Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 711

“Ms. Wand, I don’t care how you’re going to do it. If you want to protect his life, you must let Jonathan see positive changes in him. Otherwise, I won’t be able to help you,” Grayson advised as he saw the glint of panic in her gaze.

This was no doubt the final chance.
Sasha stepped out of the office in a daze.

Before she knew it, she was already standing at the door of the ward, while the man sitting on the hospital bed stared blankly at her.

Sasha was dumbfounded.
What kind of look is that?

The woman couldn’t find the words to describe his expression, but her vision went black at the sight of his distant, indifferent gaze.

How should I save you, my dearest Mr. Hayes?

“What’s the matter? You can stand it anymore?” Sebastian finally spoke.
His monotonous and emotionless voice was laced with disdain.

What is he talking about?

The woman was stunned by his question. “What do you mean by can’t stand it anymore? I went to Dr. Wallen’s office to change your prescriptions.” Sasha made up an excuse right away.

She then took a piece of paper out from the pocket of her lab coat, waving it in front of him while stepping into the ward.
Glancing nonchalantly at her, he didn’t utter a word.

Seeing that, Sasha came in and started bustling about again. Brushing her emotions aside, she knew she had to focus on the problem at hand first.

The signs of recovery… How am I going to heal him within such a short time?

“What are you doing?”

Suddenly, the man bellowed in a frigid voice. Sasha feli as though the temperature in the ward had dropped significantly.
What did I do?

She snapped her head around to glance at him.

Within only a few seconds, his cavernous eyes gleamed with hostility when he was still sitting on the bed.

What’s this?



Sasha was shocked.

Hold on. What’s wrong with him? What have I done wrong? I thought he has changed his views on me?

Sasha tiptoed toward him in trepidation, asking warily, “Mr. Hayes, what’s going on? I’ve just changed your bandages.
Does it hurt? Would you like me to give you an acupuncture treatment?”

She thought he was in pain.
However, he ignored her.

His gaze grew even more terrifying.

Sasha couldn’t help but gulp.
He became much more quick-tempered than before.

Back then, he was irritable, but with good reason. Nevertheless, now every little thing infuriated him, and he seemed as if he was going to finish someone off.

Perhaps this was another personality of his.
Sasha sauntered closer gingerly, contemplating how to comfort him.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. I just came back from Dr. Wallen’s office, so I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. Please tell me, and I promise I’ll change my way.”

She apologized to him from the bottom of her heart. Her eyes were full of remorse.

The man, who was consumed by rage, froze for a second.

I’ve waited for her for about one hour. It’s twenty minutes later than the time I was supposed to take my medicines.
He clenched his fists so hard that his knuckles were cracking.

“Mr. Hayes?”

“Nothing. I just feel annoyed looking at you.”

The cranky man averted his gaze stiffly, turning his head to look elsewhere.
Sasha was rendered speechless.
How could he do that? He threw a fit and kicked me out for no reason at all. Didn’t he know that it would terrify me?

Sasha heaved a sigh of relief, sitting on the chair next to him helplessly. “Mr. Hayes, you can’t hate me. If you do and chase me away, I’ll lose my job, and my child will be starving.”

“What did you say?”

Her words came like a bolt out of the blue. The man who just looked away turned his head back around. “Your child? Do you have a child?”

A warm smile spread across her face. “Yes, I have a daughter.” The man narrowed his eyes at her again. “Are you married?”

“Of course, Mr. Hayes. How would I have a child otherwise? Do you want to see her photos? She’s really adorable.” With that said, Sasha fished her phone out of the pocket and scrolled through the gallery to show him her daughter’s photos.

Instinctively, Sebastian was smoldering with fury again, yelling at her, “Scram! Nobody wants to see your photo! Take it away!” He wished he could vanish into thin air away from this woman right away as if she was some kind of monster.

Married? How could she tell me she’s married? Why does that bast*rd, Grayson, look for a married woman to take care of me? Is he out of his mind?

Anger overtook Sebastian, but he had no idea why he was enraged,

After all, it was none of his business that the woman was married.

In fact, the hospital was full of doctors and nurses who were married.

Dejection and regret were written all over Sasha’s face as she was kicked out of the ward.

Vivi, what should I do now? Your daddy doesn’t want to see you. What if he still refuses to see you when you come over? What am I going to do? I have no choice but to make you come over to awaken his fatherly love for you. Hopefully, love and gentleness will stop him from being engulfed by hostility and malice. There is no other way…

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