Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 747

It turned out Devin was the mastermind behind the staged accident. It was one of his many attempts to verify his seemingly absurd hypothesis.

As absurd as it might sound, he knew it was time for him to stop denying the truth. He started shivering against his will due to the vast amount of information he had to process in split seconds.

His eyes started brimming with tears when he thought God had been merciful and granted him another chance to atone for his sin.

As torrents of grief streamed down Devin’s cheeks, he looked elsewhere to avoid Sasha’s gaze.
Sasha, who couldn’t take it any longer, raised her volume and asked, “Mr. Jadeson, what are you doing? Is everything—”

“I’m fine! It must be the dust sneaking its way into my eyes again! Hold on a second! I’ll return to adjust the suitcase immediately!” Shortly after he made himself clear, he rushed out of the room.

Is something wrong with him? Isn’t he aware I’m still trying to stop these suitcases from falling? Why the hell has he left me alone when he’s the one behind the mess?

Sasha was slightly angry, but Devin returned with his hair and shoulders completely drenched when she was about to do something about it.

Has the man rushed downstairs to get himself a stick just for the suitcases? Is that the reason he’s completely drenched in sweat?

A few minutes later, they put the suitcases aside and had everything sorted out.

Seconds after Devin regained his composure, he looked at Sasha in the eyes and expressed his apology, “I’m so sorry for the mess, Dr. West! Are you okay?”

Sasha shook her head, indicating she was fine when it was not a big deal.

When she thought they had been away for quite a long time, she had no intention to waste her time with him anymore.
She asked, “What about the thing you wish to hand over to me, Mr. Jadeson? Is it in the room?”

“Y-Yes!” Devin finally snapped out of confusion and retrieved an album from the wardrobe behind him.

Confused, Sasha asked, “What is this?”

Staring at the album he had with him, he asked in a serious tone, “It’s an album with our photos over the years. Hasn’t Dr.
Wallen sent you here on his behalf to help Sebastian regain his memories? Don’t you think this album is going to be of help?”

Sasha was thrilled because the album would definitely be of great aid to a multiple personality disorder patient. The album might trigger the memories Sebastian had with others back in the day.

This album is the best thing I can ever ask for!

The overjoyed woman marched her way down the stairs, but she dared not peruse the album in fear of another emotional breakdown since Sebastian was longer in his prime.

“Have any of you seen Mr. Hayes or Lieutenant Colonel Jadeson?”

One of the housemaids showed Sasha the way to the left of the courtyard and said, “They’re currently fishing at the Valley of Jade.”

Huh? Is he seriously fishing?

Sasha staggered and almost fall as a result of the housemaid’s reply when she recalled Sebastian was never a fan of time- consuming activities as such.

He spent most of his time racing whenever he was free back in the day. In short, she couldn’t imagine the man indulging himself in time-consuming activities that would take him at least a few hours.

Without further ado, Sasha rushed in the direction of Sebastian and found the duo fishing underneath the canopy next to the glistering pond.

I get it, Stephen! As much as you wish to get him to open up to you, don’t you think you need to figure out the things he enjoys doing first?

Marching in the duo’s direction, Sasha brought herself to a halt when she heard Stephen announcing in a melancholic tone, “Your father, Shin, was the most exceptional member of the Jadesons. He was a prodigy in almost everything. That was precisely the reason your grandfather had always been fond of him.”

As soon as she figured out the content of their conversation, she paused and started eavesdropping on their conversation rignt where she was.

“Does it really matter? Hasn’t he killed his son in the end?”

“No!” Stephen was slighily infuriated when he heard his nephew. He rebuked, “You need to stop listening to those baseless accusations, Sebastian! Your grandfather isn’t the one behind your father’s demise!”

“If that’s the case, who’s the one behind his demise?”

Stephen suppressed the prickling sensation he felt behind his eyes and announced, “A sniper took him by surprise and killed him when he was astonished by the bad news of you passing along with your mother.”

Although Jonathan mentioned he would take Shin out the moment he found out his son had defied his instruction and gotten himself married to Frieda, he was never the one behind Shin’s demise.

Charles was the one who had taken Jonathan’s instruction seriously and made his way to Avenport.

In an attempt to take Shin out, he abducted his heavily pregnant wife and told Shin the bad news when he was dispatched for a mission.

In the end, Shin failed to defend himself against his foes since his mind was all over the place. As a result, his foe brought upon his demise on the battlefield.

Stephen remarked in a sincere manner, “Apart from your father, Charles was regarded the next best successor of the Jadesons. He was the one who would stand the most to gain from your father’s demise. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our

hands on the evidence to prove him guilty. As much as your grandfather wished to take action against him, there wasn’t much he could do. I have never once given up on avenging your father over the years as well.”

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