Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 736

My God! What is this place? Sasha was awed by what she saw.

When the escorts saw that Sebastian was staring silently at the new place, they quickly explained, “Mr. Sebastian, this is Oceanic Estate. Old Mr. Jadeson has instructed that you stay here until you are fully recovered.”

Oceanic Estate? Sebastian’s eyes narrowed in response

“Why? Does he think that the deserted hill is no longer enough to keep me caged? Hence, he is bringing me back to his base so that he can have better control of me?”

“No, of course not.” The escort was terrified by Sebastian’s sharp quip.

‘It’s not that, Mr. Sebastian. You have misunderstood. Old Mr. Jadeson just feels that Heron Hill is rather inconvenient as it is out of the way for you to go for your check-ups. That’s why he wants you to stay here.”

Seeing the escalating situation, Sasha quickly pacified Sebastian, “That’s right, Mr. Hayes. I think that isn’t your grandpa’s intention. Look, there’s hardly anyone here, am I right?”

She was well aware of his mental state. After all, he was someone that was filled with animosity toward anyone or anything around him. Furthermore, Jonathan had also tried to kill him more than once.

Consequently, it was understandable for him to have such an extreme reaction.
After listening to her advice, Sebastian’s edginess gradually eased.

After that, all of them entered Oceanic Estate.

The moment they stepped in, they were stunned by the view of the castle gardens. Despite having seen many grand mansions before such as Royal Court One at Frontier Bay and Raymond’s mansion in Yartran, her breath was still taken away by Oceanic Estate.

“Mister, Old Mr. Jadeson’s house is huge. It doesn’t look like a residence at all. In fact, it feels more like a palace.”

“Haha, Dr. West, you have a good sense of humor. This is Old Mr. Jadeson’s home. However, before the White House gifted it to him, it was used to entertain foreign dignitaries.”

Sasha gasped, “A place to receive foreign dignitaries?”

Jonathan is really something to have received such a gift from the White House. It’s obvious that his position in the White House is reaily special.

With that, Sasha wheeled Sebastian in.

“Welcome, Mr. Sebastian!”

“Good afternoon, Mr. Sebastian!”

In the palatial living hall, two rows of servants and security personnel suddenly appeared, giving Sasha a fright.
My God! This is even grander than Hayes Residence back then!

“Mr. Sebastian, these servants and security are here to serve your needs during your stay. If there’s anything else that you need, you can give me a call.”

After giving a quick explanation, the man wrote his number down and handed it over.

With a gloomy expression, Sebastian didn’t respond in any way.

Sensing the awkwardness, Sasha took the note and replied, “Thank you, Ill keep this on his behalf. I’ll definitely call you if there’s anything we need.”

With that, the man left at once.

A few minutes later, just when Sasha was bringing in the luggage from outside, she heard Sebastian yelling at two of the servants, “Get out!”

What a brute! Dropping her luggage, Sasha came over. “Hurry along now. I’ve got this.”

After she took the milk and fruit platter over from the housemaid, she dumped the food into the garbage in front of him. Then, she walked over to the dining table and prepared a new batch.

“Go on, have some. I’ve just prepared them with gloves on.”

Bending forward with a smile, her dreamy eyes could mesmerize anyone that looked at them.

Sebastian averted his gaze.
“I’m don’t want any.” His response was frosty as usual.

Despite feeling disappointed, Sasha nodded in good nature. “Fine. In that case, I’ll continue unpacking. Just now, Xavier told me where your room is. I’ll go and prepare your bed.”

After she put down the fruit platter, she returned to pick up the luggage.

By the time she had brought everything upstairs, Sebastian scanned his surroundings and casually took a piece of watermelon from the fruit platter.

The housemaid and security personnel were stumped.
Oceanic Estate was a sprawling estate.

It was so huge that Sasha lost her way back after she set up the medical equipment in the treatment room in another wing of the building. She couldn’t find her way back to where she came from.

“What are you doing?” After walking aimlessly around, a gentle voice rang out from behind her, giving her a fright.
“Huh?” She turned around and saw a young man approaching her.

He was well-built and had exquisite features. Despite not being as dashing as Sebastian, he was still reasonably good-looking. Furthermore, he emitted a charm that no ordinary person had.

Is he a soldier?

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