Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 712

Since there were no better ideas, Sasha had no choice but to get her daughter over to see Sebastian.

Initially, Sabrina wasn’t aware of the kids’ whereabouts. Nonetheless, when Sasha looked for Sebastian in Jadeborough half a year ago, she called Calvin and got the information from him.

Back then, Sebastian had instructed Calvin to inform Sasha about the kids’ whereabouts after his attack. After all, he thought he wouldn’t be able to survive.

Therefore, Sasha knew where her kids were after she woke up.

However, considering that her boys looked just like the replica of Sebastian, Sasha couldn’t allow them to return for the time being. Otherwise, the Jadesons would eventually find out that something was off.

Moreover, since the two boys were smart, she was worried that they would get into trouble.

The sun was bright in Miralaea. As the sea breeze blew, the coconut trees swayed gently and ripples formed on the sea surface.
One could easily be absorbed into the enchanting view.

Vivian, who was dressed in pink, was busy building a sandcastle.

She stopped playing once Karl showed up.

“What did you say? Mr. Frost, can I meet Daddy and Mommy?”

Vivian was overjoyed upon hearing Karl’s explanation. Instantly, she flung her colorful tools away and ran toward him barefoot.
Karl immediately squatted before her and said, “Vivian, please be careful and don’t fall.”

However, Vivian ignored his advice and continued running.

After all, she was overjoyed at the thought of seeing her parents soon.

At the same time, the two boys also ran toward Karl once they saw him.

“Mr. Frost, this is unfair. Why only Vivi can visit Daddy and Mommy but not us?” “Indeed!”

Besides, lan, who seldom spoke, also frowned in dissatisfaction.

As such, Karl had to explain to the three kids patiently.

“lan and Matteo, your daddy and mommy are busy dealing with some important matters recently. So, they won’t be able to take care of all of you ait home. Since Vivi is the youngest, they think it is best to let her go home first.”

Knowing that lan and Matteo were unconvinced, Karl added, “No worries. Once your daddy and mommy have finished dealing with the matters, they’ll bring you two home as well.”

lan and Matteo fell silent after listening to Karl.

A few minutes later, lan and Matteo gathered below the planter box at the beautiful villa.
“Mr. Frost must be lying!”


“Since we’ve always been good boys, how can we possibly become Daddy and Mommy’s burden? Besides, if they can’t take care of us, they can always get some help from the housemaids.”

“Yes.” lan agreed with Matteo’s view.

If it’s true that Mr. Frost lied, what kind of a problem are Daddy and Mommy facing now? After all, we’ve stayed here for half a year. Daddy and Mommy promised they would be here very soon, yet we haven’t seen them.

What happened to them?

lan and Matteo got increasingly worried.

“Should we follow them secretly?” Matteo proposed a bold suggestion when lan felt perplexed.
Follow them secretly?

lan mulled over it for a while and shook his head.

“I think we shouldn’t do it for the time being. After all, Daddy and Mommy must have reason to stop us from going back. We might bring unwanted trouble to them by going home all of a sudden.”

“So, you’re suggesting-” “We can give Vivi a mini communicator and keep in touch with her. Then, we can find out what’s happening after she arrives.”

As an elder brother, lan acted and thought like Sebastian and was more visionary than Matteo.

With that, the siblings began to assemble the mini communicator.

Vivian didn’t object to the idea after hearing it from her brothers.

When Karl brought Vivian to leave the place, he didn’t notice that she had put on a beautiful and cute hairpin.
Sasha looked forward to her daughter’s arrival but felt anxious at the same time.

“Mr. Hayes, have you… had your medicine?”

Sasha received no response.

Since Sebastian knew that she was married and had children, he was reluctant to talk to her. It was as if they returned to the early days when they first met.

What should I do now? Well, I guess I can only coax him.

Sasha put on a wry smile and stopped asking him any questions. Instead, she took his pills, poured some warm water into a glass, and handed them over to him.

“Mr. Hayes, let me feed you.”

Sebastian’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the word “feed”. Besides, he felt increasingly uncomfortable and disgusted.
“I don’t need your help ta feed me. Go away!”

“Ah?” Sasha looked hurt.

“Mr. Hayes, are you daughter’s pictures.”

mad at me? I’m so sorry. If I knew that you don’t like children, I wouldn’t have shown you my

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