Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 750

The man remained silent for quite some time. A few minutes later, the housemaid heard someone closing in her direction.

The moment the man opened the door, the housemaid found out Sebastian had hopped his way out of bed with his only functioning leg.

Staring at the handsome man in front of him, she lost herself in a train of thought until she heard the man instructing her in a callous tone, “Go get my wheelchair over.”

“O-Okay!” The housemaid responded with a nod and rushed in the direction of the wheelchair she had gotten ready in advance.

Sebastian’s injuries were no longer a big problem, but he still couldn’t maneuver around as he wish. After all, his limbs had sustained quite serious injuries.

Shortly after he took a seat in his wheelchair, he wheeled himself in the direction of the elevator and made his way downstairs.

“Good morning, Mr. Sebastian!”

“Good morning, sir!” As soon as he reached downstairs, the housemaids, who had long gotten themselves ready to serve him, greeted him in unison.

One of them brought him to the dining hall and served him all sorts of breakfast they had gotten ready beforehand.

As usual, the housemaids put on their gloves and started serving Sebastian the cutlery he might need for his meal.
However, he thought something was wrong when he recalled the breakfast he had yesterday.

The housemaid talked to him in a courteous manner, “Mr. Sebastian, we have all sorts of dishes ready for you. May I know if you prefer something light today?”

They were pretty mindful of their actions and refrained from touching the things on the table unless they were instructed to.

Nonetheless, Sebastian wasn’t in the mood to savor the delicacies in front of him. In fact, he was slightly irked and brought himself away from the dining table after a few minutes.

“Mr. Sebastian?”

The handsome man instructed in a callous tone, “Get me a glass of water and bring it to the garden! It’s time for the physio session!”

A few minutes later, a housemaid showed up with a glass of water and kept him company throughout the session.

When Jonathan showed up with others, they saw the perspiring man repeating the same action in an attempt to regain the ability to walk just like an ordinary man.

He could brace himself through the scorching sun and carry on with the session as though he couldn’t care less about the heat.

Throughout the session, he continued raising his legs with all his might all while lifting the dumbbell with his arms.
He was completely drenched as if he had just returned from a swimming session.

Tony remarked with a satisfied beam, “Mr. Jadeson, at the end of the day, Mr. Sebastian is still the heir of the Jadesons, the son of the most exceptional Jadesons throughout the history of the family! There’s no way Mr. Sebastian is going to give up on himself!”

Although Jonathan was of the same idea, he had no intention to express his thoughts in front of others. Thus, he remarked, “I’m afraid he’s up to no good again!”

Huh… What’s wrong with him? Can’t he stay true to himself?

When Tony was about to carry on with the conversation after making their way to the living room, a housemaid approached them and announced, “Sir, Mr. Devin’s mother is here. Are we supposed to let her in?”

“What brings her here today?” Jonathan’s frustration was written all over his face the moment he found out his daughter-in-law had shown up.

The housemaid explained, “She has brought along quite a few things and her niece with her. Her niece is the one with exceptional culinary skills.”

Tony, who was next to Jonathan throughout the conversation, responded with his eyes gleaming and suggested, “Is she the one in charge of the state banquet of the White House? If she’s the one, why don’t you get her to prepare your dinner?” Jonathan was tempted when he heard Tony’s suggestion. After all, he wouldn’t get to savor the delicacies on a daily basis.
In the end, he beckoned the housemaid to show them the way into the living room.

“Dad, I can’t believe you’re here! Stephen told me you might be here prior to my departure, but I thought he had been pulling my leg again!” Jasmine started flattering her father-in-law as soon as she stepped into the foyer with her niece.

As a matter of fact, she had always been the same—she would do everything just to keep her influence over others.
Jonathan looked at her and asked, “What brings you here today?”

As soon as she heard her father-in-law’s question, she started introducing her niece, “Kira’s finally back! She doesn’t really get to take a day off fron the White House! Since you had always been a huge fan of her culinary skills, I thought of bringing her along with me!”

Kira was a renowned chef in Jadeborough. Although she was relatively young, she managed to prove herself worthy with her exceptional culinary skills. She was in charge of the White House’s state banquets over the years.

“Hello, Mr. Jadeson. It has been such a long time since our last meeting. I hope you’re doing fine,” Kira courteously greeted Jonathan as soon as her aunt introduced her to the rest in the living room.

Upon a simple glimpse at the young lady, Jonathan found out she did a great job carrying herself in an elegant manner.

It might have something to do with the fact she had to engage herself in a conversation with leaders of foreign nations as well.

Jonathan greeted her in return, “I’m doing just fine. I can’t wait to see the sort of surprises you have in store for me.”

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