Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 717

When Sasha finally got back to the ward, her eyes were downcast the entire time. She didn’t even dare to lift her eyes, afraid that Sebastian would chase both her and Vivian out of the room.

I know I have caused some blunders amid the panic.
I have intended to leave him with a good impression, but who would have known things would turn out this way.

“Mr. Hayes, I’m sorry for the mess. Today is the weekend, so the school is closed. And I have to bring Vivian with me. I didn’t expect the situation would turn into chaos. I’m really sorry.”

The frown on his face was still there since he returned to his ward, so she apologized again.

However, Sebastian didn’t acknowledge her.

He didn’t even spare her a glance. His gaze was fixed intently on the child in his lap.

Sasha quickly shut her mouth.

“Get down.”

“Why? Uncle Sebastian, did I accidentally touch your injured arm? I’ll blow it for you. You’ll feel much better.”

And so, Vivian, with drool hanging from her mouth, started blowing intently on Sebastian’s bandaged arm. Her cheeks were round like a pufferfish’s as she did that.

Sebastian merely looked at her.
The corner of his eye twitched.

He was unwilling to admit that at that moment, the small child had melted a cold and hard corner of his heart into a puddle.
“Does it still hurt?” asked Vivian as she raised her head, looking puzzledly at Sebastian. Her round cheeks tinged with soft pink gave her a beautiful doll-like appearance.

The corner of Sebastian’s eye twitched again.

He had wanted to order her to get off him with saliva all over his body, but after seeing the child’s adorably naive expression, he kept his mouth sealed.

Like mother, like daughter.

“Dr. West, your patient’s medicine is ready. Remember to pick it up.” “Sure!”

Sasha replied as she worriedly watched the scene in front of her unfold.
This is an unexpected surprise.

I thought Sebastian would hate children even more due to that experience. I was prepared to catch Vivian if he decided to fling her onto the floor.

Unexpectedly, the brave Vivian managed to settle him down.

“Mr. Hayes, could you please watch my child for a moment? I need to pick up your medication. Thank you very much.” Sasha rushed out the door as soon as the words were out of her mouth.

Sebastian couldn’t manage to give her a response in time.
He felt a flicker of irritation. His temple started to throb.

Vivian didn’t notice Sebastian’s mood change because her gaze was locked on the orange on the bedside table. She was hungry as she hadn’t eaten anything since she came back.

“What are you looking at?”

“Uncle Sebastian, I want to eat that.”

Vivian tried her best to stretch out her arm to reach for the orange in the fruit basket.
Sebastian’s heart softened at her trying so hard.

He remembered he didn’t have a child. But this soft and chubby child on his lap, with a baby voice and milk scent, was starting to melt his heart.

The rage and viciousness in him began to dim and slowly fade away.

“Don’t move. I’ll get it for you.” Sebastian helped her grab the orange, even though his arm hurts from his injury.
Vivian was bursting with joy with the orange in hand.

Daddy still loves me. He helped me grab the orange despite his arm still hurting.

Vivian then proceeded to peel the orange intently. She offered Sebastian a peel of the orange with her chubby fingers. “Uncle Sebastian, have some.”

“I don’t want it.”

Sebastian rejected without a second of thought.

However, Vivian was a quirky girl. Instead of feeling dejected, she stuffed the orange into his mouth when he rejected her.
Sebastian was dumbfounded at her action, with a piece of orange in his mouth.

“Teacher had taught us that good children will share their food with their friends.” Vivian continued to munch on the orange.
The orange is so sweet.

Sebastian stiffened.

As the sweetness of orange filled his entire mouth, he savored it.

The entire scene was heartwarming despite Sebastian not having any memory of Vivian being his daughter.

However, if one looked closely, his eyes had softened as though the sun’s rays had finally shined their warmth into a dark and frozen land. Even though his heart hadn’t melted completely, but it was much better than how he used to be.

It was what Sasha saw through the window when she came back from picking up his medication.

Suddenly, she felt her eyes were about to tear up, so she quickly turned around and covered her mouth as tears started streaming down her face.

I can finally see some hope.
How wonderfull After calming herself down, she left after ane final glance at the father and daughter.

She didn’t want to bother them and hoped they could be together for a little longer. It would be beneficial for Sebastian if their relationship deepens.

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