Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 749

As soon as she returned to Oceanic Estate with Sebastian, he alighted from the car through others’ aid and wheeled himself into the mansion.

Shortly after she parked the car, she found out she was shut out of the mansion once again.
Staring at the shut-tight door, the confused Sasha yelled, “Mr. Hayes? Hello? I’m still out here! Why have you closed the door?” He paid no heed to her and instructed others to wheel him around as soon as he made his way into the mansion.

In an attempt to figure out the things going on, Sasha approached the security guard and asked, “What’s going on? Can you open the door for me?”

The security guard announced with an apologetic look, “I’m so sorry, Dr. West. He has made himself clear that you’re not allowed to show up anywhere near the estate anymore.”

Sasha was utterly dumbfounded by the drastic turn of events for the worse when things were just fine a few hours ago.

What’s wrong with him? Why has he shut me out for no reason? Have I offended him? Why is he forbidding me from getting anywhere near the estate?

Is it because I have left the fishes behind? Does it have something to do with the fishing session in the afternoon? Sasha was on the verge of losing her mind since he refused to open the door as much as she groveled herself at his mercy.
Oh, God! What on earth is wrong with this grumpy man?

Unable to think of anything to change Sebastian’s mind, the upset Sasha had no choice but to make her way back to her apartment.

Once she returned, Karl gaped at the presence of the upset Sasha since her emotions were written all over her face. He asked, “Mrs. Hayes, is everything fine? Did you have a fight with Mr. Hayes again?” “Technically, I’m not trying to start a fight, but I might have accidentally gotten on his nerves by leaving his fishes behind.”

“H-Huh?” Karl couldn’t believe his ears when Sasha told him the almighty Sebastian had gotten worked up over a trivial issue.

Is he seriously picking on others over such a trivial issue?

“Well, we’ll just blame it on his illness! I’ll go get him a freaking bucket of fish in the morning! We shall see if it’s enough to please him!”

The equally frustrated Sasha stomped her way in the direction of the bathroom shortly after she shared her plan with Karl.

After hearing that, Karl couldn’t help was amused by the change in his boss. I can’t imagine he actually kicks a fuss over some fish.

Sasha wasn’t particularly bothered, but when she thought of getting Sebastian a bucket of fish in the morning, she received a call.

The person on the other end announced as soon as Sasha picked up the call, “Mrs. Hayes, they almost gained access to the Jadesons’ system, including Jonathan’s computer. We were very close to losing it.”


When Sasha heard the news, she sprang up from the bed in the middle of the night and started reprimanding her sons in her mind.

Are they even in their right mind? How dare they try to hack the Jadesons’ system, including Jonathan’s computer?

Sasha was on the verge of losing her mind. She rushed out of her room and asked in a hushed voice, “What the heck is going on? Why have they tried something as reckless as such?”

The person on the other end of the call gasped out his reply, “I’m not sure, but it’s safe to assume they have been plotting against the Jadesons behind everyone! If it weren’t because of the system Mr. Hayes had set up in advance, I’m afraid the Jadesons have long figured out their presence by now!”

Sasha was very close to passing out when she thought of the things awaiting her had that been the case.

She was well aware of her brilliant sons’ capabilities. Thus, she had instructed others to keep their eyes on them the moment she left them in their care.

They must have gotten increasingly fearless after being away from us for such a long time, huh? What the heck are they up to? Are they trying to expose themselves or something?

Have they any idea of the challenges I’m going through just to keep their father safe? They’re going to be doomed if the Jadesons are aware of their presence!

Unable to calm herself anymore, she knocked on Karl’s door the moment she hung up the call.

“Mr. Frost, something’s wrong with lan and Matteo!” Karl was equally astonished when he heard of the bad news. He asked, “What’s going on?”

Sasha repeated the timeline of the entire incident and said, “I need to make a trip to Miralaea to ensure everything’s fine! Otherwise, I’m afraid they’re gaing to make a mess and get everyone in trouble!”

“Mmm!” Karl was of the same idea, but he thought it wouldn’t be wise for her ta make the trip.
“It’s gaing to be fine! It’ll merely take three days at most! After all…”

She paused when she thought of the conflict she had with Sebastian. A few seconds later, she remarked, “Since the grumpy man doesn’t want me anywhere near him, I’ll just leave him alone for a few days.”

Karl was about to say something, but he chose to keep those to himself. As soon as she had everything she needed ready, he drove her to the airport and dropped her off.

She might be the only one capable of persuading her brilliant sons. Thus, she had to make the trip to Miralaea over the night.

Sebastian’s well-illuminated room at Oceanic Estate roused him from his sleep early in the morning.

“Mr. Hayes, do you need my help to get you out of bed?”

The housemaid, who had been anticipating Sebastian outside of his room, knocked on the door and asked when she heard him bringing himself up.

They were afraid of getting anywhere near Sebastian since he had the guts to pick on Jonathan as if it wasn’t a big deal.

Thus, they were afraid of startling him and touching him without his consent in fear of getting yelled at by the man.

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