Returning from the Dead: His Secret Lover – Chapter 751

“I have bought a lot of ingredients, including your favorite kinds of seafood, for the occasion! I’ll get her to serve you something that brings joy!”

The moment Kira showed Jonathan the things she had with her, the rest of the family found out the duo had bought different types of ingredients.

Jasmine had gone to great lengths just to keep her father-in-law entertained.

On the other hand, the moment the completely drenched Sebastian made his way into the mansion from the garden, he heard them having a great time chit-chatting with one another in the living room.

“Has anyone shown up?” he asked with a frown, indicating he was irked by the presence of the outsiders.

The housemaid wheeling him into the living room answered, “Mrs. Jadeson has made her way here with her niece. They’re currently making Old Mr. Jadeson his meal. Shall I show you the way to them?”


He turned down the housemaid and instructed her to bring him to the elevator instead.

The observant Jasmine had been keeping an eye on Sebastian ever since she made it to the mansion. As soon as she saw Sebastian, she put everything aside and marched in the direction of her nephew.

The moment she reached her nephew’s side, she asked, “Sebastian, where are you going? Why are you completely drenched in sweat?”

The shameless woman showed no signs of guilt as if she couldn’t recall the things she did at Red Pavilion.

Sebastian ignored his so-called aunt and pressed the button of the elevator to return to his room.
Jasmine started gritting her teeth in angst since no one had ever ignored her in such a manner.
Has he no shame at all? If it weren’t because of Dad’s presence, I wouldn’t have struck up a conversation with him!

Glaring at the arrogant young man’s departing figure, the infuriated woman had no choice but to return to the rest in the kitchen.

Her niece, who was in the kitchen, had witnessed the duo’s interaction. She was slightly startled when she saw the young man bound in a wheelchair ignoring Jasmine.

He’s such an interesting figure!

As everyone gathered around in the dining room for lunch, Kira had everything ready for lunch sharp at twelve.
Jonathan took another sip of his tea and instructed, “Tony, can you head upstairs and get him to join us?”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a short while.” Tony excused himself and made his way up the stairs to get Sebastian to join them.

Jonathan had always been a proud and egoistic man. He was aware of Jasmine and Sebastian’s interaction, but he had no intention to jain them because he was against the idea of striking up a conversation with Sebastian.

As much as Tony found Jonathan’s response hilarious, he knocked on Sebastian’s door and asked, “Mr. Sebastian, it’s almost time for lunch. Why don’t you head downstairs and join the rest of the family?”

The man inside the room turned down the offer without a second thought. “No.” He’s such a stubborn man!

Tony ran out of ideas to persuade Sebastian. In the end, he barged into the room and said, “Mr. Sebastian, you’re not supposed to skip your meals! I know you prefer being away from others, but don’t you think it’s better for you to join your grandfather since he came here to check on you?”


In the end, Tony brought something else up and asked, “Mr. Sebastian, can you consider doing Mr. Devin a favor? He has been doing all sorts of things just to keep you safe. You’re not going to cause him any trouble, are you?”

Devin was the only member of the Jadesons capable of persuading Sebastian to change his mind. Otherwise, Sebastian wouldn’t have shown up at Red Pavilion yesterday.

In the end, Sebastian gave in and joined the rest of the family in the dining room.
Kira, who was in the middle of serving the dishes, was utterly baffled by the presence of the young man with ethereal-looking facial features.

Staring at the handsome man, she lost herself in a process of thought and thought Sebastian was way too handsome to be considered a maniac.

Is this the maniac of the family? Are they trying te pull others’ legs or something? Have they ever seen such a handsome maniac? It’s not even an exaggeration to consider him one of the most handsome men I have ever encountered throughout my life!

Jasmine had long joined the rest at the dining table. She did a great job in keeping her frustration to herself the moment she saw her nephew.

She put on a calm front and greeted him enthusiastically, “Sebastian, you’re finally here! Hurry up and join us! My niece, Kira, has prepared all sorts of delicacies for the family!”

Sebastian joined the rest of the family at the dining table with a deadpan look.

Kira, who couldn’t move her eyes away from the man, finally snapped out of bewilderment. She jained the rest at the table with the last dish she made and announced with a courteous grin, “It took a little longer than usual, but here’s your favorite dish, Old Mr. Jadeson!”

She showed up next to Jonathan and Sebastian, but she found out the young man couldn’t care less about her presence and seemed to have regarded her as just another stranger.

In the end, she returned to her seat next to Jasmine after serving Jonathan his favorite dish.
Shortly after they started savoring their dishes, Jonathan broke the silence and asked, “How are you doing?”

When Tony thought Sebastian would ignore Jonathan again, Sebastian answered, “At least I’m still kicking and alive.”

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