Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 707

The patient finally regained his composure shortly after the administration of another dose of anesthetic.

Sasha retrieved a pail of water to wipe the man’s perspiring body clean. She helped him change into another hospital gown and took a seat at the desk next to him, perusing the books she had with her.

“Dr. West is so thoughtful! I can’t believe she has wiped the patient’s body clean!” ‘Isn’t that a duty of the caretaker? Why is a doctor wiping a patient’s body clean?” “Are you serious? Isn’t she the director’s personal assistant?”

The nurses couldn’t resist the urge to talk about it when they passed by Sebastian’s ward and saw Sasha wiping Sebastian’s body clean.

However, they thought it wasn’t much of a big deal since the patient was a member of the almighty Jadeson family.

Sasha continued reading the book as it had been a few years since she last read about something on psychology.

The irony was she made up her mind to give up as she couldn’t achieve any breakthrough even with Dr. Kaye’s aid. It happened around the time when the man was treated by the Rocke family and was sent to Sumanthova for his therapy.

To her surprise, she had to pick up everything from scratch after another few years.
Throughout her reading session, she continued taking notes of the things she was supposed to be aware of.

Out of the blue, her phone on the desk started vibrating in silence.
She turned around and noticed she had received a WhatsApp message from someone.
Solomon: “How are you? Is everything fine on your end?”

She was slightly surprised by the man’s message, but after much consideration, she made up her mind to reply to his message.

Sasha: “I’m currently at the hospital. Things are pretty much fine at my end. Thanks for asking.”

Solomon: ”Dr. Wallen had told me everything. You need to be on the lookout against the Jadesons, especially Jared and the members of his family. Since a majority of his family has been taken out, I’m afraid he’s going to come after Sebastian again.”

The man on the other man had expressed his concerns over her through his orated message, irking the already frustrated Sasha since she was well aware of the things awaiting her.

In spite of the threats around them, the only one she cared about was the man in front of her since he was still alive due to the vision Jonathan had for him.

If she couldn’t do anything about his multiple personality disorder, it was only a matter of time until Jonathan tried to take Sebastian out again.

Solomon: “What are you doing?”

Sasha: “I’m trying to figure out the proper way to help him, but…”

Irked by her limited progress, Sasha wasn’t in the mood to carry on with the conversation since she just couldn’t seem to find her way around the psychological field.

Salomon, who was on the other end of the phone, seemed to be aware of her concern. He dropped her another message with an attachment of a certain someone’s contact.

Salomon: ’This is a famous psychologist from Jetroina. He’s a good friend of Haruto, your attending physician during your time at Jetroina. If there’s anything you need, why don’t you go ahead and try getting in touch with him?”

Sasha: “Are you serious? Thank you so much! You have just done me another huge favor!”

She thought it was finally time for her to turn the tables around. Thus, she got pumped up again the moment she got her hands on the psychologist’s contact number.

Immediately after she wrapped up the conversation with Solomon, she engaged herself in another conversation with the renowned psychologist.

Salomon would be upset should she disappear halfway through their conversation. However, he felt satisfied for the first time in many years because their conversation had lasted for quite a long time.
In fact, it was the longest over the past few years. Thus, he thought they were finally back to their good old days.

By the time Sebastian roused from his nap, the so-called doctor in the ward had put on a full set of personal protective equipment, including a disposable pair of gloves.

She had been anticipating him to be awake. The moment he roused from his sleep, she rushed over and stood next to him, asking in a concerned tone, “How are you feeling?”

Sebastian turned around since he had no intention to engage himself in another conversation with others.

Afraid things would get increasingly awkward, she suggested, “I-If you’re not in pain, I’ll go get you some light refreshment! Since you’re finally awake, it’s time for you to consume something nutritious to aid in the process of recovery!”

She dismissed the man’s disgusted look and headed out to get him the things she had prepared in advance.
A few minutes later, she returned with a warm glass of milk and a few scrumptious-looking cakes next to it.

Patients undergoing anesthesia were allowed to consume food as soon as they regained consciousness. However, only a few certain types of food were allowed.

Sasha placed those on the nightstand and made her way to the other end of the ward to adjust the angle of the bed.

Throughout the session, she remained courteaus and said, “Mr. Hayes, I’m going to adjust the angle of your bed. If you’re not feeling well, you can always tell me to stop.”

In order to prevent provoking the man, she tried her best to stay away from him.

Sasha heaved a long sigh of relief because the man wasn’t particularly against the idea of having the angle of his bed adjusted. He might have had enough of lying on the bed after being idle for such a long time.

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