Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 731

How horrifying! Is he out of his mind? It’s obvious he’s trying to start a war between the Jadesons and the Whites. Not only is he trying to oppress the Whites, he is trying to destroy the Jadesons!

At that moment, Sasha felt a blow to her heart.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth’s face had turned utterly pale, overwhelmed with wrath.
Eventually, Baylor came out of his ward.

“Mom, that’s enough. Stop arguing with him. If he insists on her to stay, then let him. I’ll go to Anglandur with you. This is the hospital. Don’t create a scene here.”

The twenty-four-year-old man decided to give way as he persuaded his mother composedly.

Sasha cast a befuddled look at him.

She was indeed shocked by his extraordinarily rational response.

Surprisingly, Elizabeth’s rage faded after hearing that, and she returned to the ward without a word.
Sasha did not know how to react to this.

Staring at Baylor, who was approaching her, Sasha wanted to explain her situation. But just then, Sebastian suddenly sneered, “Why are you still standing there? Come over here now!”

Upon hearing that, Sasha nervously rushed out.

Meanwhile, Baylor, who saw this, could not suppress his irritation as he cut a stare at Sebastian.

“Sebastian Hayes, does your old man know you’re so arrogant?”

“Of course, he does. Didn’t you know that I was carried out from Heron Hill?” “You…”

Upon hearing that, Baylor balled his hands into fists, enraged.

But, he did not have the chance to express his fury.

As Sebastian finished speaking, he cut an impatient glare toward Sasha. “Please push me back.” “O-Oh, okay.”

Sasha did just that as soon as she was summoned.

She did not even get the courage to look back at Baylor.

That real-life battle was indeed beyond terrifying. It was no longer a personal fight, but any escalation would affect the whole country. Hence, Sasha would not dare to make any move.

With that, Sasha pushed Sebastian back to the surgical ward, still in shock.

“Mr. Hayes, isn’t what you said just now a little inappropriate? They’re the White family. If your grandfather finds out about this, won’t he be mad?”

When they got back to the ward, Sasha eventually open her mouth after hesitating for a while.

Indeed, what she had been trying to do these few days was to change Jonathan’s view toward Sebastian.

And she was finally able to accomplish just that two days ago.

However, based on what Sebastian had just said to the White family, her effort might end up in vain.

With that, Sasha got extremely troubled.

Yet, Sebastian did not seem to be bothered at all.

He even got pissed upon hearing what Sasha said. “Since when I need you to lecture me? It’s none of your business!” “No, I didn’t mean that.” Sasha immediately explained, “I… I’m just worried about you.”

“You don’t have to. Just worry about yourself. You can’t even save your “ss. Take this little thing with you and get lost now!” He rejected her care mercilessly while telling her to take her child away.

Sasha stared at this cold and annoyed man without a word. She held up her daughter, who was still sleeping and left the ward a moment later.

By now, she had understood his temper well. She knew she should never try to talk him out of his anger.

That would only make things worse.

After Sasha brought Vivian out from the ward, the former went directly to the director’s office to see Grayson.

“Dr. Wallen?”

“Please wait for a while. Dr. Wallen is on the phone with Old Mr. Jadeson.”

Grayson’s assistant was standing outside with a troubled look outside the director’s office. Upon seeing Sasha approaching, she blocked her from entering.

Jonathan? The color drained from Sasha’s face the second she heard that name.

That was fast. We merely left for not more than half an hour. Holy gosh! What should I do now? She had not even had the time to think of a countermeasure.

Recoiled in panic, she felt her hands trembling incessantly.


Right then, Vivian had woken up and called Sasha meekly in her embrace.
Sasha looked at Vivian. Then, something hit her.

Right! I should inform Karl to come here right away. If Jonathan were to make any move, we might need to snatch Sebastian as our last resort.

Holding Vivian in her arms, Sasha left the place immediately.

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