Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 706

Grayson shrugged his shoulders and asked, “If that’s the case, why have you touched him without his consent? I’m sure you’re aware a germaphobe is against others touching them without their consent, aren’t you?”

“W-We used to be-”

“Well, he’s no longer the same. Also, you’re not precisely the same in terms of look. You don’t think a patient with can tell you apart, do you?”

Grayson handed over Macy a mirror and told her to have another look at herself in the mirror.

Upon a simple glimpse at herself in the mirror, the woman was startled by her current look because she was nothing close to her usual self.

Horrified by her current look, she rushed in the direction of the washroom and removed the mask she had put on, revealing her gorgeous yet heavily injured face.

She got increasingly upset and started muttering to herself in the washroom, “I’m so sorry for showing up in front of you with a mask! I just can’t bear to startle you with this horrible face of mine!”

Overwhelmed by a heart-wrenching sensation as she continued caressing her heavily injured face, Sasha continued weeping in the washroom.

It turned out Macy was Sasha, who had rushed her way back from Jetroina immediately after she regained consciousness.

Initially, she shouldn’t be there just yet since she had just dealt with her fractured bones. On top of that, she was bald due to the removal of her hair for a series of surgical procedures.

Most importantly, her face was heavily injured. Initially, Haruto told her it wasn’t a big deal as he could easily sort it out on her behalf through a series of facial reconstruction surgery.

Nonetheless, she had no time for those superficial things when the life of the man she held dear in mind was at stake. As it would take another six months for her to recover from the surgical procedures, she knew those were luxuries she couldn’t afford.

Thus, she acquired someone else’s aid ta make her a mask to disguise herself as someone else in order ta keep Sebastian company.

After spending a few minutes in the washroom, Sasha finally regained her composure.

When she returned to Grayson’s office, he remarked, “You need to take it easy for the time being because it’s only a matter of time until he opens up to you. I’m sure he can easily tell the differences after spending some time with you. After all, you’re the only one he has in mind.”

Sasha felt another prickling sensation behind her eyes, but she knew she couldn’t afford to weep anymore.
After calming herself, she expressed her gratitude in a serious manner, “You have my gratitude, Dr. Wallen!”

Grayson responded with a smile and assured her it wasn’t a big deal, “I’m just trying to return the favor Mr. George has done me back in the day.”

After pausing for a short while, he urged in a serious tone, “Speaking of which, you need to be on the lookout against the Jadesons, especially Jonathan! You can’t allow others to figure out that you’re Sasha!”

Sasha nodded in return, indicating she would definitely keep that in mind since she was aware of the things awaiting her if others were made aware of her actual identity.

Jonathan wasn’t the only one she had to be on her guard against because the Jadesons had one common goal—taking Sebastian and her out.

If they’re aware I’m not dead, I’m pretty sure they’re gaing to come after me again! In this case, I need to be on the lookout against Jared and his family!

Along with Grayson, Sasha returned to Sebastian’s ward. Grayson mentioned, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Hayes. My assistant isn’t aware of your pet peeve, but I have warned her to stop touching you without your consent. She’s going to be mindful of her actions in the future.”

“Get out of my sight!”

The patient couldn’t care less even when Grayson made it clear the woman next to him wasn’t the one at fault.
As a result of Sebastian’s harsh remark, Sasha’s heart sank to the bottom of her stomach once again.

What am I supposed to do if he continues to resist me? What if he doesn’t want me anywhere near him?

“Mr. Hayes, you need to calm down and listen to me. Macy over here is an expert when it comes to insomnia. On top of that, she can alleviate the pain torturing you. Most of the doctors of the hospital aren’t as capable as her.” Sasha gaped at Grayson’s seemingly boastful statements as he started luring Sebastian into giving in.

Wait! Is he having trouble sleeping again? It’s just like the time he sent others to take me into custody and bring me back to Clear! Ironically, he’s trying to chase me away when I’ve returned to him!

As Sebastian finally stopped making a fuss when he heard Grayson’s remarks, Grayson signaled Sasha to make full use of her opportunity with a wink and made his way out of the ward.

Sasha stood next to the man in silence for a few minutes until she heard the sound of the linen being ripped into pieces.

She turned around and found out the patient was in great pain again. In an attempt to alleviate the sensation torturing him, he tried to divert his attention by ripping the linen apart.

It was then she rushed over to his side and suggested, dismissing the man’s response, “I-I’ll administer another dose of anesthetic immediately!”

She retrieved the syringe seconds after she made herself clear.

When she was about to administer the dose of anesthetic, the perspiring and shivering man opened his eyes and glared at her, intimidating the genuine woman.

“I-I won’t touch yout! I’ll administer the anesthetic without touching you!” She reassured the man glaring at her since she knew he was against the idea of others touching him without his consent.

She showed him the syringe and forced a bright grin to gain the man’s trust as much as it might hurt.

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