Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 726

Sasha pushed him back to his ward and found the book.

“Mr. Hayes, how come there isn’t anyone in your room? Where are the doctor and nurses? How come they are not here? Your hand hasn’t recovered yet.”

After handing him the book, she looked around. When she noticed no one was around to care for him, she was worried.
Although she was heartbroken after being chased out, his personal safety was still her utmost importance.

Sebastian said nothing. After taking the book, he pushed himself to the side of the bed and looked as if he wanted to get onto the bed.

The moment Sasha saw that, she went over to assist him. “Do you want to get onto the bed? Let me help you.” Then, she stretched out and held his arm.

This was the most intimate contact they had. In the past, Sasha was required to don a protective suit and gloves before Sebastian allowed her to come into his room.

To Sasha’s pleasant surprise, there was not much reaction from him.

He glanced at her for a while and stood up with her help.


“What? I’m sorry. Did I hurt you? Are you in pain?” Sasha got so scared when she heard a moan from him.

She immediately looked up at him, only to find a pair of cold and indifferent dark eyes staring back at her.

Sasha was stunned.

The aloof estrangement was apparent in those attractive inky eyes of his.

No one knew that once upon a time, those eyes looked at her with nothing but passion and love.
Sasha could not help but reach out and caress his eyebrows.

Sebastian was taken aback and swayed for a few seconds.

He caught a whiff of her scent all of a sudden.

It was not the fragrance of any perfume. Instead, it was a light, refreshing fruity scent. Her scent evoked a feeling of familiarity within him.

He was at a loss for thoughts.


Her slightly cool fingers were stroking his eyebrows.
He got a shock all of a sudden.

In an instant, he regained his consciousness.

“What are you doing?” Sebastian acted as if he was being stung by something, and he pushed Sasha away furiously.
She sure has guts! How dare she touch me like this? Thump!

Since Sasha also got lost for that moment, she was caught off guard by his action. She hit the wheelchair and fell to the ground awkwardly.

“Ah!” she called out in pain.
However, Sebastian did not seem to hear her.

At that moment, he was completely absorbed in his anger and could not believe that he behaved in an inappropriate manner with a married woman. He hated her even more for doing what she did.

“So, is this why you are here?” “What?”

Sasha got up and looked at him in a daze. “What do you mean?”

“You are here to seduce me! Macy, are all married women like you? When you see men, you can’t help yourself but pounce on them? It was like this with Baylor White, and now with me as well. Aren’t you disgusted with yourself? Is your husband aware of your true colors?” Sebastian told her off irately.

Every single word of his was mean and vicious like a knife.
How can a man like him always say such malicious things?

Sasha finally understood, and her face turned pale. “What rubbish are you talking about? When did I seduce anybody? All I did just now was…”

She wanted very much to tell him the reason for her earlier behavior.
Being so deeply in love with him, it was understandable for her to act uncontrollably.

However, before she could finish her sentence, Sebastian added, “What? You can’t explain yourself, can you? Why would Grayson hire you? Are all the other women in the world dead?”

Sasha was speechless.
Those harsh words hurt her so badly. Sitting right there on the floor, she felt her heart turing cold.

“Yes, they are all dead. Do you really want to know why Grayson hired me? That’s because I’m having an affair with him.
Why else would he hire a disgusting woman like me?”

After a pause, she continued, “Also, I am not interested in a sickly and temperamental man like you. Let me tell you something. Any other man is better than you!”

Sasha was so infuriated that she rebuked him.

The moment she stopped talking, a terrifying air engulfed the room. Sebastian looked like he was going to swallow her alive.

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