Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 742

Karl brought a glass of water over.

“What you did is right. Other than helping him, we need to ingrain the same awareness into him. Anyway, what happened to your hand? Did you hurt yourself?”

The moment he changed the subject, his gaze fell upon Sasha’s arm.
Only then did Sasha looked down at it.

In truth, Sebastian had twisted her hand earlier. However, he would never know that her body was filled with screws, including the forearm that he had just hurt.

“I’m fine. I just hurt myself during work. It’s nothing some medication wouldn’t cure. Anyway, where’s Vivi?”

Not wanting Karl to worry, she changed the subject.

However, Karl was stumped.

After all, he used to be a soldier and had worked as a bodyguard for many years. Therefore, he could recognize the injury on her hand with a single glance.

Nevertheless, he didn’t force the issue since Sasha didn’t want to talk about it.

Painting at the room, he remarked, “She’s already asleep. If there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave.” “All right. Thanks for everything.”

Nodding in acknowledgment, Sasha watched him leave.

Late at night, when both mother and daughter were in deep sleep, a figure that had been keeping watch outside the window slipped in and placed a bottle of medication for bruises on the table.

After that, the figure disappeared at once.

The next day, Sasha was awoken by a squeaky voice whispering softly.
“Vivi, you’re up?” Sasha called out with her eyes still closed.

The moment she spoke, Vivian, who was underneath the bed talking on the phone with her brothers, covered her mouth anxiously. After that, she began to look up carefully.

“Mommy, you’re awake?” “Mmm-hmm. What are you doing? Why are you underneath the bed?” Sasha was given a fright and quickly picked her up.

Meanwhile, Vivian did not turn off the communication device in her ear as she wanted to let her brothers hear Sasha’s voice. Hence, she snuggled up to her mom and began chatting with her.

“Mommy, are you going to see Daddy today?”


When the thought crossed her mind, Sasha felt perplexed. Although she did feel better after scolding him the day before…
On no! Will he be angry? Will he bar me from entering?

Sasha began to worry.

“Mommy, when will I get to see Daddy? I really want to go and see him.”

Oblivious to Sasha’s concerns, Vivian made known her intentions with a pout.

Sasha kept mum.

Take her along? I’d better not. I’m not even sure if I can get to see him today. Hence, it’s better to wait for things to calm down first.

“Be patient as today is just my second day. There’s a fierce grandpa in Daddy’s house now. Once I get a handle on him, I’ll take you there, alright?”

‘Is that so?”

Vivian was upset.

However, there was no way she could go against Sasha.

Hence, when Sasha went to the bathroom, she continued chatting with her brothers while lying on her bed.

“Matt, Mommy doesn’t want to take me to see Daddy, what should I do? If I don’t get to see him, neither will both of you.” “Calm down.” A child’s voice chimed out of the communication device. It was Matteo speaking.

“Our main objective now is to understand Daddy’s situation. lan, didn’t you find out that the ald man named Jadeson is our biological great-grandpa?”


lan grunted in acknowledgment.

Matteo added, “In that case, let’s find a way to let him know of our existence.”


The moment Matteo spoke, Vivian widened her eyes in shock while lan gave him a quizzical look.

When he saw the look on lan’s face, Matteo chuckled. “Isn’t a pair of twin great-grandsons priceless to an old man?” lan was dumbstruck but quickly understood what Matteo was getting at.

That’s true. Our existence would be considered delightful news to that old man.

Furthermore, their emergence would be of great help to their parent’s reconciliation. At the very least, they would be able to notify Karl in time unlike the time in the hospital.

Or perhaps, they could seek help from others who were just as powerful.
That way, Vivian wouldn’t have to go through such a shock.

lan strongly supported his brother’s idea. “Fine. That’s what we’ll do then.” With that, the boys began working on their tablet.

After breakfast, Sasha took a taxi to Oceanic Estate.

“Hi, I’m Dr. West. Please open the door for me.”

The servant who answered the door appeared on the screen and replied, “Oh, Dr. West! Good morning. Would you like to come in? Mr. Hayes has gone to the Red Pavilion,”

Sasha was delighted that she wasn’t barred from entering the place.

The Red Pavilion? What sort of a place is that?

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