Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 741

After firmly putting down his teacup, Jonathan remarked, “Alright then. In one week’s time, I’ll return with some soldiers to personally put him through military training.”

With that, Jonathan got up and left.
Sasha was stumped Military training? What sort of military training? Staring blankly, Sasha had no idea what Jonathan was talking about.

After Jonathan had left, Sebastian came over and saw the steaming tea on the table. Unable to control his rage, he reached out his hand and swept them aside.


Suddenly, everything fell onto the floor in a thunderous crash.

Dumbfounded, Sasha stared at the mess for a long while before regaining her senses.
“Mr. Hayes, what are you doing?”

“What am I doing? How dare you ask me that? I should be asking you that question? Are you pleading mercy for me? Are you worried that he will kill me? That’s why you’re serving him as if you’re a slave?”

Sitting in his wheelchair, Sebastian unleashed his scathing tirade just like a beast gone berserk.

Sasha gaped.
No, that’s not the reason. I’m doing it to prevent their conflict from escalating. Antagonizing Jonathan now would only bring him more harm than good.

Sasha explained, “No, Mr. Hayes. That wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to prevent both of you from quarreling. All I wanted to do was calm the situation down.”

“What has that got anything to do with you? Macy West, I would rather die by his sword than see you grovel like a dog in front of him for my sake,” Sebastian roared again.

This time, his insulting words had struck a nerve.
Sasha’s face turned ashen.
Just like a dog? After all that I have done, is it just a disgrace to him?

Sasha’s eyes reddened. At the same time, anger welled up within her. “Why don’t you care about your life at all? Is it necessary to take death so lightly all the time? Do you understand the implications of your words?”

“That’s my business, not yours!”

“How can it not be mine? I’m your doctor and responsible for saving you. If a patient’s life is threatened in front of me, am I not duty-bound to save him?”

Sasha yelled back while glaring at him with her bloodshot eyes.
It was painful for her to see him react that way all the time.

Without a care for his life, he insists on going against Jonathan all the time. Why is he doing this? What right does he have to even behave this way? Can it be that he isn’t aware of the many lives that were sacrificed just so that he could live?

One of them was her own. Back then, she had given up her own life for him.

“Yes, I may not be qualified to tell you what to do. But Sebastian Hayes, has it occurred to you that by not appreciating your own life, you are letting those who sacrificed their lives for you die in vain?”

Sasha was finally in tears as she held on to her arm that was still hurting.
This was the first time she had lost her composure after he had woken up.
Sebastian finally fell silent.

Despite giving her a fearsome stare with his chest still heaving in anger, he did not say another word especially when he saw her holding her injured arm.

When Sasha noticed his silence, a sense of exhaustion set upon her. She was in no mood to continue the conversation any further.

After getting up, she swept the glass shards from the broken teacup off her legs before leaving Oceanic Estate in tears.

He has no right to say all those things.

Nevertheless, she knew his egoistic pride couldn’t accept a woman begging for mercy on his behalf.

After forty minutes, she arrived at an apartment in the city Karl was shocked to see her looking like a mess.

Given a fright, he took her bag from her at once and asked anxiously, “Mrs. Hayes, what happened? Why do you look so dejected? Also, what’s wrong with your hand?”

With her reddened eyes, Sasha collapsed butt first onto the ground.
“I gave him a piece of my mind!”

“Huh?” Karl was shocked “Who did you scold? Mr. Hayes?” “Mmm-hmm!”

Sitting there, Sasha used a napkin to wipe her already swollen eyes.

“His temper keeps getting worse and will fight with Jonathan at every opportunity he gets. Also, he doesn’t care about his life at all. Hence, I have no choice but to admonish him for his own good. That’s the only way for him to stay safe.”

Karl stood still without a word for a long time.

Even before the incident, Mr. Hayes has always been a proud man. Hence, there’s no way he can stand being locked up and controlled right now. Therefore, it’s understandable that he is at odds with Jonathan all the time.

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