Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 730

Elizabeth stomped her feet anxiously upon seeing Baylor’s attitude.
Right then, Sasha entered into the ward.

“Mrs. White… I’m the doctor in charge of Mr. White. I’m sorry I went out for a while to settle something,” she explained to Elizabeth while panting heavily at the door.

But, Elizabeth did not show much interest toward her.

She only cast a cold glance and shifted her attention back to her son. “Bay, stop fooling around. This is your life we’re talking about it. Please take it seriously.”

After pondering for a while, Baylor suddenly shifted his gaze toward Sasha, who was still at the door.
“Fine, I’m willing to go under one condition. She has to go with me.” “What?”

Upon hearing that, Elizabeth was left in utter bewilderment. Not only her, but Sasha also widened her eyes, unable to believe what she heard.

Hold on. What’s wrong with him? Why does he want to bring me to Anglandur with him? Is he out of his mind? “Mr. White. Are you joking?” “Nope, I’m not.”

Right then, Baylor had forgotten about his annoyance for his mother, as he displayed a genuine smile toward Sasha. “Dr. West, I think you’re a good doctor and that suits me well. If I’m going to Anglandur, I hope you can go with me.”

Sasha went numb upon hearing that.

What a load of bullshit! Why should I follow him to Anglandur? I’m not here to treat him after all.

Sasha immediately rejected the suggestion. “No… I…”

“If that’s so, then please start packing your luggage. I’ll inform Grayson about this. And I’ll arrange a car to pick you up this afternoon.”

Before Sasha could say anything, Elizabeth interrupted and decided for her.

Sasha was stupefied at this.

What does this mean? Does she think she can control me just because she’s the first lady?

“No, Mrs. White. I can’t go to Anglandur with your son. I still have my priorities here…”

“Come and take her away!”

Once again, Elizabeth interrupted rudely and displayed her power.

As such, Sasha stared at her, open-mouthed.

As the two men outside were about to enter and seize her, a man in a wheelchair suddenly appeared.
“I dare you to touch her.”

The man in the wheelchair sounded utterly casual, as though he was merely passing by, and decided to stick his nose into this.

Nevertheless, his voice tensed up the atmosphere outside and inside the ward—everyone froze on the spot far a long while.

It’s him!

Elizabeth walked out, and her expression darkened as she saw the man. “It’s you!”

Sebastian let out a smile. “That’s right. It looks like Mrs. White knows who I am. Do you already know I’m in this hospital?” Elizabeth was rendered speechless, as signs of wrath were visible on her elegant face.
Of course, she knew of him.

For people like her who surrounded themselves with power and status, surely they would try their best to know every person with power in order to secure their own status.

Hence, she would surely pay attention to the new grandson of the Jadesons.

Trying hard to suppress her rage, she acted calmly. “Then what is Mr. Jadeson doing over here? It looks like you are not happy that I bring this doctor with me.”

“Of course.”

Sebastian was indeed arrogant as he admitted to it right away.

At that instant, Elizabeth could no longer hold back her anger. “Why? Do you want to stop me from taking a doctor?” “I wouldn’t be less interested in that. But, she’s different.”

“What’s so different about her?”

“She’s my doctor.”

“Your doctor?”

“Yes. She’s mine!” Sebastian declared his dominance with a lazy attitude.
At that instant, tears began flowing down Sasha’s chin.

She had been waiting too long for that particular sentence.

It felt like a century since she last heard him say that.

Yes. I’m yours. Not your doctor, but your wife! I’m your woman!

“How could you say that she’s yours? She’s a doctor of this haspitall”

“No, you’re wrong about that. Grayson purposely found her for me, so she belonged to me initially. I was the one who pitied your son as he is dying, so I let him have her for a few days.”

He uttered the meanest words with the calmest tone.

There was probably no one in this world that could say such a thing like him.


Elizabeth was beyond exasperated.

“Mr. Jadeson, do you know who we are? How dare you try to kick a fuss here? Aren’t you afraid it might bring consequences upon your family?”

“What consequences?”

Sebastian let out an indifferent smile. “Is it the consequence for disobeying you? Good. I want to see what consequence it will bring me for wanting to own this woman. Will the Jadesons continue to give in, or can we be our masters? I’m interested to find out!”

The whole ward fell into utter silence upon his controversial statement.

Everyone froze on the spot, as though the world had pressed a pause button.

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