Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 722

“We aren’t related, we…”

“Why are you spewing so much nonsense? Didn’t you want to use them to kill me? Since they couldn’t do it, you can do the honors. Why the need of finding so many excuses?” the man in the wheelchair uttered.

Though his expression was calm and his tone of voice was indifferent, his words were exceptionally harsh and sarcastic.
Instantly, Jonathan turned sour as if he had been slapped in the face.

“You…” He clenched his fists and cracked his knuckles, but he managed to control his temper in the end.

Looking sullen, he gave him a warning. “Don’t be so full of yourself, Sebastian. You’re going to regret it one day!” Sebastian scoffed.

Regret? The thing that I regretted the most was to be born into the Jadeson family.

Shortly after, Jonathan left.

He requested his men to take care of all the corpses and did not pursue the matter anymore. Since he did not mention what would he do to Sebastian, the incident was left as it was.

Sweeping the matter under the carpet was an unfair thing to do. This was clearly an intentional murder case. Who’s the mastermind? Jonathan is well aware of that; yet, he chose to do nothing about it. This is upsetting.

“Just ignore him. Most importantly, Mr. Hayes is safe. The rest is secondary,” Grayson advised Sasha.

She nodded in response.
That’s right, as long as he’s safe and sound. What do I expect from such a terrible family? Sasha dropped the topic and stopped thinking about it. Then, they went back to the ward.

Vivian was still in immense shock. So, Sasha decided not to stay in the hospital. Karl, on the other hand, would protect Sebastian in secret.

“I’m going to bring Vivi home, Mr. Hayes. If you need anything, please call the nurse,” she reminded him politely before leaving.

At that time, Sebastian was reading quietly on the bed.

After the incident during the day, the wound on his hand cracked open. The nurse had to bandage him again. Right then, he was leaning on the bed and reading from the small table used for meals.

Sasha waited for his response, but she was greatly disappointed that he did not even cast a glance at her.

Besides the hustling sounds from the air-conditioning, there was pin-drop silence in the ward, as if she did not exist in the room.

Fine, dealing with him is a waste of time.

When Sasha was about to leave with her child, he said, “You don’t have to come tomorrow.”

“Huh?” She stopped in her tracks, stunned. “Why? I’m your doctor, why shouldn’t I be here?”

“My attending physician is Grayson, not you. I’ll inform him about this. Starting from tomorrow, you don’t need to come here anymore”

He was resolute and cold. Sasha was hurt that she had been denied the acknowledgment of being his doctor. In addition, she was also asked not to attend to him anymore. Her face paled.

For a moment, she could not make sense out of what the man had just said.

No, why did he say that all of a sudden? Didn’t we just go through a near-death experience this afternoon? Why hasn’t our relationship gotten any better? Instead, he’s shooing me away once all of that was over!

Sasha was baffled.

She wanted to ask further but was interrupted by the new nurse. “Dr. West, since the patient no longer requires your care, I think it’s best you take your leave now lest he gets upset.”

With that said, the nurse ushered both mother and child out of the room.

Sasha faltered at the door. She took one last peep at the man through the crack. After seeing his cold expression, she left with Vivian, feeling aggrieved.

Why does he act this way all of a sudden?

With that disturbing thought, Sasha left the hospital.

Ten minutes later, Grayson came to the ward after receiving the news.

“I heard that you drove my assistant away? What’s wrong? Is it because of what happened today, Mr. Jadesan? Are you afraid that she won’t be safe if she’s around you and might get into trouble?”

Smiling, Grayson grabbed a chair and took a seat in front of the bed.
Upon hearing that, Sebastian, who was enjoying some music, immediately turned grim and denied, “No!”

“Then, why don’t you let her treat you? I have told you before, even though she’s my assistant, she’s got great skills. You did notice, didn’t you? Your insomnia as well as the wounds on your body have improved vastly under her care.” Grayson tried using his recovery to persuade him.

However, Sebastian remained indifferent.

In fact, Grayson’s method backfired. “Why are you here for? Decoration? How can you ask an assistant to treat your patient?” mocked Sebastian.

Grayson was rendered speechless.
This guy is such a nuisance. Why is he so stubborn?

Grayson was left with no choice but to go with his idea. He stood up and said, “Fine. Since you have rejected her, I’ll assign her to take care of other patients. As for you, I’ll make other arrangements.”

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