Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 721

At that critical moment, that agile figure jumped off the railing and attacked the two men in black, who had not even realized what was going on.

Something shiny flickered…
“Close your eyes, Vivi.” “Okay…” she sobbed.

Within moments, blood gushed out from the neck of one of the men in black. He could not even resist a little throughout the whole process.

Another man saw that and quickly fished out his gun, but it was too late.

Had they not been so vicious to use a child to threaten Sebastian to kill himself, they might live to see the sun tomorrow.
However, it’s not the case now.

The man, who had just saved Vivian, shot a death stare at the culprit. Then, he threw a dart which landed perfectly at the latter’s throat.

Within a second, he fell to the ground and became lifeless.
This man is quite skilful!

Although Sebastian did not show any emotions on his face, he was impressed with the man’s skills. A glimpse of admiration flashed across his unrelenting eyes.

“Vivi, my sweetie!” When Sasha regained her senses, she rushed over and hugged her rescued daughter tightly. Sne was.
not able to calm herself down for a long while.

Seeing ail these, Karl felt so bad.
I should have insisted on following them to the hospital had I known this would happen.

He approached the man in the wheelchair. His eyes welled up when he saw the current condition of his previously smug-looking boss.

“Mr. Hayes, are you all right? How could you attempt something so silly just now?” Speechless, Sebastian’s face darkened.

I’m grateful that he saved me, but what rights does he have to lecture me?

He became hostile again. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Karl was taken aback by his questions.

He gazed at Sasha who was weeping silently for several seconds, hoping for an answer. Then, he responded sadly, “Mr.
Hayes, don’t you remember me? I’m Karl Frost. I have been serving you for a very long time.”

“Karl?” Sebastian repeated his name a few times.

Karl nodded. “Yes, I’ve been working for you for five years since that time you saved me from the hands of the terrorists in Smealand. I’ve been with you all this while, helping you to manage the bodyguards. Don’t you remember, Mr. Hayes?”

He added, “I was also with you when the accident happened.” The last line rang a bell and triggered some of Sebastian’s past memories.

The name “Karl” does appear in the memory within this personality of mine. In fact, he’s one of those that I want to avenge. In that list, there’s also Shawn, Calvin, Frieda, my father, as well as Sasha.

He remembered all of those names. However, he could not put a face to that name, especially when Karl was already dead in his memory.

Sebastian narrowed his eyes at him at that thought. “Aren’t you dead? Why are you still here?”

What a question!

Karl explained, “No, I was severely injured back then. When you were taken away by the Jadesons, I was sent to the hospital by the police. After battling for a few months, I survived.”

“I see.” Sebastian finally understood.

Though he answered placidly, there was a sparkle in his otherwise cold eyes.

Due to the sudden occurrence of an untoward incident, there was chaos at the hospital. Apart from the police who came, Grayson also contacted Jonathan at the first instant when he learned that the incident involved Sebastian.

When everyone came down from the rooftop with the child in Sasha’s arm, they ran into Jonathan.

“What’s going on? Why is there a sudden shooting at the hospital? What did you do?” the old man bombarded Sebastian with a list of questions as soon as they met.

A scornful expression appeared on Sebastian’s face as he gazed at Jonathan coldly.

“It’s not that. This has got nothing to do with Mr. Hayes. Somebody wanted to assassinate him. They even used my daughter as bait and threatened him to take his own life. Thankfully, the rescue came in the nick of time,” suppressing her anger, Sasha clarified right away.

When she had finished explaining, the old man stared daggers at her. His gaze was interrogative.

“Your daughter? Why is she here? You’re a mere care worker. Why would they threaten him with your daughter? Or am I mistaken about your relationship with him?” The whole ward buzzed with his inquisitorial voice.

Sasha’s face was ghastly white.

She was caught off guard by Jonathan. She did not expect him to be so sharp that he was able to catch a crucial point as soon as she mentioned her daughter.

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