Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 713

“By the way, do you have children, Mr. Hayes? Since you’re not that young, are you married and do you have children?” The question popped up unexpectedly and stunned Sebastian.

At that moment, he even forgot that he was supposed to be angry.

Do I have children?

Sebastian couldn’t remember it, for he lost his memories ever since he developed multiple personality disorder. At present, all he could remember was to take revenge.

Sasha thought there were probably two reasons to explain it. First, Sebastian’s main personality wished to protect the memories.
Second, his alternative personality was formed solely to take revenge.

“No!” A few seconds later, Sebastian finally answered coldly.

Meanwhile, Sasha was down in the mouth as soon as Sebastian responded.
Although she expected the answer, her heart still sank the moment she heard it.
He can’t even remember his children.

‘I see. I’m sorry, Mr. Hayes. From now on, I’ll never mention my daughter before you.” Sadly, she put down the pills and the glass of water. Then, she turned around to prepare the fluid drip for him.

Despite his anger and disgust earlier on, Sebastian didn’t feel happy when he saw the change in Sasha’s expression.

The ward fell silent for a while until a nurse pushed the door open and said, “Dr. West, are you expecting a parcel from Jetroina? I’ve brought it here for you.”

Sasha’s eyes glowed upon hearing it.

“Yes, it’s mine. Thank you.”

Delighted, she quickly grabbed the parcel from the nurse.

Sebastian couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows when he saw that Sasha was excited.
What is that? It has made the sorrow in her eyes fade away all of a sudden.

“Are you expecting the parcel from Jetroina?”

“Yes, I bought it for you. It’s a box of CDs. Come and take a look.” Sasha had already opened the parcel when Sebastian asked her. Then, she took out the CDs and a portable audio player and waved them excitedly before Sebastian.

Sebastian was startled.
Did she buy it for me? But are we living in the stone age or something? Why should I listen to CDs?

Besides, how does she know what kind of music I prefer? Humph! How long has she been working here? Who gave her permission to buy something for me?

Sebastian sneered as he was thinking about it.
However, Sasha inserted one of the CDs into the portable audio player and put the earbuds into his ear without asking him.

“Try listen to it. The song is beautiful.”

Sasha beamed at him as she stood close to Sebastian, so much so that he could see his image in her eyes.
At the same time, anger started to boil in his chest.

The moment he wanted to yell at Sasha, the music that he had never heard of began to play. As the music was soft and soothing, Sebastian felt it had seemingly brought him to a deserted, quiet, and peaceful forest.

Besides, his irritation faded away unknowingly.

As Sebastian was immersed in the relaxing music, Sasha scrutinized every bit of his expression.

The CDs were delivered by the psychologist from Jetroina to help patients cope with symptoms of mania.
Also, Sasha heard that they were the only remaining CDs in the world.

Noticing that calmness had replaced Sebastian’s irritation, Sasha couldn’t help but feel overjoyed.

The music is indeed helpful.

‘Is it good?” Sasha asked again.

Unknowingly, Sebastian was mesmerized by Sasha’s eyes that were glistening due to happiness.
What a beautiful pair of eyes! They look exactly like the eyes that I always draw.

Sebastian was rooted to the floor when the thought flashed through his mind.

“Mr. Hayes?” Sasha asked anxiously.

As Sasha couldn’t read Sebastian’s mind, she thought Sebastian was startled because something was wrong with the song.

Meanwhile, Sebastian came to his sense and withdrew his gaze after Sasha called him.

“What is it?”

“Well, I just wanted to know… if Mr. Hayes loves this gift. I think listening to music can help relieve your boredom in the ward.”

Disappointment overwhelmed Sasha when Sebastian turned around coldly to avoid her gaze.

At the very least, Sasha was relieved that he didn’t return the gift to her.

“Put it there.”

“Oh, certainly.” Sasha was overjoyed upon hearing his response. She left the ward after keeping the portable audio player beside him carefully.

Well, it’s already my first step to achieving success because he accepted the gift. Things will get better when Vivian arrives.

Now that Charles’ funeral ended, Jocelyn would live in Jade Court alone. Besides, Tiffany wouldn’t come home, for the military had delivered the verdict to execute her.

Worrying that Jocelyn would do something silly, Connor decided to bring his family to stay in Jade Court temporarily.

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