he was stunned the moment he saw her glistering pair of eyes.

“You can leave the rest to me and tend to the things you have on your schedule,” Macy assured the nurse she would be fine and retrieved the prescription list on the nightstand.

Devin was quite speechless because no one had ever ignored him whenever he was around.

“Dr. West, if that’s the case, is my cousin-”

Macy interrupted him and finished on his behalf in a hoarse voice, “Mr. Jadeson, you don’t have to worry because Dr.
Wallen has specifically assigned me to take care of him. If there’s anything that requires your attention, I’ll definitely get in touch with you.”

Devin couldn’t bring himself to carry on with the conversation when he heard her hoarse voice. He thought she might have hurt her vocal cord or something, but she was pretty courteous with her choice of words.

After spending another few minutes in the ward and handing over his contact number to Macy, Devin returned to the military base.

He thought it wouldn’t be necessary for him to overthink things since Sebastian was in good hands at the hospital with Grayson’s assistant.

Similarly, Jonathan made his way back to Heron Hill shortly after he wrapped up his conversation with Grayson.
Meanwhile, Macy spent the night in the ward next to Sebastian.

By the time Sebastian woke up in the morning, he caught a whiff of the awful stench of disinfectant unique to the hospital.

He was confused when he caught a glimpse of the ceiling and wasn’t sure if he was still alive or not until he felt the racking sensation coming from his limbs.

Unable to withstand the racking sensation, he groaned in pain, “Argh—”

“You’re finally awake!”

The woman leaning against the bed was roused from her sleep by the man’s groan.

Startled by the presence of others next to him, Sebastian felt his limbs turning rigid.

“Does it hurt? If you can’t withstand the pain, I’ll administer you another dose of anesthetic to ease the pain!”

Shortly after she shared the alternative with the patient, she retrieved the syringe and injected the anesthetic into Sebastian’s system for temporary relief.

A few minutes after the injection, the woman turned around and asked when the man was no longer in pain, “Are you feeling better now?”

Truth be told, Macy had a relatively disheveled look, including unkempt hair and swollen cheeks, after being awake throughout the night. in short, she looked awful.

Sebastian couldn’t get used to the presence of the woman with a horrendous look. He instructed, “Get out of my sight and stay away from me!”

Macy was rendered incapable of motion. When she heard him, she ended up standing still next to the patient and forgot the things she was supposed to do next.

l-ls he seriously asking me to leave him alone?

When Sebastian caught Macy placing her trembling hand on his thighs after injecting the anesthetic, he got increasingly aggressive and warned, “What do you think you’re doing? Stop touching me and get out of the ward at once!”

How dare she touch me? Who the heck allows her to iouch me? Only one woman was allowed to touch him

Sebastian sent the chair next to his bed flying with a powerful kick. As a result, he curled up in pain and started shivering due to the excruciating sensation he felt.

In the end, Macy stopped trying anything reckless. Seconds after she moved her hands away from him, she rushed her way out of the ward with her eyes brimming with tears.

A few minutes later, she returned to Grayson’s office.
“Has he always been a germaphobe?”

Macy, whose eyes had been brimming with tears, responded with a nod and stammered, “Y-Yes.”

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