Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 709

Stephen and Jasmine felt a chill running down their spines and took a few steps back to put on some distance between them and the one inside the ward.

Ha! Are these Sebastian’s so-called cousins and relatives?

After much considerations, Jasmine suggested, “I-I think we’ll just drop by and pay him a visit in the future since he’s not feeling well yet.”

As a matter of fact, they weren’t there because they truly cared about Sebastian. Jasmine was merely there to ensure Sebastian couldn’t pose any threat to his son—the successor of the Jadesons.

Jasmine secretly hoped Sebastian would turn handicapped because she was afraid that Sebastian would be appointed the next successor of the Jadesons instead of Devin.

On the other hand, Stephen remained silent and thought it wouldn’t be wise to visit Sebastian at that time when he heard Sasha’s explanation.

“Well, if that’s the case, we’ll drop by and visit him in the future. We’ll entrust him with you for the time being.”

Sasha played along with the duo and answered in a calm and collected tone, “Sure, I’ll see you again in the near future.”

Shortly after their departure, the news of them being turned down made it to the rest of the Jadesons, especially Jared and his family.

Initially, they were about to take Sebastian out, but they brought everything to a halt due to the unforeseen accident.

“He’s just a maniac! It’s better for us to stay away from him for the time being!” Out of nowhere, someone mentioned, “We can always take him out in the future! Speaking of which, Jonathan might have let Sebastian off the hook, but he hadn’t sent anyone to keep an eye on him to keep him safe at the hospital!”

The Jadesons, who were in the middle of Charles’ wake at Jade Court, had their eyes glinting as if they were up to something evil in mind, especially the middle-aged woman in front of the casket.

“Are you indicating he’s going to stop getting in our way?” “I think that’s most probably the case! After all, he’s the one behind Eric, Tyler, Tiffany, and uncle’s miseries! As the one

leading the family, he’s not supposed to be biased! What do you think, Aunt Candice?” the young man finished his question with a smile and looked at the middle-aged woman in the eyes.

The middle-aged woman was none other than Charles’ sister, Candice, who had been away from home after getting married. She also happened to be the closest with Charles back in the day.

Candice thought it was a brilliant suggestion and made her way to Connor’s study to decide their next best course of action.

The young man behind responded with a vicious smirk as soon as the Jadesons dismissed themselves. He continued messing around with a Rubik’s Cube.

“Kingston, what are you doing here when it’s your uncle’s wake? Are you trying to get on your uncles’ and aunts’ nerves or something again?”

A woman with an apron showed up in front of the young man and reprimanded him, bringing him away with her without a second thought.

After spending the past two days in the ward with Sebastian, Sasha found out he was no longer his grumpy self.

No longer would he chase her out of his ward or turn her down whenever she brought up suggestions for his sake.

“Mr. Hayes, it’s about time to get your wounds treated again. Shall we head over now?”

Sasha showed up in the ward with a wheelchair since it was almost time to move on to the next phase of his treatment plan.

Initially, she thought he would turn her down, but to her surprise, the man responded with a nod, indicating he wasn’t against the idea.

Oh, God! Has he just agreed to come with me?

Sasha was on cloud nine and thought that was the best thing that had ever happened to her throughout the year.
She rushed to him with the wheelchair and asked, “Do you need my help? I have put on a brand new set of personal protective equipment, including a pair of disposable gloves!”

Afraid the germaphobe was against the idea of touching her, she assured him that wouldn’t be the case since she had herself wrapped in countless layers of clothes.

Sebastian glanced at her set of clothes and instructed, “Just move it over and leave me alone.”

Seconds after she returned to her senses from staring at the man with a haggard look, she stammered, “O-Okay—” The moment she brought the wheelchair to him, he thought of getting out of bed with his only functioning leg.
Unfortunately, he ended up staggering since he couldn’t balance himself without the aid of his hands.

“Watch outl”

Sasha shrieked in fear of the man injuring himself. Without a second thought, she rushed to his rescue and sprinted in his direction.

Things got increasingly awkward amongst the duo in the ward.

The gigantic man ended up on top of the skinny woman in the ward as she could barely hold him in her arms and stop him from falling.

Sasha’s mind went completely blank when she heard the man’s racing heart and felt the man’s scorching body.

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