Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 729

Sebastian’s face darkened instantly.

That’s preposterous. That won’t ever happen to them.

At that moment, his heart was overwhelmed with utter wrath.

“Get lost from my sight!”

“What?” The surgeon was shocked and could not believe what she heard.
Sebastian narrowed his eyes and feigned a furious look toward her. With that, she nervously left the ward without any delay.
What a scary man.

After the surgeon left, Sebastian began comforting Vivian.

“Don’t worry. Your mom will be fine.”

“Are you sure?” Vivian stared at him skeptically.

Sebastian nodded with utter patience. “Yes, I won’t let anything happen to her.” He merely wanted to ease her emotions.

Nevertheless, Vivian took his words seriously, and she was not worried about her mother anymore. Lying back into his embrace, they spent a long time together listening to music and reading.

It felt just like the old times.

When Sasha finished all her works and came here, Vivian had already dozed off.

Staring secretly from the window, Sasha saw Sebastian reading his book while patting Vivian’s back gently with his other hand.

That was something he used to do a long time ago.

Some habits had gone so deep that they still stayed in one’s mind even after changing one’s personality.

At that instant, Sasha’s eyes reddened. After collecting herself outside, she opened the door and entered the ward.
“Vivi… Mr. Hayes, my colleague didn’t guard her well. So sorry for troubling you.”

Sasha pretended to be breathing heavily and displayed a guilty look.

Sebastian was still cajoling the kid at that moment.

After seeing Sasha barged in suddenly, he responsively hugged Vivian tighter. “Please keep your voice down. Didn’t you see she’s sleeping?”

Sasha was rendered speechless by that.

She immediately covered her mouth with her hands, secretly elated. “I’m sorry…”

She really liked to see him like this, as this was the man she knew.

“Have you done solving your troubles?”

“… Yes.” Sasha realized what he was asking and immediately nodded her head.

Sebastian let out a chuckle upon hearing her reply. “It looks like you enjoy serving others and humbling yourself here.”

Sasha was dumbfounded by his statement.

He’s provoking me again! She had no intention to argue with him. After pondering for a while, she gave a genuine answer.

“I don’t like it, but I have to do it for my family and my loved ones. Sometimes we need to make choices that we don’t like, don’t we?”

Upon saying that, she cast a firm gaze into Sebastian’s eyes.

Sebastian was dumbstruck for a moment.

Obviously, he did not expect her to say such a thing in a composed manner.
Plus, he felt there was something different in her eyes.

Compared to before, she had become more courageous and passionate with her life. Eventually, Sebastian shifted his gaze away first.

‘It’s up to you then.” There was a wave of slight anger in his tone.
Sasha was left speechless.

And before she could utter another word, someone showed up from outside.

“Dr. West, I’ve been looking for you. Could you please head back now? Mrs. White is here.” A doctor rushed in and told Sasha nervously.

Mrs. White?

Sasha was stunned momentarily, unable to clear her thoughts. “Which Mrs. White? What does she have anything to do with me?”

The doctor stomped his feet in anxiousness. “How could you say that? She’s Baylor’s mother. I’ve no idea why she’s here.
But the last time she came, a few doctors and nurses were fired.”

Sasha was at a loss for words.
Her heart fell with a thud while she turned and cast a glance at Sebastian.
She was slightly shocked as she noticed the latter was staring at her with a dark expression.

“Mr. Hayes… I’ll excuse myself. Please look after my kid for a while more.” Sasha had no time to further ponder about the situation. With that, she left abruptly with the doctor.

She would not be bothered if it was an ordinary patient.
After all, she got the director of the hospital, Grayson as her last resort.

But Baylor is the president’s son. So his mother should be the First Lady. If she wants to go after me, I doubt Grayson will be able to stop that.

With that in mind, Sasha paced up her speed.
When she arrived at the internal medicine ward, she saw two men dressed in black guarding the door of the VIP ward.
She also noticed a female figure moving around inside the ward.

“Bay, listen to me. I’ve arranged the best doctor for you in Anglandur. You will do the operation soon after you go over there. Then, you’ll be able to recover shortly.”

“’m not going.”

Despite Elizabeth’s diligent persuasion, Baylor still lay in his bed with an indifferent expression.

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