Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 715

“How did Mommy end up like this?”

Matteo was shocked as he stared at his stranger of a mother.

lan merely stayed silent.

It was obvious he was upset from the frown on his face.

Soon, Karl asked, “How are things on your side? Is Mr. Hayes fine?” Sadness filled Sasha’s eyes at Karl’s inquiry.

“He’s not doing so good. It was like a switch in him had flipped. He wasn’t the Sebastian we knew anymore. I had Vivian come for a visit, hoping to awaken some of his memories to suppress his urge to kill.”

“Urge to kill?” Karl’s face paled at her words. “You mean Mr. Hayes has killed many?”

“Yes, he had already killed three of the Jadesons. In order to kill Charles, he induced a huge disturbance in the military base a few days ago. It almost tipped the federal’s political scene. Charles was beyond furious at him. If it wasn’t for me arriving in the nick of time, Sebastian might have been shot dead by him.”

Sasha didn’t keep any secrets from him and blurt out everything that happened.

Her heart was heavy with worry and lingering fears as she reiterated the happenings.
What would have happened if I were late by a second that day?

She didn’t dare to think of the consequences.

Karl’s face darkened.

“Is that old man crazy? Why did he shoot Mr. Hayes? Does he not know those bast*rds deserved it?”

“We all know they deserved it, but we’re on his turf. If he doesn’t allow it, Sebastian can only follow his command. Else, death awaits.”

“Damn!” Karl was overcome with rage.
I wanted to say we might as well rescue him.

But, is the reality so simple? We’re not in Avenport, but in the capital city of Jadeborough, where the military called all the shots.

Sebastian couldn’t escape even when he was awake. So how could I, a mere bodyguard, rescue him? Karl clenched his fist so tightly that his knuckles popped.

Sasha noticed his clenched fists. “Don’t worry. I’m here now. I won’t let him touch Sebastian, and I’ll think of a way to treat his condition and bring the old Sebastian back.”

“If that is the case, I’ll remain here. It’s not easy for you to bring the kids around. I’ll find a place to stay temporarily. Just look for me if you need any assistance.”

Karl could only make that decision at that point.
Sasha agreed.
Afterward, Sasha and Vivian headed back to the city center.

Meanwhile, Karl searched for a place to lay low in Jadeborough. He had another task in mind, to find the long-lost Calvin.

“Vivi, I need your help.” “Sure, Mommy.” Vivian immediately stopped playing with her plushie and turned to give Sasha her full attention.

Sasha laughed as she caressed Vivian’s cheeks. “So your dad is sick and might not recognize you. Can you call him Uncle Sebastian temporarily once you see him?”


The anticipation and excitement sparkling in Vivian’s eyes dimmed at Sasha’s request.
Call Daddy as Uncle Sebastian again?

Why can’t I call him Daddy?”

Feeling upset and wronged, Vivian pouted.

“Hurry, Vivi. Promise Mommy. Something must have happened to Daddy. Don’t make Mommy sad.” Her brothers’ urgent persuasion sounded from the butterfly hair clip.

Vivian sniffled and promised Sasha.

“All right, but will it be for very long?”

“No, I promise you I’ll treat him.”

Sasha’s heart was crushed, looking at Vivian’s teary eyes.

I don’t want to see that look in her eyes. But Sebastian can’t even recognize his children. So how can I ask Vivian to call him Daddy?

Sasha kept her bitter feelings in check and brought Vivian to the hospital.

“Dr. West, you’re finally back? The Radiology Department was searching for you to pick up a patient’s CT report.” “I’ll head there now. Thanks.”

As soon as she reached the hospital, a doctor informed her to retrieve a CT report.

Sasha felt a surge of happiness, then carried Vivian in her arms and strode for the Radiology Department.

The report belonged to Sebastian. Sasha had him take a CT scan to access his recovery rate after having his suture removed.

Also to check if there was any injury to his skull.
Sasha arrived at the Radiology Department with Vivian in tow.
“Emily, why are you here?”

“I’m fetching a report for my patient. What about you? Why do you have a child with you? Children are not allowed in the Radiology Department.”

Emily was surprised when she saw Sasha with a child in her arms.

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