Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 735

Ever since Charles’ death, Tiffany had been detained and didn’t return home. Hence, Jocelyn was always alone at home.
When the rest of the Jadesons heard her, no one dared to comment.

Only Connor, who failed in his mission the last time, felt self-conscious about it. Feeling upset, he retorted, “The last time was an accident.”

“How can it be an accident? Obviously, the men you sent were incompetent. How can four men fail to assassinate a cripple? And yet, you still have the cheek to come up with an excuse?”

Jocelyn admonished him the moment she heard his protests.

Connor’s expression darkened. “If you’re so smart, why don’t you do it? Even Charles and Tiffany couldn’t kill him. So, why don’t you go ahead and try? Go on, be my guest!”

His words stung Jocelyn.

When Candice heard their exchange, she put a stop to it. “That’s enough! At such a crucial time, how is arguing going to solve anything?”

After being berated, both of them stopped arguing.

Over the last two days, the mood at Jade Court was somber. From Charles’ death to the failed assassination in the hospital, the entire household was mired in sorrow.

Now that Sebastian was discharged and brought home by Jonathan, their chances of plotting something new had significantly been reduced.

“I heard that the lunatic won’t be brought back to Heron Hill.” Suddenly, someone interjected out of nowhere.
Not Heron Hill?

Everyone raised their gaze at the one that spoke. It was as if they were given a sliver of hope.
“Where did you hear that from? If he isn’t going to Heron Hill, where is being sent then?”

“I… [heard it from Stephen. He said that Dad felt it inappropriate to take the lunatic there considering his mental condition.
Hence, he will be brought to Oceanic Estate for the time being,” Colton carefully replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

Just as he spoke, everyone gasped.

Oceanic Estate?

That b*stard! How did he get to go to there?

Everyone was both shocked and angered. Fill with jealousy, all of them felt the urge to tear him apart.

The Oceanic Estate was a residence gifted to Jonathan by the White House. After the war where Jonathan had distinguished himself, the White House had given him a mansion as his reward. Previously, the seaside mansion was used to entertain foreign dignitaries, and it was called Oceanic Estate.

Given that it was a present from the nation, the mansion was both glorious and extravagantly furnished.
All this while, none of the Jadesons were allowed to stay there. Even Jonathan’s own son, Stephen had to live outside.

Therefore, everyone was infuriated when they heard that Sebastian was allowed to stay there.

“What gives him the right? Has Uncle Jonathan gone crazy to take him there?” Jocelyn was the first to lose her temper and rant.

Connor was equally outraged. “Exactly. What is he up to? Didn’t he let us kill him before this? Why is he suddenly taking Sebastian to Oceanic Estate? Does he intend to accept him?”

Just as he spoke, everyone’s heart sank especially that of Candice’s.

“What are you panicking for? Dad is only taking him to Oceanic Estate because Heron Hill is not that convenient. Since Dad doesn’t have any other place in the city, where else is he supposed to place him?” she explained to everyone with a frustrated tone.

Only then did they heave a sigh of relief.

Sensing the impending crisis, Connor asked his sister, “In that case, Candice. What do you think we should do? How should we proceed from here?”

Candice sneered, “What’s the hurry? Don’t we still have Jasmine?” “Jasmine?”

Everyone was puzzled to hear the name.

Isn’t Jasmine Devin’s mom? Jonathan’s daughter-in-law? What has she got anything to do with this? Many of them were scratching their heads.

Only Connor’s eyes sparkled in response.

That’s right. Why didn’t I think of it? Now that Sebastian had moved into Oceanic Estate, Jasmine should be the most desperate one of them all. Given that Sebastian’s dad was Shin, and he was being brought back to Oceanic Estate, she would likely be worried that her son’s position as the heir of the family would be threatened.

Therefore, she should be the one who is feeling the heat.

An insidious smile emerged on Connor’s face. “In that case, let’s monitor the situation first. There’s no hurry at all.” “Mmm-hmm.”

Meanwhile, at Oceanic Estate on Lookout Bay…

Sasha was shocked when she arrived.

Aren’t we going back to that small hill? Why are we here? What is this place? The building was so massive that it looked like a castle.

Backed by green hills and fronted by the turquoise sea, the castle’s surroundings were gorgeous.

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