Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 732

Inside his office, Grayson was yelled at over the phone.

“Grayson, is this what you mean by an improvement? He even dared to say such brazen words to the White family. Tell me, which part of him has improved?”

The furious voice over the phone almost blew Grayson’s eardrums out.
This old man is really…

All Grayson could do was to move the phone further from his ear. By the time the bellowing had stopped, he continued, “Old Mr.
Jadeson, please calm down and let me explain.”

“Are you trying to b*lishit me?”

“I’m not. But, I still need to inform you about the details of what happened. Yes, your grandson did say all those things to Mrs.
White. However, it wasn’t his fault. Her son suddenly decided to take your grandson’s doctor away from him,” Grayson explained patiently.

He had no other way to pacify Jonathan as it was just too much of a mess. No one expected Alfred’s wife to appear out of nowhere; to make things worse, her son wanted to take Sebastian’s doctor away with no good reason.

Therefore, his best excuse was to blame both the mother and her son.
Just as he expected, the voice over the phone sounded less agitated.
“Why did he want to snatch Sebastian’s doctor?”

“How would I know? When her son was warded, he was diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer. Hence, surgery was no longer an option. However, my assistant happens to know TCM. So, I sent her over to treat him and that was all. I figured that he must be interested in her unique skill. That’s why he wants to take her to Anglandur with him,” Grayson analyzed.

Just as he finished, Jonathan roared again. “What’s wrong with you? Despite knowing that the doctor is responsible for my grandson, why did you send her over to treat Alfred’s son?”

“Yes, that’s where I messed up.”

Grayson admitted to his mistake without any protest.

Jonathan was speechless.

Despite feeling infuriated, his rage had mellowed compared to the time he had just called.

“All right, I understand what has happened. I’ll talk to Alfred. At the end of the day, there’s something wrong with that b*stard still. Do you understand why he said what he said?”

“What do you mean?”

“He wants to sow discord between me and Alfred so that Alfred will be displeased with us, From there, he plans to destroy the Jadesons!” Jonathan explained bluntly.

Grayson was stunned.

That’s terrifying!

Gasping in shock, Grayson felt a chill down his spine.
As he was just a doctor, he never involved himself in politics nor thought much about it.

Therefore, when he heard about the matter, the only thing that came to his mind was that Sebastian just wanted to use the Jadesons to pressure the White family.

Evidently, it was more complex than that.
He really is a sly and ruthless fox!

Grayson broke out in cold sweat. “Calm down, he must have done so because he was provoked. Didn’t you see him for yourself two days ago? His condition improved, and he didn’t try to kill anyone.”

“What does that prove? Perhaps, it was because none of his targets were around.” “Jonathan!”

Grayson finally lost his temper.
He couldn’t believe someone senior like Jonathan would say something like that.

Since he doesn’t trust me, why did he even bother making me responsible for Sebastian’s treatment? He might as well have him killed.

Grayson was furious. “Jonathan, it seems that you never believed that he would be able to return to who he once was. The doubts you have simply reflect your own struggle as to whether you should kill him or not. Am I correct?”

Grayson bluntly revealed Jonathan’s thoughts.

In response, Jonathan’s expression drastically changed. “What nonsense are you spouting? Since when did I say I didn’t believe it?”

Grayson sneered, “Yes, you may not have said it, but you are filled with murderous intent at every turn. It’s obvious to me what your true feelings are.”


“Jonathan, the Jadesons made him into who he is today. You have no right to treat him this way. Even if his dad was in the wrong back then, what has it got anything to do with him? He was daing well in the Hayes family by becoming an exceptional businessman with a sprawling business empire. But, all of you insisted on forcing him down this path, turning him into a mad man. So tell me, whose fault is it?”

Without any fear, Grayson revealed what he had been wanting to say for a very long time.

In truth, he never liked meddling in the affairs of others, especially of those who held the reins of power.

However, his patience had reached its limit that day. They are obviously in the wrong but still pretend to be the saviors.
How dare they! Is it simply because they are a prominent family?

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