Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 739

By the time Sasha awoke, it was already dark.

Opening her eyes, she saw a dim yellow light above her head. When she noticed the unfamiliar surroundings, she was stunned and wondered where she was.

It wasn’t until she started moving that she heard the sound of water splashing from next door.
What’s that? She got up at once.

“Dr. West, you’re awake. Did I disturb you?” Just when the flow of water stopped, a figure came out of the bathroom.

Sasha was briefly stunned before she recognized the person as one of the servants.

“No. What are you doing here? Where’s Mr. Hayes?”

When she finally remembered that this was his room, she quickly got up.

Oh no, how did I fall asleep? I was supposed to get him when I was ready with the equipment. But why did I end up sleeping instead? Furthermore, I even slept on his bed!

Beginning to panic, Sasha jumped off the bed at once.

“Mr. Hayes is chatting with Old Mr. Jadeson. Dr. West, Mr. Hayes has instructed that this will be your room. How would you like to decorate it? I’ll help you redo the place.”

“What?” Sasha’s eyes opened wide in shock.
For me? Why? This is his room. Why is he giving it to me? Is it because I have slept on his bed?

Sasha heart skipped a beat.

However, she had no time to think about that as she had heard a piece of even more frightening news.

Jonathan had arrived.

Furthermore, he was chatting with Sebastian.

Da*n it, why do I have to be given such a shock the moment I awake?

Putting on her shoes, Sasha began nunning out of the room.

“You don’t have to, I won’t be staying here at night. As for the blanket, you can throw it away if Mr. Hayes thinks it’s too dirty. I’ll pay for it.”

With that, she rushed downstairs at once.

She wasn’t going to stay over for the night which was agreed upon before she came. Firstly, she had a daughter at home.
Secondly, Jonathan wouldn’t allow a nurse to live there.

She ran downstairs in a panic.

As for the maid upstairs, she didn’t pay any heed to Sasha’s instructions.

Instead, she picked up the blanket that Sasha had dropped and began tidying up the room.
Mr. Hayes wasn’t kidding when he said it.

“I will not hold you accountable for what happened in the past. But from now on, you will have to stay here if you want to maintain the peace!”

Just when Sasha hurriedly arrived downstairs, she heard Jonathan’s admonishment.

Oh no…
Feeling anxious, Sasha quickened her pace and saw two angry men in an incendiary stalemate.
Jonathan was never someone with good temper.

As a military man who had been through the war, he was naturally bad-tempered. Moreover, he was used to ordering people around and having them obey him without question.

Therefore, to suddenly have to deal with a rebellious grandson, it was understandable for him to be in a bad mood.

After he finished his piece, the tension in the living hall heightened further.

“Am I supposed to kneel and thank you for showing me mercy?”

“What did you say?”

“Showing me mercy? Holding me accountable? Jonathan Jadeson, I’m surprised you even have the cheek to utter those words.” Every word of Sebastian’s was filled with mockery. Staring at Jonathan, he looked at him as if he was a joke.

Jonathan was incensed.


He slammed his hand onto the table and sprang to his feet.

“Sebastian Hayes, you have crossed the line!”

Sensing that the situation was about to implode, Sasha rushed forward to intervene.
“Wait! Wait!’ The first thing she did was restrain the raging Jonathan.

“Old Mr. Jadeson, please caim down. Mr. Hayes doesn’t mean that at all. He is feeling unsettled after being discharged from the hospital. Please have some compassion and don’t hold it against him.”

“Macy West!” Sebastian thundered.

He was outraged by her attempt to play down the situation.

In response, Sasha turned to Sebastian. “Mr. Hayes, you should calm down too. Whatever itis, let’s discuss it civilly, alright?”

Sasha held him back without any reservation.

In a fit of rage, Sebastian grabbed her wrist and shoved her aside.

She’s such a pain!


At that moment, a soft and crisp sound was heard fram her arm.

Sebastian was stunned when he heard it.

Looking up, he saw her with her back facing him. Her eyes, which were focused on Jonathan, had narrowed while sweat began to emerge from her forehead.

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