Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 728

“Big Boy, please don’t miss Mommy. She’s got Daddy already. My daddy is much cooler and much more handsome than you.” Hearing that, Baylor displayed an awkward expression.

Fortunately, Sasha came in at that moment. She immediately covered the latter’s mouth as she heard about what her daughter said. “I’m so sorry, Mr. White. Please forgive the kid’s bluntness.”

‘It’s fine…”

Baylor let out a smile, lying in his bed, while his eyes displayed a hint of disappointment.

Sasha brought her daughter out and returned after a while, holding the medical device Baylor needed to use daily.
“Where’s the kid?”

“I’ve brought her to the doctor’s duty room. Mr. White, I apologize for this. But today is the weekend, and the preschool is not open. So I have no choice but to bring her over here.”

Sasha immediately explained her situation, fearing that Baylor might be displeased.
However, Baylor did not show any displeasure except for his slight disappointment.

Meanwhile, at the surgical ward, Sebastian was doing his checkup too. He was about to get discharged soon. These few days, the surgeon seemed to be working very diligently.

“Mr. Hayes, there’s not much problem with your leg anymore. You can take off the bandages anytime. But I suggest you wait for two more days for your hand. What do you think?”

The surgeon had deliberately put on makeup today.

Even though she was already wearing a mask, she was forced to wear two layers of protective gear.
“Anything’s fine.”

Sebastian responded coldly without even lifting his head.

The surgeon was somewhat offended by his response.

Nonetheless, she did not dare to express her displeasure. After all, Sebastian had agreed to stay for a few more days. With that in mind, she felt better.

“Okay. Then, I’ll extend your stay for two more days. By the way, do you still want to carry on with the treatment package that I arranged for you the last time?”

When Sebastian was about to open his mouth, he suddenly noticed a tiny figure emerging from the door.
“Uncle Sebastian, good morning. I’m here to visit you. Am I welcomed here?”

Vivian, who was wearing cute baby crocodile overalls, suddenly showed up. Sebastian’s heart skipped a beat upon seeing her.

Why does she come here suddenly? “Uncle Sebastian, are you not happy to see me? Do you still recognize me? I’m Vivi.”

Vivian, standing at the door, felt a little sad as Sebastian seemed reluctant to open his mouth. At that moment, her eyes started brimming with tears.

Upon seeing that, Sebastian immediately said, “I’m glad you’re here. Please come over.”

Putting down the book in his hands, he responsively stretched out his arms.

Only then did Vivian let out a smile.

The next second, she ran joyously into her father’s embrace.
“Uncle Sebastian…” Her sweet voice could melt anyone’s heart.
The surgeon who was witnessing beside was stunned momentarily.

She was at a loss as she saw Sebastian treat this little girl with such warmth, contrasting with his previous cold attitude. Not to mention, Sebastian finally displayed a faint smile on his face.

Needless to say, she was utterly jealous.
Who the h*ck is this little girl? How is she able to make him smile? “How did you come here? Where’s your mom?”

“Mommy is taking care of another patient. Uncle Sebastian, why doesn’t Mommy take care of you? Let me tell you. Big Boy isn’t treating Mommy nicely. He doesn’t even allow me to stay in his ward.”

After Vivian found a comfortable gesture in Sebastian’s embrace, she began complaining.

Of course, someone was teaching her those words in her ears.

At that instant, a dark expression loomed over Sebastian’s face.

“Your mom asked for it!”


Vivian lifted her head instantly as she could not wrap her head around his response.
Why is it my mom’s fault? We should blame Big Boy, shouldn’t we?

Vivian’s gaze was filled with utter puzzlement.

“Mr. Hayes, is her mother Macy, the previous doctor that was in charge of you?” The surgeon beside finally came to the realization.

Yet, both Sebastian and Vivian ignored her question.
With that, the surgeon was enraged with embarrassment.

“That’s right, Vivian. Your mom’s patient is the most difficult in this hospital. He has a lot of requests. A couple of doctors have been chased out by him.”

“Really?” Vivian who was only six was startled by that sentence.
If Mom got chased out too, what will happen to Dad’? She wan’t be able to save Dad then.

Panicked, Vivian immediately climbed out of Sebastian’s embrace. “Uncle Sebastian, I don’t want Mommy to get complained. If she has to leave here, we won’t have money to feed ourselves.”

Vivian choked on her words as tears began welling up in her eyes.

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