Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 748

It was evident it wasn’t an act as Stephen was on the verge of letting loose of his emotions after sharing the things he had been keeping to himself throughout the years.

Sebastian went dead silent and had his eyes glued to the pond. No one could possibly figure out the things he had in mind due to his deadpan look.

When Sasha saw the fishing rod vibrating, she rushed over and started jumping for joy in front of the duo.
“Mr. Hayes, look at the fishing rod! I think you have just caught a fish!”

Initially, Sebastian had no intention to reel in the fish, but he changed his mind and took over the fishing rod upon another glimpse at Sasha.


He reeled in a fish that was at least a few pounds in weight in a matter of seconds.

Thrilled by the man’s catch, Sasha exclaimed as if she was the one in the middle of a fishing session, “It’s such a big fish!”

Stephen was influenced by the woman’s sprightly behavior. He asked, “Dr. West, have you never tried fishing before this?”

Sasha squatted next to the fish and remarked with her eyes gleaming, “No! To be precise, this is the first time I have seen someone fishing! It’s amazing!”

Her parents had never allowed her to indulge herself in leisure activities as such. She was required to attend different classes to nurture her talent whenever she was free. She was a member of the Hayes upon reaching adulthood. As soon as she gave birth to her children, she went abroad to stay away from the man.

Thus, she had never indulged herself in such a leisure activity to the point she couldn’t move her eyes away from the fish.
Sebastian was at a loss for words and thought of warning her to stay away from the fish. He was disgusted by the thought of her smelling like a fish and showing up next to him.

However, Stephen suggested, “If that’s the case, why don’t you go ahead and give it a try, Dr. West?”

“Is that fine?”

Sebastian couldn’t believe his ears because his uncle had just suggested for her to join them.

Things became lively as soon as Sasha joined the duo. She bombarded Sebastian with all sorts of questions every once in a while.

“Mr. Hayes, is this the proper way to reel in the fish?”

r. Hayes, why aren’t there any fish?”

“Mir. Hayes, is there something wrong with my bait?”

“Mr. Hayes-”

Unable to stand it anymore, Sebastian clenched his teeth and gasped out his reply, “Just keep quiet!”

The woman responded with an aggrieved look and took a seat next to them, staring at the pond in silence.

Is she even in her right mind? There’s no way she’s getting a fish when she’s so loud! She’s the one intimidating the fishes in the pond!

Stephen beamed in satisfaction as the duo continued bickering with one another. He had brought up Sebastian’s father in an attempt to strike up a conversation with Sebastian.

To his surprise, Sebastian couldn’t care less at all. Stephen couldn’t stand it anymore—he thought of giving up since he was the one doing all the talking.

Things took a drastic turn of events the moment the woman showed up and insisted on joining them.

The seemingly irked young man volunteered to boil them another pot of water for the coffee, indicating he had no intention to wrap up the session just yet.

Sasha was on the verge of going berserk because she couldn’t get her hands on any fish even after spending a few hours next to the pond.

What the heck? What on earth is wrong with me? This is so frustrating!

Unable to take it anymore, she sprang up from her seat, casting her fishing rod aside with all her might.
She marched in the direction of Sebastian’s icebox and remarked, “That’s it! I’m pretty sure it’s your fishing rod doing the ticks! Just look at your catch versus mine!”

Sebastian, who had spent the past few hours with her, answered in a sarcastic manner, “You need to stop blaming others when you’re the one intimidating the fishes.”

What does he mean I’m intimidating the fishes when I’m just trying to figure out the proper way to fish? Am I not allowed to ask questions when I’m just a rookie?

She ignored him and brought him away with her.
“Are we leaving the fish behind?”

Sasha answered without turning back, “What? Are you trying to bring those fishes away with you when those belong to your uncle? It’s not like there’s anyone to serve you the fishes once you’re home!”

Sebastian’s lips twitched against his will because the woman seemed to have meant her words and brought him away with her without a second thought.

Truth be told, she was right—Sebastian’s rod was the thing doing the tricks. After all, it was one of Stephen’s many attempts to keep Sebastian engaged.

In the end, Sebastian stopped making a fuss and returned to the mansion since it was about time for dinner.

It was about time to leave after they had their meal.

Prior to their departure, Devin approached Sebastian, who had long taken a seat in the car, and urged, “Sebastian, you need to stop throwing a tantrum and making Dr. West’s life miserable, okay? She truly cares about you. Also, she’s Dr.
Wallen’s apprentice.”

Staring at the woman trying to stuff the wheelchair into the boot, Sebastian remarked, “She’s quite a remarkable woman, huh? You’re already siding with her when it has merely been a few visits.”

Devin’s heart skipped a beat when he thought he shouldn’t have brought those up. He stammered as he was at a loss for words to explain himself, “I-I…”

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