Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 714

“Jocelyn, be strong. We’ll avenge Charles’ death.”

‘That’s right, Jocelyn. I’ve discussed with Connor to kill the b*stard in these two days. Then, I’ll personally cut off his head and offer it fo Charles and my two nephews.”

Charles’ sister Candice also persuaded Jocelyn.

Jocelyn looked up in surprise and asked, “Candice, are you serious about it? How do you plan to act? I mean, the b*stard is in hospital now.”

Candice snickered and replied, “Well, the hospital is the best place for us to act. Connor, did you know that Jonathan call Grayson to ask about the b’stard’s situation?”

“Is that true?” Connor was surprised and continued, “How did you know that?”

“It doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that this is a rare opportunity.” Candice smirked and stared at her fingers viciously.
It appeared that all of the female Jadesons outperformed the males.

For instance, Tiffany was more resourceful and crueler than Eric, Tyler, and her other male cousins.

As expected, Candice was also better than her peers.

After all, Candice knew the best timing to kill Sebastian by keeping an eye on Jonathan and analyzing his conversation with Grayson over the phone. Hence, it was proven that her resourcefulness was unmatched by any Jadesons.

“Jonathan is only observing the b*stard’s situation now. As such, now is the best time for us to kill him. By then, Jonathan won’t come after us, for what is done cannot be undone.”

“In that case, should we act straightaway?”

“Of course! No one is protecting him in the hospital. However, we must make sure that he has a mania attack before we kill him,” highlighted the malicious woman.

Connor was perplexed. “A mania attack? Why?”

Candice glared at him in disappointment and explained, “We’ll have a legitimate reason to kill him if he has a mania attack.
Got it?”

Connor felt embarrassed and didn’t utter a word.
It’s indeed a good idea! Under such circumstances, we’ll have a valid reason to kill him; yet, Jonathan won’t blame us.
The question is—how can we make sure he has a mania attack?

Suddenly, Connor recalled that he purposely went to Heron Hifl to enjoy the show when he knew that Jonathan shot Sebastian. Back then, he found a torn painting in the poot of blood.

Connor thought the figure in the painting was probably Sebastian’s wife.

Back then, Charles pushed the woman off the cliff on the highway.

I heard that Sebastian had gone insane once he woke up because of the woman.
Connor came up with a brilliant idea.

“Aright, leave this to me. I’ll make sure that he goes insane on that day.”

“That would be perfect.” Candice was satisfied. Then, she left Jade Court to make further arrangements.

To them, the clock was ticking.

Sebastian wasn’t severely injured even though he was shot by a gun. As such, the hospital wouldn’t let him stay for a long time.
Furthermore, Jonathan too wouldn’t wait for that long.

Therefore, there was not much time left.

Miles away, Sasha also felt that time was ticking and looked forward to Vivian’s arrival to make the situation better.

Her wish came true partially, for Vivian arrived the next day.


Sasha waited at the airport to pick Vivian up. After quite some time, Karl carried the excited Vivian in his arms and came out.
However, Vivian was startled upon seeing an unfamiliar face.
Meanwhile, Sasha’s eyes reddened upon seeing Vivian.

“Vivian, it’s Mommy. I’m sorry that I hurt my face and can’t show it to you now. After all, I’m afraid that I might frighten you,” Sasha explained sobbingly.

Vivian was stumped.
Although her face didn’t look familiar, Vivian could recognize Sasha’s voice.
Besides, she knew that only Sasha had that beautiful pair of eyes.

Finally, Vivian spread her little arms and shouted, “Mommy, where have you been? Why haven’t you come and visit me? I miss you a lot.”

The next moment, she threw herself into Sasha’s arms and started crying.

Yes, it has been half a year since I last saw Vivian. To a six-year-old kid, it’s cruel and unimaginable to be separated from her mom and dad.

All Sasha could do in response was to hug Vivian tightly.

After both of them calmed down, Sasha relaxed her grip and locked up at Karl, who brought Vivian to her safely.

“Thank you, Mr. Frost. By the way, did the boys make a fuss about it?”

“They’re good boys. I mean, they listened to me and stay back,” Karl comforted.

However, the adults were unaware that Sasha lifted her chubby hand and touched the new hairpin on her hair for a reason.

Far away in Miralaea, the brothers could see Sasha and Karl clearly via the camera.

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