Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 745

How dare he lashes out at me in front of so many people? How should I continue living as the woman of the house with dignity? How can I face them henceforth?

Jasmine was blazing with anger deep down, but she could only acquiesce to Stephen’s decision.

“I’m sorry, Dr. West. Indeed, my tongue was rather loose just now. Somehow, as I get older, I tend to lose my temper easily.
Please don’t take it to heart,” she faked a smile and said through gritted teeth.

Her response got Sasha completely petrified.

She did not expect the way things had turned out. One moment, she was being chased out; and within the blink of an eye, the person who was so hostile toward her actually said sorry to her.

This feels great!

Overjoyed, she cast a glance at the man in the wheelchair.

‘It’s okay. I was the one to blame for being so rude to both of you at the hospital. I’d like to apologize for my actions too.” Sasha tried to be the bigger person, and let bygones be bygones.

With that said and done, is Sebastian still planning to leave?

Everything seemed to have sorted out. Yet, the lot was quietly waiting in trepidation because that man was still moving in his wheelchair!

“Sebastian, you are…”

“Accompany me to the bathroom.” He took a quick glance at Devin, and then completed the sentence where he left off.
The whole living room fell silent.

So, after all the drama, he actually doesn’t have the intention to leave the house, but he just wants to go to the bathroom? What is he trying to do? Did he make a scene in order to stand up for this woman? What a bast*rd!

Jasmine was abaut to go ballistic.

Shortly after Devin pushed the wheelchair a distance away, Stephen slumped on the couch with a long face. He was infuriated. “This is too much!”

He’s gone overboard. Sasha concurred with his thoughts because she felt cheated too. So, he wasn’t planning on leaving with me, and I got so thrilled for nothing. Huh…

Half an hour later, everyone gathered at the dining table. Sasha sat next to Sebastian so that she could take care of him since his hands had not recovered fully.

“What would you like to have? I’ll help you.” Putting on the disposable gloves, she cleaned his cutleries while skimming through the sumptuous spread on the table.

Lunch was lavishly prepared. There was an array of dishes, from appetizers, mains, sides, covering eastern, continental, and western options. Everything was very well planned and elaborated.

It turns out that the family does put in the effort to prepare for his visit. They didn’t just focus on their ulterior motives.
“Soup,” the only word Sebastian uttered. Although he did not have much appetite, he did it for Devin’s sake.

Upon hearing that, Sasha served him a bowl of soup.

“Why are you only drinking soup? Come on, Sebastian, try this. It’s grilled lamb.”

After seeing his nephew asking merely for soup despite being served with a splendid range of delicacies, Stephen enthusiastically introduced all the yummy food and encouraged him to try them.

Devin followed suit, attempting to make Sebastian feel welcomed.
Soon, the food on Sebastian’s plate piled up like a small hill.

The observant Sasha noticed that the man gave a grimace of disgust. Thus, she proactively removed the full plate from his sight and placed it in front of her.

“Sorry, Mr. Hayes’ hands haven’t fully recovered. Considering that he might nat be flexible with his hands, it’ll be better if I serve him his food.”

Then, she picked up the cutlery and started cutting the food for him.

Stephen and Devin exchanged glances but said nothing.

Jasmine displayed her annoyance and displeasure through a dimmed expression.

She actually waits on him and even takes care of his daily diet! Is she really a doctor? I think she looks more like a wh*re who’s trying to take advantage of the situation to climb up the social ladder.

As she scoffed under her breath, she had an idea.
Sasha was busy preparing the food and seemed to be unaware of Jasmine’s odd expression.

She was focusing on removing those items that Sebastian disliked. He’s such a picky eater with a massive mysophobia.
He surely won’t touch these things.

Sasha picked only the piece in the center and a sandwich which nobody had laid a finger on. Next, she rearranged them neatly, spread some butter on them, and served them before that man.

“All right, all done. I’ve carefully picked out the parts where no one has touched. Please help yourself,” she muttered gently as if she was coaxing a child.

Sebastian’s lip twitched slightly. He wanted to reprimand her for being a nagger and a busybody.

However, he was at a loss for words when his gaze fell on the sandwich. The way she plated the food was so professional; everything was extremely precise as if she had measured them using a ruler.

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