Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 738

“Mr. Hayes, what are you-” “Go away!”

His seething tone sent a chill down everyone’s spine.
Sasha’s face turned ashen white.

Why is asking me to leave? Wait, what did I do to anger him? I have been working hard for the entire afternoon, and my bones are hurting so much that I can barely stand. And yet, he is chasing me out?

Sasha clenched her fists.

“Mr. Hayes, what have I done wrong? You can just tell me, and I will change, all right? Don’t keep telling me to get out. It’s just my first day here.”

Sasha changed her tactic. Instead of challenging him, she tried to pacify him instead.

There’s no other way. His current character puts him in a volatile mood. It’s hard to predict what he will do next. Perhaps, he might not even have control over it.

Just as expected, Sasha’s response had caught him by surprise. Suddenly, he felt his anger stuck in his throat, stopping him from unleashing his temper.

“Mr. Hayes, you really can’t chase me away. When I got to know that I could come here, I gave Vivi a call, and she was delighted. If I were to be kicked out on the first day, she would definitely cry over it.”

Sasha used her trump card, rendering Sebastian speechless.

Suddenly, when the image of Vivian snuggling up to him and calling him Uncle Sebastian emerged in his mind, the anger within him subsided at once.

Devin took notice at once.

She really knows her way around him. No one has ever been able to quell his temper ever since he returned to the Jadeson family. This is a miracle!

“I asked you to go upstairs, Why are you wasting my time?”


Sasha’s eyes widened in surprise.

Go upstairs? So that’s what it is? Fine.

Feeling awkward, Sasha let out a sheepish smile. “I know, I know. I’m going up now, Mr. Hayes. Please wait a moment while I complete the equipment setup. After that, we can start your treatment.”

With that, Sasha held onto her head and slipped away.

Devin was bewildered at what just happened.

“Sebastian, your doctor-”

“Get out!”

Me too?

Stunned, it took Devin a while before he regain his senses.

It wasn’t until he saw how adamant Sebastian was, unlike earlier, that he finally understood what was going on.
“I understand now. I am the one you really wanted to kick out,” Devin replied in frustration.

It seems he is furious that I have spoken way too much with his female doctor.

Devin didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Getting up from the chair, he wiped his wet hands with a napkin. “Fine, I’ll go. But, I’m really curious as to who that lady doctor is? Why is she so interested in you?”

“What did you say?”

Suddenly, tension filled the atmosphere.

Devin quickly changed the topic. “I’m sorry, it was just a slip of tongue.”


After throwing his drawing pencil on the ground, Sebastian wheeled himself away.
Watching his silhouette leave, Devin could only sigh.

His temper now is obviously more volatile than before. In fact, I haven’t even seen him in a good mood as he is filled with bitterness all the time. Perhaps, this is what his true character is.

After throwing his napkin away, he picked up the drawing pencil and put it back into its box.

Coincidentally, he looked up and saw the girl on the drawing board.

This is…

His gaze suddenly narrowed as he stared at the mesmerizing eyes of the girl in the picture, At that moment, he felt as if his mind was blown.

Those eyes, aren’t they the same as the lady doctor?

In a short while, Sasha had gotten her equipment ready.

The doctor from Jetroina had sent it to her. Its main purpose was to help patients who suffer from psychosis to calm down.
Although Sebastian seidom had any attacks, it would still be of great help to him.

Once Sasha was done, she fell onto the bed in exhaustion.

Her body hadn’t fully recovered and yet, she still had to fuss over Sebastian’s matters. Obviously, it took a toll on her.

“lll take a break first before getting him to come.”

Holding her aching back, she lay on the bed and snuggled underneath the blanket.

Finally, after lying in bed a while, she fell asleep without realizing it.

When Sebastian arrived in the elevator, he was greeted by the scene above.

She was supposed to get me when she was done. But now, she is sleeping soundly in my bed without even having a change of clothes! Moreover, she is salivating in her sleep!

Sebastian felt as if he was being driven mad.
Without any hesitation, he stormed up to the bed with the intention of kicking her out.

Suddenly, she mumbled in her sleep, “Sebastian, you… listen well. No matter what, I.. ‘ll always be by your side, and…
save you.”

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