Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 724

Sasha held out her hand to help him.

Baylor was a person who would almost always refuse help. He was not a fan of sympathy. Looking weak in front of others disgusted him.

However, it felt different if the person offering help was a doctor with beautiful eyes. Most importantly, there was not a hint of sympathy in those eyes.

“Dr. West, are you my doctor from now on? Baylor asked.

“Maybe for a couple of days,” she answered.

Sasha did not notice the disappointment in his eyes as she was pushing his wheelchair out of the ward.
Baylor was speechless.

Just before he could say anything, the duo bumped into a person in a wheelchair. The next second, the hands that were supposed to be on his wheelchair let go all of a sudden.

“Mr. Hayes, Mr. Hayes…”

Sasha sped towards the other person and abandoned Baylor on the spot.

What kind of doctor is this?

A moment ago, he was fond of her. His impression changed, understandably, when he was left alone in the hallway.

Baylor was furious. He stood up from his wheelchair and chased after them.

“Mr. Hayes, where are you heading too? Please hear me out. I wanted to visit you this morning but I was assigned to patient fifteen. I have no choice but to attend to him first.”

Sasha finally caught up with him. As she was struggling to catch her breath, she was also busy explaining herself.
Truth be told, she didn’t know why there was a need for her to explain.

He was the person who chased her out yesterday.

“You are not my doctor anymore. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I don’t need you in my ward,” replied Sebastian coldheartedly.

Sasha’s face was ghastly white.

She was not an undignified person.

But there was a reason behind her persistence. All she wanted was to take care of him and to nurse him back to health.
We are husband and wife!

Sasha swallowed the hard pill and braced herself. “Mr. Hayes, can you please let me take care of you? Did you chase me away yesterday because of my daughter? I will never bring her over anymore!” Sasha pleaded.

She pitifully begged for his forgiveness. She innocently believed that her daughter was the reason behind his anger.

However, the man before her remained indifferent.

“How can you be such a thick-skinned person? I have been very clear about my wishes, but you still choose to defy them. Do you really want me to file a complaint to Grayson? You’ll be fired by then!” he continued to lambast her.

Every word he said stabbed deeply into her heart.

Even though he was a completely different person, his crudeness remained. Every word managed to stir up ripples of hurtful emotions in his victims.

Tearing their heart apart.
Sasha just remained quiet.
She stood there motionlessly and stared at him. Her disappointment and sadness unmasked.

“Macy, what are you doing here? Didn’t I assign you to patient fifteen? Why are you still here? You’re not exempted from the rules just because you are Dr. Wallen’s student. The hospital will punish you regardless!” Sasha found herself to be in an even more precarious position when the surgeon bumped into them.

Without mercy, she reproached her for ignoring his instructions.
Sasha clenched her fists tightly.

She took one last look at the emotionless man before leaving, tears streaming down her cheeks in the process.

She knew very well that it was not his fault.

However, she was still devastated.

Sasha mindlessly returned to the patient at Ward 15. The wheelchair he was seated in was empty.
Where is he?

She was stupefied and clueless.

“Dr. West, I’m inside.” Baylor’s voice came from the ward.

Sasha regained her senses and pushed the wheelchair in. “Why are you back in the ward? I apologize for my abrupt action just now. I was a little bit…”

“Do you know the young master of the Jadesons? Were you his attending doctor?” Baylor interrupted her sentence. He remained calm even after the unpleasant event moments ago.

The young master of the Jadesons? The title sounded strange to her.

“I don’t know him. It’s just that I was assigned by Dr. Wallen to take care of him. What about you, Baylor?” she threw the question back to him.

“Of course, I know him. Isn’t he the latest member who reunited with the Jadesons?” Baylor’s snicker was laced with a subtle element of mockery.

It is true that no one in Jadeborough would have treated him with respect.

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