Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 720

Sebastian did not say a word, neither did he withdraw his hand.

Like a lone wolf, he just sat in his wheelchair, staring at those two as if he was a ghost lurking in the dark. His gaze was lifeless and extremely terrifying.

“You let go first,” he finally spoke. A sense of calmness laced his voice.
Sasha lifted her tear-streaked face and looked at him, puzzled.

His grim expression and icy-cold gaze were a complete contrast to the bright sunlight. There was not the slightest emotion on his deadpan face. The rays of the sun beamed down on him, giving the illusion of him wearing a golden coat. The picturesque scene looked so surreal.

What is he planning to do? Sasha released her grip on him.
“How are you going to save her?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. You just need to leave this place with her once the child comes over. Understand?” Sebastian reminded her sternly.

Biting her lips, Sasha watched him push the wheelchair on his own as he approached the two men in black. “All you want is this life of mine. Why bother making such a big fuss? Leave the child alone, and I’ll give you what you want.”

“Hahaha…” Both men burst into laughter at the rooftop.

‘It’s good that you know your place, Sebastian. Great! Raise the gun and point it at your head. When I ask you to fire, I’ll return the child to you simultaneously.”

These people are so evil! They actually thought of making it look like Sebastian takes his own life just so they can wash their hands clean.

Sasha was horrified when she saw Sebastian do as he was told, aiming the gun at his temple.

“Nof” shocked to the core, she screamed ai the top of her lungs and dashed toward him.

Is he out of his mind to come up with this idea?

She threw herself at him and frantically snatched the gun from his hand. “Sebastian, what are you doing? Are you insane? How can you trade your life to save your daughter?”

“Go away! This is my personal matter. It’s none of your business, so get lost!” blazed with anger, he barked.
His eyes were filled with a strong murderous intent and his face, ferocious. He shoved her away mercilessly.
That’s right, this is my way of saving the child.

He already knew in advance who sent those people and for what purpose. Since that was the case, he thought it was not a big deal to trade his life for the child. After all, both mother and daughter had nothing to do with the matter right from the very beginning.

However, the woman seemed adamant she was not going to let him do it.

“Why does it have nothing to do with me? You’re a selfish jerk. You’re always like this, making your own decisions for everyone else. How do you know that it doesn’t concern me? Huh?” Sasha retorted furiously and stared at him with a pair of bloodshot eyes.

Indeed, he’s a total je*k, exactly like what he was half a year ago! Sasha’s nails started cracking as blood streamed down the grip of the gun.

In a short distance away, Vivian, who was held by the man in black, wailed loudly as she caught a glance of her parents.
“Daddy… Mommy… Save me, Mommy…”

A miserable cry of agony cut through the air, piercing through everyone’s heart.

Seeing how things were going off tangent, the man who had Vivian in his arms, lifted her up in the air.
“Mommy!” her terrified voice yelled from mid-air.

Upon hearing that, Sasha shuddered in fear, and subconsciously released her grip on the gun.



Before anything could happen, a man was pushed down to the ground violently.
“I dare you to lay a finger on her!” he bellowed like a beast. Next, he pulled the trigger.

For a moment, time seemed to have stood still. The air surrounding them was as thick as butter; the tension so sharp one could nearly cut it.

At a loss, Sasha froze to the spot. A strong sense of horror, despair, and fury overwhelmed her.
She was completely paralyzed, not able to think at all.
Then, the gun dropped into a pool of blood on the ground. Startled, she gradually recovered her senses.

“You’re crazy! What do you think you’re doing?” she picked up the gun and shouted at the man. Being emotionally broken, she wished she could slap him in order to relieve her raging self.

As for that man, Sebastian, he shifted his gaze from his bruised finger to the gun in Sasha’s hand, and finally, the slim flying dart laying on the floor. Frowning, he looked up.

A towering figure appeared out of nowhere. He was very sturdy and vigorous, just like a cheetah.
He stood in between the two men in black.
Who is this guy? When did he appear?

Sebastian narrowed his eyes at him.

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