Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 716

Sasha had no intention of bringing Vivian inside.
She was looking for someone to watch over Vivian.

She handed Vivian to the nurse. “Could you help me watch her for a bit? I’m just going in to fetch Mr. Hayes’ report. Dr. Jong told me his report is ready.”

Emily considered it for a while.
Then, she carried Vivian nonetheless and stood aside.

Sasha had a good relationship with her coworkers. Despite being new there, many nurses and doctors in the Inpatient Department liked her for her gentleness.

Sasha went in to take the report assuredly.

However, the two were gone when she came out.

Did she bring Vivian back to the Inpatient Department?

Sasha pondered as she went upstairs, planning to search for Emily at the Inpatient Department.
‘Lily, have you seen Emily?”

“Nope. Wasn’t she at Radiology’s picking up a report for her patient?”

“What did you say?”

Panic started engulfing Sasha.

Emily wasn’t in the Radiology Department. Why else would I come up here?

Sasha dashed to the nurse station, searching for Emily, but there was no sign of her there. Instead, she came face to face with Sebastian sitting in a wheelchair being pushed by a nurse.

“What are you doing?” Sebastian’s attitude was cold.

There was even slight anger etched on his expression.

Sasha was worried sick aver Vivian’s whereabouts, so she had paid no heed to Sebastian’s mood.

“My daughter’s gone. I had Emily watch over her while I went to pick up your report. But they weren’t there when I came out.”

The rims of her eyes were red with anxiety.

Sebastian was taken aback.


She even brought her child here?

She’s running around like a madwoman. I can feel her helplessness and anxiousness from afar.
Sebastian merely stared.

After a long while, Sebastian spoke, “Follow her and help her out.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

When Sebastian spotted Vivian, she was obediently sitting on a long bench, sucking on a lollipop.

She didn’t go anywhere. Emily received an urgent call about work, then brought Vivian to the Outpatient Department. In all of that, she had forgotten to give Sasha a call.

Women sometimes are really dumb.

Sebastian gestured for the nurse to push him slowly toward Vivian.

“Your mom is looking for you. Do you know that?”


Vivian, who was licking her lollipop, recognizing his voice, turned toward him instantly.

Her eyes widened when she saw it was Sebastian.

Daddy! It’s Daddy!

Vivian was ecstatic. She immediately climbed down from the long bench. Her arms extended widely when she was about to run to Sebastian’s side.

But she suddenly recalled Sasha’s instruction.

Mommy said I shouldn’t call him Daddy because he couldn’t recognize me.
Vivian was hurt. Her wide eyes slowly filled with tears then they streamed down her face.
Sebastian was baffled at her reaction.

I haven’t said anything mean, have I? Why is she crying?

He was frantic. “Why are you crying? I didn’t scold you.”

Vivian cast him a teary glance.

Then proceeded to bawled even louder.

He doesn’t even recognize me anymore. Does he not remember his sweetie? Vivian was hurt at that thought.

Sebastian’s temper started to spike.

“Carry her here.”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

The nurse hurried over to carry Vivian and set her in Sebastian’s lap.

Vivian stopped crying at the sudden change of event.

Her thoughts were cloudy, so she merely stared blankly at Sebastian with snot on her face.
“Done crying?”

“I’m done, Uncle Sebastian. Would you like some candy?”

Vivian stretched her arm out, holding out the half-eaten lollipop.

Sebastian was bewildered at her swift change.

Where did she come from?

She’s so naive.

Sebastian was disgusted.

However, he didn’t throw her onta the floor, merely glanced at the full-of-saliva lollipop. “No, I don’t.” Vivian continued to blink her eyes with tears still hanging on her lashes.

Daddy is sick!

He answered me so politely like how a stranger would.

Vivian wanted to cry again.

“Mr. Hayes, since we have found the child. Should we return her to Dr. West? She must be worried sick searching for the child. It would be best if we could let her know.”

“Right.” Sebastian rubbed his temple as he voiced his agreement.

When they spun around, Sasha unexpectedly had arrived behind them. However, she was rooted in place, staring at Vivian in Sebastian’s lap.


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