Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 719

She was too young to know how to take the elevator and no one had bothered to help her get downstairs.

However, she was very perceptive for her age. She saw the scene unfold and knew immediately that bad people were trying to hurt her father.

She would not let her father be harmed.
She continued wailing.
Her small face was a mess of tears and snot was bubbling out of her nose.

When she finally caught her father’s eyes, she choked back her tears and stopped crying. She glanced at the elevator behind her.

At that moment, the elevator door dinged open.

“Daddy, d-don’t worry! I’m coming!” She finally broke into a smile and ran into the elevator.

Sebastian, who was watching helplessly from downstairs, was speechless.

His mouth fell open. All the blood drained from his face and his eyes widened.

That’s a cargo elevator! And it’s going up!

Sebastian’s face paled. His anger disappeared in an instant. It even slipped his mind that he was holding a gun in his hand.

“Oh my God! Where did that little girl go? Why did she get into that cargo elevator? Didn’t she know that the elevator is going up?”

“Oh no! Something terrible is going to happen!”

The crowd, too, reacted in fright when they saw Vivian get into the wrong elevator.

Sebastian’s brain buzzed in panic.

He whirled around immediately and rolled his wheelchair into the elevator that he had taken downstairs. He had completely forgotten that he was still holding a gun.

The man who was holding the woman at knife-point was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events.
What is happening? Why did that kid suddenly appear and cause such a ruckus?

The men panicked. They had no time to rethink their strategy. A murderous light flashed in the man’s eyes. He was going to play one last desperate hand.

Hiss! A sharp, piercing noise sounded through the air.

Sebastian had just entered the elevator when he caught sight of a figure rushing towards him. He only had enough time to cower in his wheelchair. A knife pierced through him, pinning him to his wheelchair.

“You lunatic! I’ll end you today!” It was the man who had held the woman hostage.
Since his kidnapping of that woman had failed to provoke Sebastian, he decided to provoke Sebastian directly.

Sebastian’s eyes narrowed. As the man attempted to stab him a second time, his hand whipped out, quick as lightning, and grabbed the man’s wrist.

“How dare you!” he spat at the man disdainfully. A murderous light shone in his eyes.

Suddenly, the woman who had been standing some distance away started rushing towards them. She pulled out a long, thin dagger and began to stab at Sebastian viciously.


Sebastian was being attacked from all around him. He was forced to let go of the man’s wrist but when he whirled his wheelchair around to face the woman, the man sliced through the leather backrest of his wheelchair.

‘This crazy man is quite amazing! He’s so difficult to kill even though he’s in a wheelchair!”

The man stared at Sebastian in shock and anger.

The woman too, was glaring at him with a vicious look.

She was still wearing Sasha’s face but her expression was ferocious like a snake.

“Don’t worry. Can’t you see that he’s getting tired?” the woman sneered, looking at Sebastian’s hands.
Sebastian stared back at them coldly.

It was true that his hands were hurting intensely. They were already injured to start with and with all the strength that he had to exert to ward off their attacks earlier, it was impossible for his hands to hold them any longer.

If I give in to the pain in my hands, I won’t be able to kill them! Sebastian slowly raised the gun in his hand.
Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots sounded through the air.

The man and the woman turned to look at each other in shock. There had been no time for them to react before the bullet pierced through their forehead. Less than a second later, both of them fell to the ground with a loud thud, lifeless.

Why does he still have the gun in his hand? Didn’t the gun get knocked off his hand when we were attacking him earlier? Their questions went unanswered as they breathed their last on the floor.

Sebastian had no idea that they had deliberately hidden the gun in the elevator.

He got into the elevator without even sparing a glance for the two lifeless bodies lying on the ground.

Neither did he pay any heed to his blood-stained hands.

Sasha had heard the news of the commotion and rushed down from the eighth floor of the hospital. The fight was already over when she finally reached the first floor. All she saw of the scene were the two lifeless bodies and the blood pooling around them.

Where’s Sebastian and Vivian? Where did they go?

Her face turned white as a sheet. She heard whispers that he had gone up to the top floor. She immediately hopped into an elevator and rode up.

She could never have guessed that once she reached the top floor, she would see two men dressed in black with guns strapped to their hips, and her daughter held tightly between them.

“Vivil” she shouted like a crazy woman. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She immediately ran towards them.
“What are you doing?”

However, before she could run towards the men and her daughter, an arm reached out to grab her, holding her sternly on the spot.

Sasha turned in surprise.

She glanced at the man and suddenly, it was as if all her strength had drained out of her. She fell ta her knees next to him.
“Help her! I beg you, please help her…”

She grabbed his arms, her nails digging deep into his flesh, and implored him.

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