Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 725

Everyone thought that he was an illegitimate child. As Frieda’s son, his status was unbefitting to be part of the elite family! Sasha was annoyed, so she refused to speak with him.

Meanwhile, in front of the lift, Sebastian stopped the surgeon from pushing his wheelchair further.

“Mr. Hayes?” she asked.

“Leave!” he yelled.

He was unapproachable and aloof as if every single person around him was his greatest enemy.

The surgeon was stunned.


How can I let that happen? She putin a lot of effort devising this plan for his recovery. Most importantly, this was a golden opportunity for her to build a good relationship with the Jadesons.

She was unwilling to give up that easily.

“Mr. Hayes, this surgery is a very sophisticated and effective treatment. It speeds up the recovery of your limbs and will not cause any scarring. Let’s just proceed, shall we?” she tried to persuade him.

“Get lost!” Sebastian growled.
He shot her down without mercy.
Then, without any assistance, he maneuvered his wheelchair out of the area.

The surgeon was dumbfounded and did not know how to react. After quite some time, only then she stomped on the ground as exasperation fulminated within her.

“What is this? He has the audacity to chase me away! Does he know who I am? My father is the diplomat of the White House! It’s a privilege for an illegitimate child like him to even speak to me!”

She unhappily cursed before leaving.

Sebastian returned to his ward.

Initially, he wanted to return home immediately. However, when he passed by the hallway, he noticed the patient at Ward 15. For some reason, he was drawn towards that direction.

“Dr. West, what perfume are you using? You smell great!” Baylor was trying to get into her good books.
“I don’t use any,” Sasha coldly replied.
Sasha was halding a very long suction tube while being bent over the undressed patient.

As an end-stage lung cancer patient, it was very easy for fluid to accumulate in his lungs. Hence, suctioning was the recommended solution to relieve his pain and at the same time avoid surgery.

Sasha wore a pair of surgical gloves while navigating across his chest to identify the correct location.

“Dr. West, relax. There’s very little risk of infection. Why don’t you take off your gloves and try again? That way, it will be easier and more accurate.” Baylor suggested.

“What?” Sasha’s went wide-eyed with his absurd proposal.

“Are you kidding me? Any sort of treatment carries the risk of infection. Utmost caution must be exercised!” She was not amused.

Ironically, her widened eyes resembled that of an innocent child.

Baylor finally stopped fooling around. However, when Sasha lowered her head, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
The corner of his lips visibly lifted into a smirk.

He showed great satisfaction.

Sebastian was gripping tightly on his wheelchair.

He stared furiously at the two of them, like a beast waiting to pounce.

“Macy West!” he thundered.

“Yes?” she responded immediately.

She turned her head around, confused.

Only to spot the aggrieved man before her.

“Mr. Hayes, why are you here?” she asked as she was confused.

The hurtful comments and treatment that she received just moments ago vanished from her mind.
She dropped everything and cheerfully leapt in his direction.

“Mr. Hayes, are you looking for me?” she asked.

Suddenly, Sebastian came to his senses.
At the same time, he was puzzled and confused.

Am I crazy? Why did I ask for her?

What was with that outrage? Why am I so angry? Is she related to me?

A few seconds later, he finally blurted out an anticlimactic response, “Where’s my book?” Book?

When Sasha heard that, she was disappointed.

She genuinely thought that Sebastian was looking for her.

“I left it on the bedside table. Is it noi there?” she asked.

“No,” he replied.

“Then, do you need me to help look for it?” she carefully uttered the sentence. Nevertheless, deep down, hope reignited within her.

At this point, she was not asking for much. All she wanted was to spend time with him. Be it ten minutes or an hour, she would be happy.

Since he needed help, he hesitantly accepted her offer.

Sasha was thrilled. Right away, she helped Baylor settle down and left with Sebastian.
“He’s Alfred’s son. It’s best if you stay away from him,” Sebastian reprimanded her.
“What?” Sasha was shocked.

She was taken aback by his comment.

“Alfred? Who’s Alfred?” She seemed lost.

How can she not know who Alfred is?

Sebastian abruptly lashed out, “Are you a pig? How can you not know who Alfred is? He’s the leader of the White House, the president of the country!”

Sasha went numb.


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