Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 743

“I’m sorry, but where is that? Why did he go there super early in the morning?”

‘It’s Mr. Devin’s house. He came over this morning to bring Mr. Hayes to his place for breakfast,” the housemaid explained to Sasha patiently.

Oh, he’s gone to Devin’s.
Relieved, Sasha immediately hailed a cab and left for Red Pavilion.
Her main objective was to take care of Sebastian. Since he had gone somewhere else, she must surely follow.

Many locals in Jadeborough knew that the Jadesons did not live together. Each of the family members had their own residence.

For example, Charles lived in Jade Court; Connor at Deerlake Ranch, whereas Colton resided in a regular villa.

Devin, on the other hand, made Red Pavilion his home.

When Jonathan moved into the Oceanic Estate, he was apprehensive about being influenced negatively by the others. Hence, he never allowed any family members to stay with him.

Shortly after, Sasha showed up at Red Pavilion.

What greeted her was a humungous garden-style villa. Though it was not as grand as the Oceanic Estate, it certainly looked like it cost a fortune.

“Hello. May I ask if this is Mr. Devin Jadeson’s residence?” “Ya, who are you?” The security guard was not as polite as the ones at Oceanic Estate for he did not recognize Sasha.
Then, Sasha showed him her work ID.

“Sorry, I’m actually Mr. Sebastian’s family doctor. I heard that he came over this morning, so I made a trip here to see him.”

“Family doctor?” As soon as the security guard saw her work ID, his gaze changed instantly. Thereafter, Sasha was led into the villa.

Along the way, she walked past a luxurious garden with a magnificent view. She also noticed a lot of housemaids busy doing their chores. The entire atmosphere felt even more grandeur than the Oceanic Estate.

“Did you see that person? I think he looks all right.”

“Yup, I saw him, and I think so too.”

All of a sudden, Sasha heard the housemaids chattering away at work.
She strode toward them.

“However, they said that he’s crazy. I can’t tell. He just sits there without saying much. Anyhow, everything about him seems normal to me, especially his looks. He has that nobleness in him; it almost looks like his second nature.”

“Geez!” Someone mocked, “That’s considered a noble look? Do you know who his mather is?” “Who?”

“The daughter of a commoner in a small town!”

All the housemaids at the garden were left in complete bewilderment by that remark.

A lowly commoner? That’s so unworthy. They are probably country bumpkins.

Within seconds, everyone changed their attitude and started showing contempt toward the subjects of their gossips. Some even started discussing his non-existent flaws, namely glum, sick, seemingly an abnormal person…

Infuriated, Sasha stormed toward them and questioned intentionally, “Who are you talking about? Mr. Sebastian?” “Ahh!” The group of housemaids were startled.

They left with the look of fear on their faces.

What’s this all about?

Sasha felt much better after seeing how terrified they were. Subsequently, she took a stroll along the route which led her to the main door of the villa.

“You’re really here, Mr. Hayes. I’m here to pick you up,” delighted, Sasha exclaimed.

Just as she had expected, she saw the man whom she was looking for. He was sitting on the couch, chatting with Stephen and Devin.

As she spoke, the trio turned their heads at her in unison.

The father and son did not look too surprised. After all, they were well aware of her being sent by Grayson to the Oceanic Estate.
Sebastian, on the contrary, furrowed his brows when he saw her.

Sasha was at a loss for words.

Is he displeased? Is he still angry about what happened yesterday? Sasha’s heart sank. His unwelcoming attitude is such a turn off.

“Oh, it’s Dr. West. Come on in, Have you had your breakfast?” Devin was the kind one who greeted and invited her into the villa.

Feeling rather uneasy, Sasha entered the house and sat next to Sebastian.
“Sorry for being late this morning, Mr. Hayes, When I arrived, you’ve already left the house. My sincere apologies.”

The room was as silent as the grave. Nobady responded to her. That man even looked away indifferently, as if she was not present.

Sasha cursed in her heart.
This man is one who holds grudges!

Thankfully, Stephen broke the awkward silence as he recalled who Sasha was. “Oh, it’s you! The doctor whom Grayson sent.”

Instantly, Stephen’s expression turned nasty.

“Haha, yes, you’re right, Lieutenant Colonel Jadeson.” Sasha smiled wryly because she also remembered how she blasted them away when the two visited the hospital the other day.

“I’m really sorry about what happened the last time we met, Lieutenant Colonel Jadeson. I had to ask the two of you to leave first and prioritized Mr. Hayes’ health condition at that time,” she attempted to justify her action.

Right after she finished her explanation, a high-pitched woman’s voice sounded from the back. “Yes, you considered my nephew’s condition the other day. But what about now? My nephew is perfectly fine. So, can you leave right away?”

“Huh?” Sasha turned and looked in the direction of the middle-aged woman.
“Me? You want me to leave now?”

“Yes, can you do that? This is not a hospital, so why are you here? As you said that day, if you want to wait for your patient, you should wait outside instead,” gritting her teeth, Jasmine retorted with full resentment.

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