Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 744

To Sasha, the Jadesons were like the ultimate example of the rich and famous.

They were regarded as distinguished members of royalty that countless people wanted to associate themselves with so badly.
The Jadeson family held supreme power in their hands; they could do anything they wanted at anytime and anywhere.

Gazing at the scowling face of the woman who wanted to kick her out of the house, Sasha was amused by the irony.
Where’s the manners that should be demonstrated by an aristocratic family? “Sure, excuse me then.” Sasha could not be bothered to argue with her. Rising to her feet, she was ready to take her leave.

Unexpectedly, a familiar, frigid voice drifted over. “Come over here.”


Everyone was dumbfounded by that sudden request. Sasha stopped in her tracks while Stephen and Jasmine turned their heads to the man who had spoken.

It was Sebastian.

He did not show much emotion through his eyes and his handsome face remained expressionless. As usual, he exuded a cold and hostile vibe, directly contrasting the warm morning sun, which was shining in through the window.

Like an intimidating statue, his presence made others shudder in fear.

Stephen and his wife dared not speak any further.

Sasha hesitated before asking, “Mr. Hayes, are you calling me?”

There was yet, another dead silence.

Moments later, Sebastian grew impatient and tried to prop himself up from the couch.
“Be carefull” Anxious, Sasha dashed across the room and held him.

Jasmine and Stephen were surprised to sae his reaction.

At that moment, Devin just returned after instructing the housemaid to serve breakfast. Upon seeing the scene, he was stunned. “What happened? Sebastian, where are you going?”

“Out!” he yelled angrily.

Out? Where to? Is he leaving?

The faces in the living room dropped instantly, especially Stephen and his wife.
For a long time, the couple had been preparing to receive Sebastian.

Ever since Jonathan brought Sebastian home, the latter had never been nice to him. In fact, he even laid hands on him. As his father’s son, Stephen could clearly see that Jonathan was not bothered by Sebastian’s appalling attitude. On the contrary, Jonathan was in favor of Sebastian.

For instance, he brought Sebastian to Heron Hill, and also let him stay at the Oceanic Estate.

Hence, Stephen felt threatened. Apart from falling out of Jonathan’s favor, he also feared that Devin would face the same fate too.

Will Dad change his mind about the rightful heir to the inheritance?

The couple got so worked up lately that they had been urging Devin to bring Sebastian over, just so they could get to know him better.

They also had another hidden agenda in mind. It was a golden opportunity for the couple to show care and concern to Sebastian who had never met his father. They wanted to present themselves well to Jonathan and earn some credits while doing it.

Stephen clenched his fists.

“Going out? Where to? Are you heading home? Why so soon? Lunch is not even ready yet. Don’t you want to hang around here today?” Devin had the impression that Sebastian wanted to leave. Panicked, he tried to persuade him to stay.

Hearing all these, Sasha was completely baffled.

Is he planning to go home? He wants to leave with me because Jasmine is kicking me out? She looked at him through the corner of her eyes, feeling delighted at that thought. There was a glint of light in her eyes.
However, Sebastian kept quiet as he stood up. With Sasha’s help, he reached out to his wheelchair and settled in.

Feeling restless, Stephen approached him and said, “That’s right. You’ve only been here for a short while, Sebastian. Are you really planning to go home now? I took a day of leave from the military headquarters just so I can spend some time with you today.”

“Well, you’re more than welcomed to go to work now,” Sebastian snapped at him.
Stephen was taken aback by his cruel response.
He’s really ruthless! How insolent!

“Oh dear, how can I do that? This is the very first time we are going to have a meal together as uncle and nephew.
Sebastian, are you upset because Jasmine made a remark on your doctor friend? Rest assured that I’ll make her apologize to her right now.”

Subsequently, Stephen glared at Jasmine, who looked awful upon hearing what her husband said.

.” she faltered. She couldn’t believe what she heard.

“What’s up with that stammering? As an elder, where are your manners? Aren’t you the host? Why were you so calculative toward a young lady? Our family will be a laughing stock if this incident goes viral!” Stephen reprimanded her fiercely.

The reason for his outburst was because he was afraid that Jasmine would ruin his grand plan.

After getting an earful from her husband, Jasmine scanned the room and noticed that all eyes were on her. She felt terrible that the housemaids were all staring at her. At that instant, she was so embarrassed that she wished she could dig a hole and bury herself in the ground.

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